Hey, Have You Voted for the Hugos Yet? You Only Have Until Sunday, You Know

  • LeAnn - 11 years ago

    Still plowing through all the entries; I won't vote for a category winner unless I've read all of the nominees in that category, it's only fair. I really, really appreciate the authors and artists agreeing to allow us electronic copies of their work for review; I loaded most everything on my kindle and carried it around with me to read. I wouldn't have been able to afford to buy everything in either electronic or hard-copy format, and would have been reluctant to buy the ones that didn't look like my kind of story (in some cases, I was wrong, and absolutely loved the book). I, too, purchased several of the books after reading the review versions, plus a couple of sequels.

    We're considering buying supporting memberships every year, on your suggestion, just to be able to discover new favorite authors.

    I will be awesome by the time the deadline hits, I promise!

  • Patrick - 11 years ago

    First time for me as well. I also found some great authors. I went out and bought 2 to 3 books for each of them. Mira Grant and Deadline, McGuire and her October Day series, Dan Wells and the Cleaver series, Grossman and the Magician just to name few. I also felt great actually being a part of selecting the best of this genre out of a slew of great writers and stories. Loving it.

  • Contented Reader - 11 years ago

    This was my first year, and you, John Scalzi, are the one who persuaded me to register. To be honest, I did it for the e-books. But voting made me feel all empowered and connected with the larger community of readers. It was thrilling!

    I think I will do it again next year, if people write more good books.

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