How Are YOU Preparing For The Debtpocalypse?

  • Mike Scott - 10 years ago

    The government Debt Management Office must be just loving this. That's the UK government, of course, now the only remaining large-scale issuer of AAA-rated bonds whose finances are not currently in turmoil (Canada, Australia, Singapore and the Scandinavian countries are doing OK, but they don't issue enough bonds to have much effect on the market).

  • Rachael - 10 years ago

    Creating all new recipes for the turd sandwich, since that's all the government seems intent on giving us these days.


  • Jason - 10 years ago

    Being a damn foreigner, I'm not particularly concerned about a US default. It might actually mean that the money flows elsewhere, meaning cheaper interest rates for me!

  • Kelly Buehleer - 10 years ago

    I have moved to a far away land on the underside of the Earth. I will be safe there.

  • Arkem - 10 years ago

    Trying to get strangers to buy my newly created complex financial instruments that really boil down to a betting pool as to if/when the US will default.

  • diana - 10 years ago

    appointing my cats guard animals ...

  • Jen - 10 years ago

    Using up the last of my vacation days to go cross-border shopping, hopefully the exchange rate for your money will be favourable (for me, that is).

  • Mule Face - 10 years ago

    Nothing, because this is not a crisis, it's simply a politically driven drama. Both sides feel they can benefit from the drama & are milking it for all it's worth, driving their followers into a frenzy. In the end, a deal will be made and we'll move on - to the next politically driven drama a few weeks or months down the road. My wife thinks I'm cynical. I have no idea where she gets that notion.

  • MattO - 10 years ago

    I'm more nervous about this than when it was the same game with nukes (at least the part in the 80s that I was around for). A- at least the Ruskies were SUPPOSED to be belligerent, and B- I never believed they were actually dumb enough to DO it.

    In the meantime, I'm going to have a friend for dinner.

  • bryanf - 10 years ago

    I'll continue living in Canada. Sure, there will be an economic tsunami here if the US blows up, but at least we'll be slightly removed from ground zero.

  • beth meacham - 10 years ago

    Popcorn! you forgot to include the option of stocking up on popcorn.

  • Sans Clue - 10 years ago

    Um. I've been ignoring all of this as just another (albeit bigger) political "mine's better than yours" fest. Is apocalypse around the corner over a debt ceiling? Then I guess I'd better run to Walmart and buy a lot of toilet paper. (Wait. Is that for apocalypses? Or just hurricanes?)

  • Mark Terry - 10 years ago

    Sorry AJ, but although I agree they'll get a last-minute agreement, the GOP will insist it be revisited in 2012 BEFORE the November election. So yeah, you're right, but they're pushing for 6 months.

    In the meantime ... tenderize, tenderize, tenderize.

  • A.J. - 10 years ago

    I think I'll just keep working. My (highly) uninformed prediction is that at the very last minute, some agreement will be made that makes nobody happy, doesn't change much and has to be revisited again in a year. Nobody procrastinates better than the US Government.

  • Keith - 10 years ago

    I am not panicking. I'm gonna find a nice library to hole up in, hope it still has books and have a large bat with rusty nails sticking out of it. Because, gosh darnit, someone has to protect civilization.

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