When do you decide to become exclusive?


  • Kendall - 11 years ago

    t SHOULD be after the potential and I have talked about it but rarely, does it happen that way.

    In my experience, the woman brings up being exclusive after something has happened. Let's say I've spent the night her place three nights instead of tow... Oh yeah, she's ready to start talking exclusivity because in her mind we've crossed some threshold that went beyond a casual situation.

  • Marsha - 11 years ago

    It's all about how you FEEL- how you BOTH feel and and what you BOTH want. You can't assume for another person. It has to be discussed and agreed upon. And you can't put a time on it either. It could be a week, it could be months. But you don't know until you BOTH talk about it.

  • Kimmie - 11 years ago

    My first reaction was "when we both agree" but after a couple of months, it should be time for us to decide that it's time to move on to another level or just be friends. Dating can't be for an indefinite period of time, it just can't.

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