On the eve of the President's 50th birthday, how is he aging?

  • Woody - 9 years ago

    The President is doing a great job. What most republicans fell to see...or don't want to acknowledge...is that they are the cause for the problems this country is facing. It all started when the President took office. Their goal is to try and make him a one term President and refused to focus on the problems this country is facing. For the most part, we hear and read comments like that of Jim O'Connor's which are nothing more than negative talking points without merit or foundation. That’s the sad thing about many in the Republican Party...they are out of touch with the rest of the nation and it will show in the 2012 elections. Personally I am an independent, but as of today...I will support the democrats. And yes...the Dem's need to wake up also...but the bottom line is at least they are fighting for the people. What happen in Washington the pass two weeks clearly shows the GOP is willing to destroy this country.

  • Jim O'Connor - 9 years ago

    He looks like a smoker. He looks like a guy who is over his head. He looks like a nice guy and good dad. But it doesn't matter what he looks like. It matters what he does. And what he does is create uncertainty among most Americans. He has to be unelected. We need to get the money off the sidelines and into the economy. Instead of someone who landers to jealous people chasing rich people's money, we need a leader who understands that rich people don't get hurt. They respond to taxes by moving money someplace else.

  • jbl - 9 years ago

    Come on America! The Prez stopped coloring his hair! He always looked his age - deep frown lines and laugh lines to add.

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