Girlfight! Who Was More Wrong -- Tami Or Meeka?

  • shytown - 10 years ago

    I luv bball wifes , yea tami shouldn't had attacked meeka but I luv seeing it cuz she deserved it cuz all that mouth. U new to the show and u tryin to cum in talkin bout ppl just keep ur mouth shut..great entertainment...

  • Ms Phabolous - 10 years ago

    I feel Meeka came on the show with the intentions of having some type of altercation with Tami, due to the fact she had Googled Tami before she even appeared on the show..with that been said she Talked off more than she could chew! Know your place Meeka! Tami my girl been following her since The Real World!...

  • junewowie - 10 years ago

    I feel that Shaunie is behind much of the drama just for ratings and money. Tami is a bully who needs to take classes in behavior and anger management. She curses too much, well, they all do and seem to think it's cute. No matter what Meeka said, Tami is never to hit anyone. Who does Tami think she is that no one can put their hand up when talking to her??? That is plain ignorant!!! They all need to school, get an education, and take their talents somewhere to educate young ones, and not influence them negatively.

    I like Tami, but I don't blame Meeka for taking her case to a lawyer. That's exactly what I would have done, if I were attacked by someone.

    I'd like to advise Tami to stop before someone harms her. Don't think you cannot be had, because you can. Quit before it's too late. And Jennifer, quit being a follower. Evelyn had advised you to sleep with other men, before your divorce was over. Be true to yourself. There is always time for sleeping with men. Besides, what about morals?? What about diseases?? What about self-respect?? Ultimately, these things are what really matters. I wish you all well.

  • Myrline destiney - 10 years ago

    I do not think Tamy is a bully because Meeka really does get on her nerves and wen sum one aggravates u dat much u jus loose ur cool.... I also applaud Jenniffer and Evelyne for putting aside their conflict and still cool with each other.... Susie huney hold ur mouth!!!! Above all Much respect to Shawnie and all the girls, I luv dem all... SN:leave Royce alone... Love her!

  • Chantay - 10 years ago

    I think Tami rcvs a CHECK everytime she has a fight with someone. She said she was BROKE when she 1st came on the show. Shauni is the SMART one, she help start SHIT so she can get RATINGS for her show. They are all to OLD to be on TV fighting like High School HOES!! Money is not worth your Diginity.

  • - 10 years ago

    I was glad that Meeka left and when home because these black women look like the typical loud mouth, uncouthed, foul mouth black woman. really it's sad to see these beautiful women behave like bullies in high school. what does their children and the loved ones must think of them.
    The irony is that Meeka Claxton is really the only basket wife. I hope she sues that classless fool Tami, for the little bit of chump change she's making from this ignorance called a show. As for the rest of them hoes who are jumpoffs, ex- wives, and even a slut that date a football player, show some class even if you don't really have it. Stop the cussing, calling others out of their names, and the pure buffoonery. *sigh*

  • I'm ashamed to tell you - 10 years ago

    Basketball Wives is an example of how hot mess reality tv should be done!

    SUZIE the SPY:
    Suzie tries to act all innocent and like someone forced her to spill the beans. She is bridge to all the drama. She didn't have to tell Tami what Meeka said about her... no one asked! Also, she did not have to sit there when Meeka was running her mouth about Tami. Suzie is a yes ma'am and will do anything to stay in Evelyn's good graces.

    Terrorists are scary, selfish, wreckless... but they keep you on your toes. Tami keeps things interesting. There would be no real show without Tami and money bags Shaunie knows it.

    EVELYN the PHONY (oops I meant to say POPULAR):
    You know... Evelyn is the pretty girl that everyone wanted to be friends with (like high school). She's got taste in material things. Evelyn is kind of becoming a non-mutha $%&* factor in this show in lieu of the Tami / Meeka. Tami is just so much fun. So why is she phony? Maybe phony is not the right word... I think the only 2 people she really values are Shaunie and Jenn. Tami is entertainment to her at this point. In Evelyn's world... everyone works for her. The minute you challenge her authority... the knives come out. Watch out Tami, you two are one bad joke away from a disaster. I'd put money on Tami though.

    I can appreciate her even though I hate the way she talks. I mean its annoying how she over emphasizes certain words. Its like she speaks in "gossip." Whatever, I like her since her split with that baboon Eric. She always manages to physically be in the middle of a fight and not get hit by stray bullets.

    Not really much to say but her style is a tragedy. I do like her I don't care approach to the show. She's just collecting her checks and keeping it moving. Good for you. Some advice though: Stay relevant enough to get the check.

    I don't get her. I wanted to like her but she annoys me because she's always running her mouth. Of course you're in the line of fire... your mouth put you there! I feel like she's chasing the drama. I'm sorry, she had it coming. That lawsuit is a punk move. She provoked it. Yes Tami should have controlled herself, but she's funny so I say its Meeka's fault. There.

    This chick is brilliant. Now yes it sucks that black women are portrayed in a negative light, but the truth is... I know sisters that act like this and know plenty of them that don't. How many times have I been on vacation with my "professional & classy" friends (who are all sisters as am I) and there always has to be some drama! I'm sick of it... maybe if we see it on TV knowing that everyone else is watching... we can think twice about letting our "Tami" out all the time! I'm sick of black girls walking around with attitudes. We are fabulous... act like it! Ok sorry, I went off on a tangent like Mariah on HSN... my bad!
    The point is... reality TV is still entertainment. There are scripts, retakes, and everything is very intentional.
    Shaunie is in the entertainment business and damn it... this show is funny! So funny that I spent 10 minutes of my busy schedule to write this and hiding my screen at work!

  • CandyLand28 - 10 years ago

    even tho Meeka did run her mouth, that doesnt give Tami the right to put her hands on her. She just comes off as old and bitter and she needs to get it together. She too old to be tryna fight everybody and i cant wait until she meets her match. All of them all too old to be so dramatic.

  • Gspk - 10 years ago

    Too many Tami bandwagoners. Are we really condoning her baffoonish, childish, threatening, immature nature? Just because she is a bully on her forefront doesn't make her behavior acceptable. Even her own daughters have had to tell her to cool it. When she hit Meka, Meka did not have her hand in her face, she was actually defenseless. Tami was pissed Meka put her "keeping it real" ass on blast and she was frustrated and at a loss for words. Tami did call the girls fake and phony as we saw the next day Tami tried to clear it up with Evelyn in the event they actually air her saying that. And recall Tami kept saying she didn't recall saying it :/. That's some fake ish. Meka should have never came into the group hoping to be aligned with a side. How dumb to confide in follower Susie who would give out free blow jobs just to be in the circle. Meka apologized for passing judgment on Tami. As old as Tami is she should have squashed it, she's the new girl. And also she passed judgement when she was the newbie! Finally, Meka's judgement wasn't different then what we all said last season about Tami, busted ass weave and raggedy. Expected though, she was broke remember.

  • Kita - 10 years ago

    I love me sum Tami!!! She keep me watchin.. Shani is a low key shit starter an Meeka got wht she deserved.. Evelyn is ok.. I need them 2 bring Royce Back!!! She tells it like it is!!

  • ketria - 10 years ago

    I think meeka had it coming and at the same time this is why shaunie invited her! Shaunie causes all of these collisions simply to get good ratings and make money! Now she did the same thing with Royce and she is keeping her on the show to keep money flowing now she doesn't like the fact the Royce saw through her and stands up to her so she really aint tryna deal with her. Same as for Tammi she knows that Tammi will keep her ratings up and that is why she invited meeka. People say Tammi is wrong violence may not be the answer but if you keep being provoked eventually you will kick ass I dont care how classy you are! Meeka should keep her mouth shut and she has not learned yet cause she still talking!lol! Lawsuit is a joke it is own camera

  • Charlotte - 10 years ago

    I really like all of the girls from BBall wives in their own ways HOWEVER Tami is a bully and all of the girl are aware of it. Meeka should have stayed true to herself and not been running that motor mouth so much in the beginning but she is not the only one who has felt the "raft" of Tami disliking her. So have Jenn, Ev, Suzie, and even Royce. They are all VERY AFRAID of her, I don't care how they pretend to act hard they are really scared of her. I like Tami and she seems fun & sweet but she would scare me too. And the comment that Meeka allegedly made about her weave was true and everyone knew that too, LOL. All I can say is Shaunie knows hows to entertain us and I tune in every Monday. You girls behave on BBAll wives.

  • Rose - 10 years ago

    Tami's priorities are all screwed up. She has a whole bunch of anger
    For Meeka but that other tranny gets away with sleeping with her
    Husband???? And Suzzy is just plain sad.. She shouldn't be on the show she's a backstabber.
    Tammi claims loyalty however they didn't invite Royce and she's cool with that??? Please!!!

  • Ann Stephens - 10 years ago

    Tami is a big bullie, she has bullied one person after another. What the show should have is someone to stand up to Ms Tami and let her know, if I have something to say, I'm going to say it whether you like it or not. Tami said exactly what Meeka said she said! Meeka needs to shut her mouth, she should know when going into a circle where there is already "Drama", sit back and listen. Stop being a busy body from one side to the other. That's how she stays in trouble.

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