Should Jay-Z And Rick Ross Appear On KABOSH?

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  • dOuble yOu be - 8 years ago

    Getting right into it, my vote is =NO, but obviously it's
    Tech-a-n9na's choice to do as he choices, thats the beauty
    In him being on his own label. Yet I believe that techs worked
    Too hard with no love from the main stream artists, and industry
    Full circle for that matter, to just let them come in late in the game and
    Throw in there 2 cents. Where was gay-z at during techs longer than usual
    Struggle to become world re-nouned selling artist?? "Why don't they call me"???
    Well it seems like everyone and there mom's got your number now...I supported your
    Decision with Wayne, and will continue yo put my trust in your music as you venture out,
    Cuz u have yet to let me down, ever. I'm just really hoping that isn't the case at hand, which
    Would turn •Strange Music• sadly into~ The Same Music~...common fast food, radio friendly,
    Jargon heard daily, hourly, on every other station. Personally I think you should be on Ross or Jay's album instead ,of visa versa. Tech on there albums brings him into the eardrums of people who might not know of him, or just aint wanna f*ck with him before hand. Rather than
    Tech bringing people we know of well, and choice not to listen too purposely. It's similar to having no friends in high school, being a social outcast, constantly attempting to fit in with the "It crowd"(mainstream) getting laughed at, and and no love from anyone. Then BAM, kid gets a Brand new car, so now all of a sudden he has a gang of new friends, bitchs comin his way, and an Inflated ego...meanwhile not even realizing the big picture at hand. With none of the popular kids paying or gas, And all the blash attention he's getting he didn't realize that he left his true friends, down sense the jumper cables behind to kick rocks, during this "episode" of his life, and later wonders why his old pals show no love 4 him any more...unique way of explaining it I know, but I wanted to put A mental picture in your head, simple enough everyone could easly understand. Either way ima bump that album, along with everyother technician. Do you Tech, just kill it as usual while doing it, And just don't let •Strange Music• become the same ol' lame music. Ignored by your "true" fans On a daily basis...can't wait for the album to drop, no matter how it's formatted.

  • Brent Sokolowski - 9 years ago

    Well, i'll make this short and sweet. For this i voted NO. Why because i think Tech is to good for Rick Ross and Jay-Z. (Same with Wayne) But honestly i would say let Tech do what he wants to do. He has never let me down as a fan once. If he feels that the beat is saying their names and wants to put them on the song. Do it. I just hope he is not doing this to go Mainstream. Even though "Mainstream will go Tech" I just hope it all works out and the album is great.

  • bryan mills - 9 years ago

    just to say i will.As far as tech n9ne collaborating with anyone its up to him entirely and opinions are more than somewhat necessary but to feel alienated because tech is reaching out to mainstream artists is just foolish.As an artist reaching out to other artists makes him a true artist and not just another lyricist who has mastered his craft.As far as collabing with wayne it was damn good and hope to hear more.As far as jay z or rick ross or eminem for that matter would be dope its like bridging the gap or elevation of rap itself and if some fans feel crossed by techs veiws on collabs then they arent true fans at all i dont care if you bought 10 copies of each of his cds regardless of what one choses to do its up to us to stand by it disagree or not he's still your favorite artist and its up to us to spreade the word from under the rocks to across the sea about him and his legacy i cant say i like every song but respect the thought time and effort into the tracks made i have been a fan since i was 13 and i am 26 now and i dug anghellic and every album before and after and so on he's my favorite rapper and would love to see him collab with outkast nelly raw reese eminem lupe fiasco nas 50cent more nesto more craig smith gorilla zoe lil scrappy ludacris even though i met him and he was unkind to my folk he's for himself forgot where he came from but anyways alot of collabos r in store and im down to hear them maybe even be one of the artists he works with there's so much positve to say about working with cross genre artists and oh yea jedi mind tricks for sure collabo ROCKWELL KNUCKLES PLEASEEEEE HE'S DOPE fsfwdzzzzz tech is the artists that can sure shine no matter the day no matter the time no matter with who so ya pull yours heads outta ya ya knows an embrace the new changes not complain on sum bull ish gooday ps STL talent needs a bigger spotlight

  • Danny Blythe - 9 years ago

    Its your art. You always do what you want, right? Both of em are artists. I say could two successful artists being on your album NOT help you? Or Strange Music Inc.

    I don't know why I'm even posting and your team obviously know what you're doing.

    I'm loving All 6's and 7's and have been listening to your older music that I wish I would've heard when it was new! I read the lyrics to your songs're a manic genius! lol! I hope I can be as artistic and accomplish my dreams one day! Can't wait for KABOSH! our team obviously know what you're doing.

    I'm loving All 6's and 7's and have been listening to your older music that I wish I would've heard when it was new! I read the lyrics to your songs're a manic genius! lol! I hope I can be as artistic and accomplish my dreams one day! Can't wait for KABOSH!

  • Randy - 9 years ago

    I've never cared for either and it won't bother me a bit if they're not on it. But, I voted yes because I think Tech should work with whoever he'd like, that's how music grows. I feel he's done enough for me so, I'll support whatever he chooses to do; I know it'll always be strange and I know he'll destroy whoever he gets on a track with.

  • gimme some henny - 9 years ago

    i say no cause ross blows in my opinion an i just dont lik jayz anyways. i think its kool hes doin work with these mainstream artist cause hes rippen em up an there finally startin to take into mind if u cant beat him join him. no to these clowns but yes to others

  • t-lok - 9 years ago

    how i see it erry1 should stop talkin bout wut tech'z gonna do cuz itz his fuckin music not urz n on top of that like tech said his a recent interview he'z make'n these mainstream artist step in2 his world by have'n'em on his shit so let music be music n if u dont like it dont listen 2 it but dont be closed minded n think just cuz theyre mainstream that tech cant bring tha wikkid outta'em

  • Tony Sin - 9 years ago

    NO! If he wanted them, he should have got them for All 6's & 7's or he should get them for a future or Collabo's album.

  • No Name - 9 years ago

    Ross tore a new asshole in "Devil in a New Dress" and that had a hard rock feel to it, not to mention that Tech has admitted that his work with the JUSTICE League on Teflon Don was his primary reason for working with them on All 6's and 7's. So yes, I'd love to see Ross come through and help Tech bless a track. Not to say that that I feel any differently about Jay, who can rip almost any kinda beat, but he most likely won't show up so I'm not holding my breath for it, although it would be awesome. I won't go so far as to say that one isn't a "real Technician" (whatever that means) if they aren't Ross/Hov fans, but I will say that a lot of underground heads take their devotion way to seriously to the point of senseless hate against mainstream cats. Let their skills speak for themselves, not BET, MTV or Billboard. Isn't the overall goal to be entertained anyhow? Just a thought.

  • Guido - 9 years ago


  • Miles - 9 years ago

    lol @ u for sayin some1 isnt a real technician cuz they dont want rick ross or jay-z on an album... didnt say it was going to suck or would hate it or not buy it lol some ppl just PREFER not to listen to mainstream rappers... obv tech should/will do whatever he wants and yes, every album is an awesome album... but there are always ways to make them better, with or without certain appearances...

  • Cloudwalker - 9 years ago

    Tech N9ne Can Produce Music With Whoever He Wants. Whoever Is Hating Isnt A Real Technician. The Album Isn't Even Out Yet, Every Album Tech's Ever Put Out Has Been Awsome, All 6's & 7's Was A Beast Album. Kabosh Is Going To Be Badass No Matter Who Appears On It. Tech N9ne Is The Best And Strives To Make The Best Music For You, Why Doubt Him?

    I Support Tech N9ne Do You?

  • Joe-A - 9 years ago

    Let's leave it wit jus jay, tech is too boss for Rick ross

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