Were caddie Steve Williams' comments Sunday appropriate?


  • Cliff - 11 years ago

    Stevie sounds like a jilted female. He was made rich by Tiger. He wouldn't have one minute of fame without Tiger. He needs to caddie and shut up


  • Randy - 11 years ago

    This is a prime example of the media creating a story where none exists. Since when do caddies get interviews on nationally televised network TV? The fact that they interviewed him and gave him a forum to express his opinions is the fault of the media not Steve. What is more disgusting is David Feherty let this turn into a continuation of this so called drama instead of making the focus on Adam Scott, who played some sweet golf this weekend.

  • JAMIE - 11 years ago

    (Joe) Well said! I agree and really...are Tiger fans judging the "class" of caddies and other golfers? Tiger has the LEAST "class" of anyone involved here, let's not forget that!!!

  • Joe - 11 years ago

    I'm glad this thread is here. I was actually really curious what the overall reaction to Steve's comments would be. To those that say his has no class for making his statement-how do you know that Steve and Adam didn't discuss the matter ahead of time in anticipation of a possible interview and Steve did have class by running it by Adam first. Then if Adam said go for it, then he has no class either. I stick by my original feelings, Woods deserved the dig.

  • Helena - 11 years ago

    I do not think Steve Williams deserved to be fired the way he was and I was glad to see him do so well with Adam Scott; yet... there was no need for his comments, they took away from his own, and Adam's big win, because they made it about Tiger.

  • JAMIE - 11 years ago

    Steve is his own person and had every right to answer the questions on Sunday the way he wanted to. The world does not revolve around Tiger Woods and God forbid anyone say anything that might tarnish his image...wait! Tiger did a pretty good job of that himself!!! Who cares about Tiger and what people think Steve should have or should not have said. I'm sure Adam Scott is a breath of fresh air compared to Tiger.

  • Steve - 11 years ago

    Tiger has made a mess of everything he has touched over the years. Butch, Wife, Tipping, and now friends. It is about time someone said it like it is. I am proud of Williams for his letting his feelings be known. BRAVO... Write a book now... You don't have a confidentiatly clause.

  • carol Woodward - 11 years ago

    Steve Williams has become a no class act!!!~ Tiger made him a lot of money and all he can do is act like a rude, sarcastic unadulterated disgusting individual. No one likes a poor loser and to kick someone when they're down is about as low as you can get!!!!! Let's get real!! Tiger is trying to overcome whatever it is he has to deal with and what makes Stever such a perfect individual!! In my opinion he's as low as they come and what comes around goes around!!!

  • blinddog - 11 years ago

    Steve is the only one that can determine what Tours are his most memorable. Back off, if you think he is grandstanding.. He was asked and he remarked. Enough! Maybe you need to stay quiet if the media approaches you after losing your job for NO reason.

  • Joe - 11 years ago

    I believe Tiger deserved a little "Hit" given the fact that he tried to hide his real reason for firing Williams and that was his ego, pride, and sense of control over his not so in control life. I don't think Scott minded and he certainly benefited from Williams experience and in depth knowledge of the course and golf in general. Kudos to both Adam and Steve !

  • Bruce - 11 years ago

    How many tournaments has Big Mouth Steve won? Oh right that would be ZERO. Steve was a big mouth when he worked for Tiger, and he is still a big mouth.

  • Ken Perry - 11 years ago

    Adam won the golf tournment not Willams, he should have keep his mouth shut, he's a caddie - after all. Grow up Williams...............you cry baby! Golf does not need the likes of this guy - Adam should see the writing on the wall and "fire" Williams - now!

  • TCam - 11 years ago

    I guess golf is only a sport when it has class? What about good ol' rubbing your face in my excrement! Take that you spineless two timing loser! If golf is to be a legitimate sport, it needs a little smack talk now and then to keep it remotely interesting. All the Tiger lovers are throwing fits because their 'hero' isn't doing well. That's what happens when you lay off the steroids. You shrink, you get injured, and you become insignificant. Now Plaschke, get up off of your knees and wipe your mouth, you're embarrassing real journalism.

  • Attila the Plumber - 11 years ago

    I blame the media for making Williams the story. Enough already!
    Can we cover the golf and the players who are playing the best that week, regardless of their name or place of origin?

    Has CBS ever given a damn about any other winning caddy? Never or almost never, is the answer.

    The real back-story is that a "nobody " (meaning: without press or sponsorships) with "game" can light it up and change his life in a week. How many times has it happened this year?

    Williams may or may not be a piece of work, but who cares? He's a great caddy.He didn't just arrive with Tiger. He mapped out that 18th hole on Sunday to perfection, according to Adam Scott.

    Let's not be too hard on Williams about this. I thought he handled it ok. maybe it could have been better, but who cares?

  • anthony - 11 years ago

    Classless,he mouth of about Tiger, who made lots of money,same will done to Adam"s

  • David - 11 years ago

    Steve Williams earned over $8.8 million as Tiger's caddy over the last 12 years...he might be upset with Tiger, but he also has 8.8 million reasons to be grateful. Let see how much you will earn the next 12 years Mr. "BIG MOUTH"

  • MIKE - 11 years ago

    We all get it, and we could have all cheered for Williams and Scott, but Williams decided to go classless. He was asked, and if he were a class guy, all he had to say was "It was a great win for Adam. Glad I could be a part of it." But instead, he showed that maybe he deserves being kicked to the curb.

  • Bud Aamold - 11 years ago

    He made a lot of money because of Tiger . Tiger is not playing well and did Steve a favor by
    letting him go . How much money would he have made if he was with Woods

  • unntom - 11 years ago

    It wasn't about Stevie or Tiger...Adam Scott played lights out for 4 days...it was his victory. The day was Adams' Day!

  • Barky - 11 years ago

    Tiger Woods made a jerk of himself. His ego got him in a lot of trouble, and doesn't like anyone in the spotlight but himself, so he "fired" Steve Williams. Woods lack of loyalty to Williams resulted in Sundays performance of Woods, Scott and Williams. Williams has bounced back much quicker than Woods and has found a new partner in Scott.....Looks good on Woods!

  • chris - 11 years ago

    Poor sportsmanship. Anyone can take credit away from someone else, but when earning 10% for carrying a bag, he should have kept mouth shut. Adam hit the shots, not "Stevie".

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