Who is the best men's basketball coach in Lobo history?

Posted 8 years.


  • TiredAndBored - 8 years ago

    I grow weary and bored with the repetitive criticisms of the "weak" basketball schedule. Have you people not been paying attention? Big name basketball programs WILL NOT come to the Pit to play. How do you suppose Coach Alford is responsible for that and how do you propose he fixes that? He can't. Would you rather the Lobos play nothing but road games at the big schools and get slaughtered? Yeah, that makes sense. Get a clue and appreciate what you have before it's gone.

  • dylan houlihan - 8 years ago

    @ FoKuz the lobos strength of schedule in their non conference games was 257th amoung Division 1 schools. It is what I claimed it to be. Alford just pads his schedules to make it look like he has alot of wins it's like what Brad Garcia was saying. It's not a great accomplishment to win 20 games in a season playing such a weak 17 game non conference schedule

  • Brad Garcia - 8 years ago

    I just re-checked this poll for kicks, and see the onslaught of embarrassment that is Lobo Fansanity.
    Fake names and all. Wow. No wonder folks call us the ghetto of the MWC. My biggest complaint with Alford and UNM (as a season ticket holder for more than 30 years) is the lack of quality games and bang for the buck, and his lack of a big post-season win.
    But I saw these comments, so I thought I was wrong and went back to read the story. What hidden agenda am I missing? Did I miss a shot against Alfy? If so, please let me know. I'd love to see it.
    I thought that story was more favorable to Alf that it should have been. Santa Fe's Mighty Midgets could win 20 against the schedule he plays - even at this age. To me, it seemed the story was based around all you looney-tunes who write comments like these - one way or the other - more than about Alf. Good job guys. Keep making all Lobo fans look like idiots.

    Brad Garcia
    (alias Fukodome Warrior Betty Boop Frachilla's Brother Duck Soup Steve)

  • Betty - 8 years ago

    Mark, Everyone has been clamoring for positive articles on our new incoming players and the returning players could use a little love too from our basketball beat reporter. Why always so negative. Think it sells? Don't count on it. Everyone I know is dropping their subscription. They can get their basketball news elsewhere.

  • Words of wisdom - 8 years ago

    Steve Alford deserves more balanced coverage from the beat writer at the Journal than he is getting. He obviously has a vendetta against Alford and uses his never-ending supply of ink to push his agenda.

    Steve Alford has a very strong personality and has obviously grown tired of the amateurish techniques of Mark Smith and is simply not putting up with his BS. Alford is no angel, but Alford is in charge of his program in a literal sense. Mark Smith obviously does not care for a basketball coach that defends himself. He wants someone that feels he is beholden to him, the amateur writer that he is, even though he hasn't done anything to deserve Alford's respect.

    The journal needs to seriously consider getting rid of him as the beat writer for mens basketball. He stinks.

  • FoKuZ - 8 years ago

    Sorry MARK Smith "Murky"

  • FoKuZ - 8 years ago

    I wonder why Rick Smith doesnt approve all comments on sports speak up.. He has never approved my PRO-Alford comments!

    Agenda indeed! Mad about the fax Mark Smith?

    And you wonder why my company decided not to move forward on the business outlook section last month. $1,300.00 plus the journal lost!
    Strictly due to Mark Smiths writing

  • ABQpianist - 8 years ago

    Thank you, FoKuz, 77Warrior, and Steve! Finally--some folks who know what they are talking about. I am sick to death of the Alford-haters being the only ones who get published in the Journal. Why can't we enjoy our good fortune in having a great coach and anticipate an incredible year with a team chock-full of talent?!?!? If you con't like Coach and/or the Lobos, then go cheer for another team elsewhere!

  • Duke - 8 years ago

    In his article, Smith claims McKay did not inherit any talent from the previous coach.....seriously? I guess the Fraschilla players that McKay inherited - Ruben Douglas, Marlon Parmer, Patrick Dennehey, Mark Walters, Dave Chiotti, Jamaal Williams, and Senque Carey - weren't worth an honest mention. Alford inherited a McKay team that finished dead last, and played in the "play-in" game in the MWC tournament the previous season - a valid comparison by any standards, if honestly portrayed. But don't let facts get in the way, Mark.

    Why you are still the beat writer is a mystery.

  • John - 8 years ago

    I have to agree with Steve on this one. Mark's personal vendetta against Alford is really tiring and not only are fans suffering, eventually the Journal will suffer also.

    A reporter that has to "create" news is not a reporter. Please Journal, move Smith along, it's obvious he can't do it on his own.

  • Steve - 8 years ago

    I like a healthy debate about sports. I do not like a one sided slanted articles that favors one side, then asks for opinion. Well, my opinion is Mark Smith has a negative agenda against Steve Alford and because of this we as fans are suffering. Time for a new beat writer, please. Mark would be good covering the State Legislator, or Middle School girls basketball up north

  • FoKuZ - 8 years ago

    Alford haters will get nowhere.
    And Dylan SOS is huge, and nowhere near what you claimed it to be dumby!
    Do some study before you post next time!

    Obviously Mark Smiths Agenda against Steve Alford is headed to a dead end!

    Steve Alford OWNS you Mark Smith!!

  • 77warrior - 8 years ago

    Let's not the real facts or statistics get in the way.
    Comparing Lobo Coaches in their First Four Seasons.
    Alford after four seasons has the potential to have the best records and statistics of any former coach. He certainly has them relative to the first four seasons of previous coaches.

    King First Four Years
    16-9 : 4th :
    23-6 : T1st : NIT
    19-8 : T2nd : NIT
    16-8 : 5th
    One Banner (Conference)

    Ellenberger First Four Years
    21-6 : T2nd : NIT
    22-7 : 1st : NCAA
    13-13 : 7th :
    16-11 : 4th :
    Two Banners (Conference and NCAA)

    Harrison Only One Year
    6-22 : T7th

    Colson First Four Years
    11-15 : 7th
    14-14 : 6th
    14-15 : T7th
    24-11 : 3rd : NIT

    Bliss First Four Years
    22-11 : T2nd : NIT
    20-14 : 5th : NIT
    20-10 : 3rd : NCAA
    20-13 : 3rd : NIT
    One Banner (NCAA)
    (Note 15-15 in 7th Season the year before Kenny)

    Fraschilla All Three Years
    18-14 : 3rd : NIT
    21-13 : T5th : NIT
    16-14 : 6th : NIT

    McKay First Four Years
    10-18 : 7th
    14-14 : T5th
    26-7 : 2nd : NCAA
    17-13 : 5th
    Two Banners (Conf Tourney and NCAA)

    Alford First Four Years
    22-9 : 3rd : NIT
    24-12 : T1st : NIT
    30-5 : 1st : NCAA : AP 8th : AA-Hobson
    22-13 : 5th : NIT
    Three Banners (2-Conference, 1-NCAA)

  • Brad Garcia - 8 years ago

    2-4 in the MWC tournament? Enough said. Fraschilla and McKay did better than that.

  • dylan houlihan - 8 years ago

    that's why every year when the lobos get to tournament play and face a regular or high level Division 1 school for the first time, like washington or alabama, they get crushed.

  • dylan houlihan - 8 years ago

    Everyone who talks about winning percentage is missing the fine print... Alford has played the worst schedules of any coach in recent memory. How much can we value his win percentage when he last year he played nearly the worst schedule of any Division 1 school in the entire country? (not an opinion, that is from the strength of schedule ratings) His non-conference schedules have been laced with divison 2 schools every year. It's not just a normal 1 or 2 exhibitions for the first 2 games, he schedules like 5 or 6 a year. So what if he gets 20 wins when he plays 6 schools not even in the same division, and then about 7 more bottome level D 1's like Louisiana Tech and Northern Arizona? I remember when Ritchi Mckay was coaching I went to watch CHRIS PAUL play in the pit.

  • John Fraschilla - 8 years ago

    I agree with Donald... So you people out there expect more out of coach at this point? Is there one person out there who thinks that if Hobson would have returned last season that we would not have had another NCAA birth? Is there anyone out there who thinks if Dairese didnt get hurt that we would not have advanced further last year. I know the bottom line is results, and so far they are pretty good, get off Coach. He has been a miracle worker. Some people in Albuquerque are just impossible to please or just love being negative. Its like a plague that hangs over this town.

  • Donald Bice - 8 years ago

    I have followed basketball for almost 70 years and by every criteria Steve Alford is head and shoulders above any coach UNM has ever had. Winning percentage, ave. wins per year, scholastic achievement, etc. I find it hard to comprehend the animosity towards him. He could leave tomorrow for much more money. I for one hope he does not.

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