How Many Superbowls Will Rod's Team (The Eagles) Win Now?

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  • Marshall - 9 years ago

    Yes, I will jump on the bandwagon and say they will win 1. I will go with everybody else and call it right now that they will win it because that's how it usually works. Every year the favorite to win it before camp opens, ends up the champ! Show me one person outside of Wisconsin last year at this time that didn't think the Packers were going to win the super bowl! And fuck those Patton Oswalt-big fannish-haters that can't admit that! Iggles all the way!

    But on the real, good luck with that. It's gotta happen sometime.

  • Michael Breedlove - 9 years ago

    Until the offensive line can protect the QB on a regular basis & all of the skill players learn to stop getting hurt on the regular, they ain't winning shit......Yes, I'm still bitter as fuck from that Giants/Eagles game at the end of the season. Go Giants.

  • Roy Anderson - 9 years ago

    As long as Andy Reid is your coach... there's no possible way you guys can win a championship...

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