Which Pair Do You Look Forward For A Manila Episode? (Poll Closed)

  • TriVan
    132,331 votes

  • JaeVon
    107,002 votes


Poll posted 8 years ago.

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  • rose e gates - 8 years ago

    i vote TRIVAN..coz I LOVE bebe Tricia...nd lang sya maganda..ang galing nya pa umarte..sana magkaroon ng project si james and bebe tricia..

  • jean - 8 years ago

    jacia ako at luv ko pareho si james at tricia. Ok lang sa akin na ipartner si trish kay ivan pero di ko matake na ipartner si james kay devon kaya sa trivan ang vote ko. jacia ako at luv ko pareho si james at tricia. Ok lang sa akin na ipartner si trish kay ivan pero di ko matake na ipartner si james kay devon kaya sa trivan ang vote ko.

  • love - 8 years ago

    trivan pua dn noh '' haha ''' pasalamat nga c devon '' MATANGKAD '' c tricia qoh eh '' qc qung ndi bka wla cia ngaun sua tv haha ;;; ♥♥♥ ngpipiling qc ah ;; haha \\\

  • I love Tricia - 8 years ago

    Tricia ftw...trivan so perfect no Ned explanation ,,, ung d...Von d nman nyan sikat naki sawsaw Lang yan nila Ivan, James at Tricia,,, ung sinabi nila na magaling daw sumayaw oo pero parang palaka.. Sa boses ni Devon parang Baka ang pangit hahaha... Go Tricia ur da best!!!

  • yamie - 8 years ago

    why do people vote for trivan i read the comments i only see people talking about tricia what about ivan he is important too!!!! why wont u vote for jaevon cuz people care about both of them not just one of them!!!! GO JAEVON!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sw8..xa - 8 years ago

    Trivan s da best among da rest Laban ... Speaking of j...Von wel wel nde nman nyan ckat napasama LNG sa kackatan ni James hahaha ano natamaan bah... Sowe tlaga, wlang biro toinkz!!!Go trivan ftw?

  • rose - 8 years ago

    JAEVON JAEVON JAEVON bagay na bagay!! perfect chemistry and both talented:))

  • JanetOok - 8 years ago

    I lUv Tricia Santos coz she is natural and so smart, I know someday she had a big break of their acting skills...she s pretty she has a talent and everything ? Which is perfect!!! Trivan either jacia is really good for dear Tricia...

    I'm a fan from japan!!!

  • wew - 8 years ago

    TriVan :) i love james but i'm not a jaevon fan.i'm a trivan and a jamli fan if there is a maynila episode about jamli and trivan it will give a high rating for maynila despite of their high rating.
    i'ts ok for me if jacia and then vanli but ofcourse i love to see Tricia and Ann Li on the big screen it would make me happy 'coz i love them both :)

  • john - 8 years ago

    love po
    nmin c

  • john - 8 years ago

    love po
    nmin c

  • ashley - 8 years ago

    trivan all the way..... love ko po c trish
    trivan all the way..... love ko po c trish
    trivan all the way...... love ko po c trish

  • jocelyn - 8 years ago

    aynaku kitangkita trivan ang magaling c devon oa ang acting.

  • jocelyn - 8 years ago

    trivan sempre.

  • kirsten - 8 years ago

    I love JAEVON! They complete my Sunday viewing because of Good Vibes! Anlakas ng CHEMISTRY nila! MAYNILA, bonus na yun. Thank you sa GMA at sir Lito Atienza for giving them an epi... Love it! :)

  • jezziel - 8 years ago


  • marie - 8 years ago

    vote for jaevon kasi super super kilig sila!!!!!!!!!!!! i

  • kirsten - 8 years ago


  • riza - 8 years ago

    jaevon 4ever!!!!

  • azeniht - 8 years ago

    jaevon parin.. mas matas ang nakuhang ratings mega manila and kantar ratings ang trivan nasa 8 eh ang jaevon nasa 11,,.. kaya jaevon n noh!!

  • mitch - 8 years ago

    i love devon,, peroh ang tanong cnoh ang mas may k sa pag acting.. xmpre jaevon n noh,,, kaya nga pumasa sa audition c devon eh,,, kc my k xa. eh c tricia b nd nag audition malakas lang talaga ang kapit nya sa abs cbn management...

  • jane - 8 years ago

    jaevon,, mas magaling clang ma act;;;

  • virginia - 8 years ago

    i love trivan talaga and jacia super cute cila
    ilove ivan kasi sya ay masayahing tao

  • virginia - 8 years ago

    mas bagay talaga ang trivan mas bgay silang mg love team maging si james and tricia bgay dn sila ang ganda kasi ni tricia para sakin perfect girl xia sakin

  • jhomarie - 8 years ago

    sna c james n lng at tricia..bat p kc pinartner ky devon?

  • anie - 8 years ago

    ms pinili q ang trivan kc gx2 q c tricia tlga..super!
    love q dn c james kxo wlang trimes o kya jacia:((
    ms kinikilig tlga q s knilang 2..
    ms pnili q dn ang trivan kexa jaevon kc khit lu q c james..
    gx2 q c tricia p rn pnalo s pgandahan..

  • jade - 8 years ago

    jaevon kasi kahit walang ginagawa kilig pa rin.... kahit titigan at smile lng....

  • kier - 8 years ago

    jaevon ang galing umarte hindi O.A inuulit q hindi O.A

  • glenda - 8 years ago


  • glenda - 8 years ago


  • jan - 8 years ago

    jaevon lovers ako

  • marlon - 8 years ago

    solid jaevon

  • mary joy - 8 years ago

    jaevon ako

  • maven - 8 years ago


  • infi - 8 years ago

    Trivan :)

  • joan - 8 years ago

    jaevon lng tlaga ngpapakilig s akin dats y i vote jaevon loveteam

  • janine - 8 years ago

    go jaevon go jaevon

  • genevieve - 8 years ago

    go jaevon,go jaevon,go jaevon andi2 lng aq nkasuport a sau we luv jaevon loveteam.....

  • irish - 8 years ago

    jaevon is the best 4 meh ganda kasi ng pgka act nila di hlata nah bagohan lng cla...

  • charlyn - 8 years ago

    jaevon lng ang pra s akin mas magaling cla umarte at hindi xa O.A ha....di gaya ng iba jan..

  • daren - 8 years ago

    i vote jaevon dhil bgay n bgay tlaga cla dlawa

  • jully - 8 years ago

    jaevon ako kasi der both tlented and mabait

  • benel - 8 years ago

    jaevon is the best..coz mgaling cla umarte

  • cris - 8 years ago

    i vote jaevon

  • elanie castro - 8 years ago

    i voted TRIVAN because they are the best and the sweetest loveteam in PBB!!!i love TRICIA and IVAN so much!!!!!!JAEVON will gonna loose!!!!

  • jaevon - 8 years ago

    go jaevon go jaevon go jaevon

  • jessa - 8 years ago


  • jiver - 8 years ago

    jaevon is the best

  • roy - 8 years ago


  • jake - 8 years ago

    jaevon lng tlaga ako....

  • prophets - 8 years ago

    i lyk jaevon kakilig kac cla dlawa go jaevon

  • tiago - 8 years ago

    jaevon kac bagay n bgay cla

  • cai - 8 years ago

    okay. everyone has their own opinion. and i'll stick to mine. Devon CAN act and she's gorgeous. Tricia's cute. that's ALL! :) thank you.

  • andrea acosta - 8 years ago

    Whatever are your opinions... We don't care because we are talking about how high the ratings during the episodes.... I am also speaking as a person too because I watch MSP and the sad thing is that Devon is not that good actress... She cannot even deliver her lines very well and has no emotions... The mere fact that she has two projects I don't know but I cannot see any greatness in her and the ability to act but in fairness yeah she can dance well but that can be improved through dance lessons... Most of the Stars in ABS don't know how to dance but through dance lessons they improved a lot... don't take Dancing as a talent because you can learn for it if you are willing to learn.... Acting is an ability and talent to be considered because you are in showbiz.. you have an x-factor and good TV screen capture.. As for X-Factor and Screen capture well devon doesn't have these abilities... Sorry but this is what I see in her... pag nakafocus na ang camera sa kanya hindi maganda rehistro ng mukha niya.... trying hard lang to act not in a natural way.... Tricia is pacute??? oh common she is not I am telling you... just wait for her turn then you will realized how talented and good hearted she is??? taob yang si Devon believe me!

  • cai - 8 years ago

    i'm a fan of Jaevon and Devon in particular, but i have nothing against Ivan or even Tricia. however, if their acting is concerned, i believe Jaevon is more experienced and significantly acts better than the latter. Devon's performance deserve to be applauded. she, i think, is the most effective actor amongst the whole PBB teen clash. she can do drama, light scenes, and even kilig. also, she is undeniably good in dancing. James' acting was so natural and effective. Tricia is pacute. kinda trying hard. but i bet she'll improve. just more workshop. Ivan also lack something. a bit trying hard to. i guess he and Tricia needs to loosen up so as they can act more naturally. you may say that my opinion is biased, but i am speaking as a person who loves to criticize and my criticisms are not affected of whoever i like most or not. thank you. :)

  • Jaciabi - 8 years ago

    I voted trivan bcoz of tricia, sana next time JACIA naman bigyan ng chance na magka epi sa maynila...

  • WeluVjaCIA - 8 years ago

    jacia nmn plz...isng episode nyo jacia ng gwn ny0ng bda.mkjacia kmi....tnx

  • irene - 8 years ago

    i lyk jacia,pro trivan nlng aq kc supah luv nmin c tricia kh8 cnu ipartner s knya suportahan nmin..sna mgkrun dn ng episode ng trimes/jacia s maynila..tnx

  • SAIRA - 8 years ago

    ang mga iba jan wag padadala kc alam nyo nman kung paano maglaro ang ibang team jan...unless u have a robot too...u'l know d pattern of d voting!!!!!waahhh wag nlang kayong magpakapagod mag vote if u undestand what i mean...hahahaha palalamangin lang kayo jan ng konti tapos lalamangan kau ng pagkalayo2....bato2 sa langit ang matamaan wag sanang mag react!!! peace men!!!

  • SAIRA - 8 years ago

    sino ba gumawa ng poll na eto?well may madadaya na nman d2!!!!tsk..tsk...tsk...

  • irax - 8 years ago


  • valerie - 8 years ago

    bakit walang jacia i'm looking forward pa nman to see them on tv together!!!!!!mayor atienza jacia nman sa susunod oh, plzzz!!!!salamat po!!!:)

  • angel - 8 years ago


    para lahat masaya.

  • cris - 8 years ago

    i voted trivan bcoz of tricia. i hope you'll try james and tricia tandem..im sure ur rating will shoot up..

  • jelai - 8 years ago

    sana may gumawa ng poll kung sino ang mas mataas ang rating sa maynila episode, trivan o jaevon?

    JACIA FTW!!!

  • JAM - 8 years ago

    tapos na pala ang maynila ng jaevon???bat d ko alam na meron pala clang episode?!!!
    pano yan trivan nlang ako yan lang kc napanood ko d kc ako updated sa jaevon eh!!!!lol
    --jaciabebe_here---sorry james tho i luv u that much!!!

  • jaciaforever - 8 years ago

    trivan...because of Tricia....BUT SURE WINNER IF JACIA James Reid & Tricia Santos...
    try them..sure shoot up ang ratings.............

  • pia - 8 years ago

    trivan of corz kc nanjan c tricia!!!! hope to see JACIA na nman sa maynila!!!

  • andrea acosta - 8 years ago

    of TRIVAN becuse of Tricia.... The pair is very sweet and have real chemistry.... natural na natural ang sweetness nila di kailangan utusan... unlike Jaevon they only project in the camera because inutusan and very ackward yung sweetness nila halata mong pinilit.... and one thing pala..... kumusta naman ang RATINGS???? did they beat the episode of Trivan????? sa ratings lang makikita mo na kung sino talaga ang gustong panoorin ng viewers di ba????? Devon???? well I have no comments she cannot deliver her lines and BULOL.... magaling lang sumayaw yes??? but aside from that WALA NA!

  • vanzie_jamli - 8 years ago


  • val - 8 years ago

    Jaevon of course...hindi pilit ang acting lalo na c devon... :)

  • ulam - 8 years ago

    to Maynila production staff...pls try an episode of james reid & tricia santos...sure patok yan....

  • TRIVANTamins - 8 years ago

    I vote for TRIVAN of course. Dami kaya di maka get over sa Maynila episode nila. Galing galing magpakilig kahit sabihin nila di hinog sa akting, carry pa rin. Di naman kailangan magdrama eh. Tweetum episode nga ito kaya walang akting na pinag uusapan :)

  • lakas ng sex appeal ni Trish - 8 years ago

    TRIVAN siyempre wala nang iba... Si Tricia naman kahit sino i pair eh kabog lahat diyan.. Di need ng explanation kitang kita naman ebidensiya LAKAS NG DATING diba?

  • jhulie - 8 years ago

    My Golly ... of course TRIVAN... Perfect couple eh. Height, looks, Chemistry at galing mag project, ano pa.. Effortless sila :) Ano panama ng iba eh kitang kita naman kapag magkasama sobrang sweet sa isa't isa. Si Trish nakatayo lang lahat mapapanganga sa lakas ng sex appeal. Samahan pa ng Ivan na simpatiko naman.

  • ulam - 8 years ago

    Trivan..because of Tricia....Maynila should try other leading men for Tricia...expecially JAMES...Robi or Emrique Gil...who in real life have a crush on Tricia..who is not only beautiful inside & out but brainy as well...

  • Ryza Calacero - 8 years ago


  • michiko - 8 years ago

    Ang vote ko ay para sa TRIVAN cute kasi cla at bgay pa, kesa Sa jaevon!!!

  • mhel - 8 years ago

    i vote for jeavon

  • catherine - 8 years ago

    Jaevon po like ko

  • shamie - 8 years ago

    jaevon ftw

  • rye - 8 years ago

    good luck sa lahat...

  • dorothy - 8 years ago

    gusto ko si james reid at devon seron very natural kung umarte

  • tonie - 8 years ago

    ganda nn episode ng jaevon

  • atom - 8 years ago

    Jaevon love them

  • sol - 8 years ago

    hmmpppp love them all

  • justine - 8 years ago


  • mia14 - 8 years ago

    mas maganda ang acting ng jaevon kaysa trivan nakulangan lng ako sa acting ni trica..sobrang pilit ng acting niya lalo nung iiyak na siya..

  • coline - 8 years ago

    i love jaevon for the win

  • coline - 8 years ago

    sayang dito kasi sa mga bandang province wlang signal ang GMA 7 kya we missed the maynila episode

  • eivle27 - 8 years ago

    i love the episode of jaevon than the trivan..im quite satiesfied with their actings..also ivan have the guts in acting but tricia hmmp something's lack..lalo na nung sa scene na umiyak xa halatang pilit tsaka nahirapan xa gawin..well diff. ung role nila but i love more JAEVON than trivan..pero pareho ko lang like pero mas wagi for me ang JAEVON

  • rochelle - 8 years ago

    i vote trivan dahil magaling slang umaarte nakakakilig sila

  • aubrey anne torrecampo - 8 years ago

    im a fan of jeavon because i im really like it james and devon,.....he and she is verry talented super,.........kilig moment

  • Priscilla - 8 years ago

    I'm not a fan of neither the two loveteams. I've seen both episodes and I would compare them base on acting. TriVan- I'm not satisfied w/ their acting skills, honestly they need more workshops. JaeVon- the girl is good inacting but needs to improve on how she say some words, I'm quite satisfied w/ their acting.

  • camille - 8 years ago

    i vote trivan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mich - 8 years ago

    JAEVON!!!Kasi ang episode lang nila sa Maynila ang hindi pa-cute..acting kung acting.. :)

  • jaevon - 8 years ago

    i vote JAEVON..ksi bagay na bagay cla!!

  • jj - 8 years ago

    trivan is the best!

  • fritz - 8 years ago

    i voted for trivan because i love trish. isa pa, super kilig ang trivan!!

  • Ryza Calacero - 8 years ago


    I love Trivan, kasi natural na natural yung sweetness ang isa. The KILIG FACTOR is there, Excellent! :) I love them so much. They're both good actor and actress. TRICIA, considering her first time to show her skill in acting, i will say WOW!. Khit umiiyak, ang ganda pa din!. That's what we call BEAUTY!. In any angle. :D I love her so much. Though I love JACIA more, i'll love TRIVAN too, coz of Tricia. But Ivan Dorschner is okay. He's handsome, either.

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