Are you for or against Olympic golf

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  • Alex Ku - 12 years ago

    Being a completely non-golfer person, I have doubts over how much average Olympics games watcher can get excited over a (potentially lengthy) golf match.

    That is not to discredit or look down on Golf. In fact, it's the opposite. I can see the technicality and the fun factors in professional Golf. However, whether that translates to instant excitement for average TV watchers during an Olympics event is questionable.

    I think it's easier for regular Joe to get into the event/game on most of the other Olympics categories as they tend to involve much more rapid body movement in a lesser amount of time, which IMO would stir up more energy in the mind of the game watchers. This is not the case for golf, as far as I can tell in my limited viewing of the sport on TV.

    Hence, I remain curious of how this can be carried out in the Olympics framework.

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