Do you think reducing the total calories in Happy Meals will automagically mean all fat kids become thin?


  • Mandy - 12 years ago

    I'm glad that there is some effort toward making these Crappy Meals a little more "healthy." But really, it isn't until we -as a nation- recognize that the junk in fast food items like this is addictive that we're going to make any progress toward shrinking the American waistline (or bettering our health).

    It's easier to quit smoking when you know it's addictive and deal with it like an addiction. It's reasonable to assume that once we recognize these foods cause chemical dependencies, we can apply addiction recovery steps successfully. I look forward to the day when it's illegal to lace a child's meal with the crap that McDonald's adds to its "food."

    Still, any progress is good progress. I hope it's just the beginning.

  • Heather - 12 years ago

    I answered "no" (of course) but I do think it's a good idea.. not because of calories or fatness or whatever.. but just because it's healthier. Calories aren't the only thing they're reducing. They're adding fruits or veggies (they're looking at a choice of apples or carrots in the future.. right now it's just apples) as well as reducing sodium. It does, however, make me ridiculously annoyed and sad that no one seems to care about the health of these kids unless it's related to their weight. Making meals like this healthier should be a priority on it's own and completely independent of any kind of weight expectations.

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