What is your opinion of tonight's Democratic Presidential debate?


  • jimmyjames - 15 years ago

    i would like to know and hear real questions ,like where do you stand on reperations for blacks,,what will u do about illegal immigration,what do u think of the black slave owners who owned blacks,and would u expedite the vote to build the fence to keep illegals out untill they apply for legal citizenship want real questions not the fake ones the media is giving them softball questions,,not what real voters want to hear,,,americans arent as stupid as u and the media try to brainwash us with

  • jimmyjames - 15 years ago

    i would like to know and hear real questions ,like where do you stand on reperations for blacks,,what will u do about illegal immigration,what do u think of the black slave owners who owned blacks,and would u expedite the vote to build the fence to keep illegals out untill they apply for legal citizenship want real questions not the fake ones the media is giving them softball questions,,not what real voters want to hear,,,americans arent as stupid as u and the media try to brainwash us with

  • Was no debate - 15 years ago

    Lets not forget believing in a flag I guess a flag can do everything even replace president Bush. Too bad that is far from the case cause we would not be in this crap we are in. Hillary wants to consider herself a champion to this mess then congratulations Mrs. Clinton you are the champion of a trash digging scares tactical politics. Go back to whatever job you were doing and destroy line of work whatever it maybe you do.

  • jse - 15 years ago

    I have watched all the debates whenever possible on cable TV. I was looking forward to this one on ABC as I thought some of the issues in question would be clarified. After ten minutes, I couldn't believe what I was watching and had to callup friends to turn it on. George S. was simply defensive and mean and had no business commentating the debate. After 20 minutes, I was laughing and figured Hillary paid off these guys to ask these inane questions to Obama. We are stupid, people. Americans today are interested in this election big time and we won't be fooled again. Are we bitter-you bet we are. Obama said it like it is. We are bitter about what is happening in the good old USA and now we are bitter with ABC for demeaning the American people and insulting our intelligence. If I wasn't for Obama before, I sure am now! You owe Senator Obama a major public apology ABC and you need to fire the two jerks you hired to commentate this debate.

  • Ellen Chrystal - 15 years ago

    Thank God I don't have a TV! I will get my news from NPR and Crooks and Liars! The television media is sinking to the lowest common denominator. I just don't know why they think people want to watch this crap. What can one say? We are doomed.

  • Mary Gundlach - 15 years ago

    ABC News? What a joke. The so-called debate was a farce. Nothing substantive . Ganging up on Obama was a debate? Wearing or not wearing a flag pin was substantive? Any fool can put a pin on his lapel and I noticed Hillary wasn't wearing one. Maybe it would have clashed with her ensemble. Did anyone else wonder if Hillary knew the questions beforehand. She was so cocky and so sure of herself. Her comments seemed remarkably rehearsed.

  • mark girard - 15 years ago

    I will never watch anything on ABC again! You just lost me for the rest of my life! F@#k You!

  • John - 15 years ago

    It took almost an hour to get to an actual policy question?? WTF??

  • goodgirlroxie - 15 years ago

    Let's give a great big hand to ABC for coming up with the most idiotic, most unsubstantive questioning yet in any presidential debate! These questions manage to keep the level of presidential campaign discourse at the lowest possible level, a level that does nothing to illuminate for America what the meaningful differences might be between these two candidates, and is reminiscent of the emceeing that goes on at mud-wrestling events.

    Thank-you, ABC!!! If you can't get recognized for being the best, you may as well go all out and dive deeply for the bottom! You and your interviewers have qualified for the Presidential Debates Bottomfeeder Awards!

  • Jean Calhoun - 15 years ago

    Thank you Sam Jones. What the media are doing is indeed a disgrace, but entirely predictable. Let's face it, there are tens of thousands of people with a financial interest in prolonging the "fight" aspects of U.S. political campaigns, which have become far too long, far too little informative, but which sell posters, buttons, and printed materials, ads on TV and radio stations, and make multi-millionaires of shallow celebrity "anchors" who thrive on controversy no matter how debased and inaccurate. These are not debates at all but press conferences that are more about the "moderators' rather than about the candidates. There is in fact a growing "political/media" industrial complex that is skewing the public's view of relevancy and can't deal at all with testing the candidates on the complex issues the country faces. That would mean the "moderators" themselves might have to do some serious homework. What would a debate hosted by a Jim Lehrer or a Brian Lamb an Ed Murrow or a Walter Cronkheit have been like?
    Think about it. I look forward to seeing the ratings on ABCs disgusting "show".

  • Samjones1 - 15 years ago

    ABC's debate was the worst, but none of the media-controlled debates were much better. We should NOT let the commercial mass media control something as important as presidential debates. Give the control t6o the League of women Voters of other non-partisan public group. Then let the networks perform their public service by giving us back some of the air time we own, and let them stick to camera work, which they can do adequately. But I am tired of the garbage that passes for issue dialogue, and the pundit egos that get fed at our expense.

  • Shirley Coelho - 15 years ago

    I didn't watch the debate but I know that George is anti-Hillary. The questions just show that most of the MSM live in a different world What is important to us doesn't register with them. Gotcha journalism is the be all to them. I don't watch the Sunday Morning show because of that. Let them tell us how they will try to solve problems. God knows there are plenty of them, that don't include sniper fire or Rev,. Wright. ABC, NBC, MSNBC, CBS, CNN and the rest of the media are trying to stir the people toward their view. they want McCain and they know that it would be an upward battle if they don't make saps out of the democratic contenders. McCain would do their corporate bosses bidding and they want that. Screw the oridinary people they don't count.

  • Larry - 15 years ago

    I love all of the right wingers and Clinton supporters on here. They think the debate went great! Obama doesn't deserve to be president. And they base this on what? Oh ya the great questions ask last night. Wearing flag lapel pins, the pastor in his church? No wonder we have had 8 years with the fool Bush. Most of the people in this country are idiot fools.

  • MaryAnn Spager - 15 years ago

    Finally. Obama on the hot seat instead of Clinton and all the Obamabots are whining. "the mikes were fixed" bla bla bla. It's about time the moderators asked the questions that reveal the real Obama, almost anyway. He is not fit for the presidency and has a probem with his 'misspeaks' new age word for lying.

  • Jean Conti - 15 years ago

    The only viewer of that debate who wasn't cringing in disgust was Chelsea Clinton. An utter disgrace.

  • Steve Ford - 15 years ago

    I don’t know who “won” that so called “debate”, but I do know who lost:


    For the most part Senator Clinton spoke well last night, but she missed a huge opportunity. She could have told Charlie Gibson and George Stephanopoulos to STOP shoveling tabloid sensationalism and start asking questions that have relevance to the working class Americans she claims to care so much about, instead she got into the pig sty with them.

    I was going to wait until after he won the nomination to start donating money to Senator Obama for his campaign against “McBush”, but now... my next stop is the Obama website.

    Hillary, if you win the nomination I’ll vote for you, but don’t be expecting any financial support from me.

  • Loretta Rosa - 15 years ago

    I never watch ABC, I watched only for the debate last night.
    It was the worst . Three against one.
    I called ABC and emailed them.
    They need to hire Jon Stewart.
    Obama or no-body.

  • cesca1 - 15 years ago

    I am embarrassed for ABC and two bozos, Charlie Gibson and Stephanopolous, who out this trash over the network. I would have learned more about the candidates and the issues from watching a 3 Stooges show. The American "press (which includes TV) have been sliding steadily downhill since they let Bush start a war without ever looking at the real facts behind it. The news/press are essentially useless to people at this point - merely shilling for the highest shock ratings and racing to to the bottom of the dumpsters to try and gain an edge.
    This 'debate" was insulting to me, to every voter and to the country. PLEASE STOP!

  • Barbara Lauver - 15 years ago

    Even the microphones were set up to make Hillary sound clear and crisp and Barrack sound muffled.

  • Sallie Planty - 15 years ago

    This debacle served neither candidate. Such absolutely horrible journalism. I was waiting for George or Charlie to ask Barak if he prefers briefs to boxers and to ask Hillary if she sleeps in the nude. The actual questions were about as relevant.
    Going to have to let ABC know that they've lost another viewer....

  • john howard - 15 years ago

    If you really want your voices heard, instrad of spending money going to Disney land or Dinesy World make a small donation the Sen. Obama,stop watch ABC altogether, including the VIEW.

  • gayle alexia - 15 years ago

    Hillary and the hit squad tried to take Obama down. It's not going to
    happen. ABC was horrible to Barack Obama tonight. Ganging up on
    him accomplishes nothing. Questions from that low life Hannity?
    I was in shock, and why didn't the rest of America get to see it?
    Because it was a hit squad, that's why. Hillary will pay for it in the
    election on Tuesday. Pennsylvanians are NOT stupid. You ARE ABC!!!!

  • Judy Sachs - 15 years ago

    I was hoping this would be a good debate for people who do not have cable and have not seen both candidates or their platforms. This was horrible. Nothing about their platforms which included health care, jobs, Iraq war, etc. These fools called modeators wanted them to make pledges not to raise taxes, not to get out of Iraq without permission, etc. Clinton and Obama have goals, but why tie their hands before they get into office with these silly pledges?

    I got absolutely nothing out of this debate except I should not belong to Barrach's church or meet Barach's friends, etc. Hillary is a liar. Barach is not patriotic because he does not wear a cheap lapel pin of the flag.

    What a mess. The only thing more stupid than this debate was the religious debate on CNN of "my God is better than your God".

  • Jeremiah Johnson - 15 years ago

    When did Rupert Murdoch buy Disney?

  • Joan Wile - 15 years ago

    Atrocious! Insulting! A new low in jurnalism. I sent an email to the address you provided and said I would never watch ABCNews again. Thank you for providing this opportunity to speak up. Joan Wile, Grandmothers Against the War

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