SFA What's Next? (Poll Closed)


  • Commander Ashlye Str'lyng - 10 years ago

    Starfleet Academy is a training facility and now that it has become available to us, it should be respected as so..
    Holodecks should have different Starfleet training programs in them..
    Training and understanding how to use the equipment earned and provided within the game should be labeled as courses at the Academy..
    Trainers and Instructors should hold classes and teach lessons on Species, Ships, Weapons, and Inter-species Contact (First Contact)..

    Commander Bradden, of Starfleet Intelligence (the character from StarTrekOnline.com website who informs us about the factions in this time-line) could be used as an instructor at the Academy of Species interaction and Diplomacy.. As an example..

  • David "Metarg" the origenal - 10 years ago

    The thing that needs to be fixed is loge in, the ship or ground units is there, but cannot move or when you move betwing maps as above ship is there or not, cannot move this is starting to become a bit anoying Klingon stile. so have to exit the game and relogein some times 3 times and then 5 mape changes later agane ship or ground frosen and or not there.
    mone over.

    To see George and Gracy in the bay.

    Speek to boothbe in the grounds and then be beemed up to a 8472 Drednort and the twist is you are there to add the 8472 and 7 of 9 in a quest. reward an 8472 cruser with main 8472 lighting weapon and the ship has 5 foward and 4 arthet. 1 forward is fixt as the lighting and the brige universal so it dos not mater what you are.

    All ships in STOL to be modular, no ship to be solly tatical, engernering or siance, so if you want to use the galexy or voyerger and you are tatical you can, the brige dofs to be universal and the device slots, level 1 have 1 slot each, lever 2 have 2 slots exseter.

  • Spartacus - 10 years ago

    I love the idea of testing gorund builds to respec. Or just to blow away some target dummies. Both are great ideas that I really want to see brought to Starfleet Academy. But I would really love to see the Mission Replay Upgrade as well. If I could Vote for them both I would. The current Mission replay options leave much to be desired. And it actually makes more sense. If you are just redoing your mission in "Reality" to lets say test your former to current startegy, or just bang on some low level NPC's that once upon a time gave you a problem. Then would you actually return to the planet the mission was on to "reinact it" or would you load the world and enemies up on your holodeck and load the program? You decide lol.

  • AGNT009 - 10 years ago

    The thing that also needs to be fixed is the view in sector space. When you want to take a picture of yours or another ship, you have to make sure you dont get the mini star systems in the shot, or it kills the immersion when you view the screenshot afterwards. Ideally, space is big, we see ourselves, but you no longer see mini star systems as you fly from system to system (or mini starbases either). You use your star chart for the auto nav. In your star chart, you could click on a location, and then the dot blows up to a mini star system, like what we see now flying through sector space. But when you are in ship view, you could be parked right next to the system, but NOT see a mini star system, just a tiny beacon that looks like astrometrics, that lets you know you reached the right spot. But any ship flying right by you doesnt bring up that astrometrics beacon until they are within the activation circle. Then if they click on the beacon, THEN it blows up to the mini system. I say this because when im flying by you, I dont want to see your beacon, and I dont want to see the mini star system. From my view, its as if you stopped in space and staring at nothing when I look back at the screenshot I took when I passed by you. Obviously throw in some nebula, a comet, a few asteroids that ARE to scale with the ships, because we know its impossible to scale even one stay system to our ships. Let sector space be the perfect backdrop for screenshots without the little toy mini star systems in the picture as if they are hanging from wires from the roof of your bedroom. Any visible suns seen in sector space are really painted along the walls of the sector, they appear to be far away, and you need to get closer to the walls if you want to catch some light off the glow-in-the-dark sun stickers to illuminate your ship more.

    Long story short, my ship should NEVER be able to fly up next to something that isnt perfectly to the scale of my ship.

  • AGNT009 - 10 years ago

    In one thread of mine on the forums, when I suggested they add SFA, was the ability to walk into the command room (where Spock says in JJ Trek "I do not know...") and see through the windows into the sim bridge NPC cadets running the Kobayashi maru. Preferably they let the players go in 5 at a time, sit at the stations with chat enabled, and give us a looping video on the viewscreen, and the players can just BS and add their own dialogue and pretend they are running the simulation. As if you went to the Star Trek Vegas show and got to sit at the bridge and act out your fantasy. Or if the sim bridge doesnt zone, 5 players can go in, and others in the command room walking by can hear what the players are saying as they ham it up in the scenario. Would be a riot since someone will almost always be in there having fun with it and providing social entertainment to the players, much better than reading NPC lingo.

    If they make one sector to rule them all, I want to travel up a little or down a little, and branch off the various sectors like they would be in real Trek life based off the official star chart as much as possible. So, if we are still in hidden boxes, what Im meaning is you travel through one shoebox, but to get to the connecting one, you have to travel up as well, so when you reach the end of one box, you were right at its ceiling, then when you enter the adjacent shoebox you enter on its floor and have to travel upwards a little to reach various systems. This may seem like adding a giant roof in addition to a wide map, but they could still block off dead space to save server space. I assume anyways. Likely it would feel like flying a remote control plane in a Connie saucer section that was one story high, but the saucer had a huge diameter. Thats the least we should get, but adding one or two more floors (compared to the current height of the shoebox sectors now) to the height of the saucer would add much needed height to the universe so not only are you traveling horizontal, but much more diagonal between star systems as well.

    We need a new Boothby type character. SOMEONE took over for him, right? STO players need a new Boothby that spouts off various words of wisdom when you talk to him, so that every captain feels they know the character personally.

    As for mission replay. You walk by the holodeck with doors always open and the ability to walk in there. To use it, you step outside and walk up to the console. Then you enter the mission you want to play, a quick zone scene, and then it cuts to you still standing at the console, you hear and see the holodeck doors open, Majel says "Program is now ready", then you walk into the doors and the doorway is as if you were walking out of your ready room onto YOUR bridge. You could even stand outside in the hallway of SFA for a moment and look into the holodeck and see your bridge crew, as if you were standing just to the inside of your ready room. THATS how you start a holodeck mission.

  • @sporegore - 10 years ago

    A library data bank with all contents about Star trek, similar to wikipidia

  • Synmaster - 10 years ago

    I would like to see it included with the promotion ceremony.
    1. See Admiral Quinn
    2. Select your ship
    3. Transfer down to SFA to claim/train new Doff's and Boff's
    4. Cut scene transition transfer via shuttle to your new ship. Classic trek.

  • Shane "SD_SARG3" - 10 years ago

    Just because they would do something like auto-zoning to a mission replay zone doesn't automatically mean sector space is dead. In order to play missions that you haven't played before, you need to fly through sector space.

    By the way, the SFA Holodeck looks sweet!

  • Jamion - 10 years ago

    Yea, but sector space is where you meet up with people and go and do things. People not being there makes the entire point of space travel in all kind of pointless and thus the game. Sector space is where I meet new players introduce them to the game, where we talk. Where I find out hay others are doing the same thing in this area as me.

    I don't just think that feature would be a bad idea I honestly think it would kill the game in the end.

  • Noxsa - 10 years ago

    @Jamion: well that's the point, i never fly through sector space again, i hate sector space, scale is all wrong in sector space! "pfft ships that are bigger then a star! i know for the game sake this has to be like it is, don't mean i have to like it.

    Obvious i voted for the mission reply :D why ... cus i'm lazy apparently. "did you know i hate sector space?"

  • Jamion - 10 years ago

    The mission replay is just lazy for using the holodeck, everyone would simply launch missions from that rather than flying through sector space. Sector space would be quite empty then and I really don't agree with that.

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