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Cosa è Armonia secondo te? Hai mai provato a portare attenzione​ al tuo interno e a contribuir​e per essere uno strumento di Armonia? In che modo? Un sorriso Po
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  • Silent Heart - 10 years ago

    My dear Dany,
    First of all to be in harmony is to harmonize oneself, to make pesace with oneself. As the mind is reactive in all, it is important to filter and control our thoughts, so that words and deeds dont get the colour of violance, jealousy, disappointment, frustration, anger, greed, egoistic advantages, pride and more. So how can we filter our thoughts? We have to watch at ourselves, with strictiness, discipline and honesty. Alone waiting some time and not to react to an unpleasant situation, brings is in a position to see things not through angry smoke, but eyes that could calm down meanwhile. In this time we can make some breating exercises, to breathe deeply in filingl the down part of the lungs with a aur and breathing slowly in and out. Then slowly we feel that our "temperament" is calming down again. In our free choice we can then act instead of being reactive and give in our answers, in words or deeds, friendliness and positivity. In knowing that we are not separated from each other as we sit all in the same boat: we have the same earth, the same air, the same sunlight, we come to earth in the same way and also leave this earth in the "same" way, then we can also develope respect first to ourselves then to all others and the whole creation. In daily practises, not just with words, but really in all honesty and seriousness, we then can progress, like a sportsman who trains every day and becomes better, and we see in others our own self as all others are part of our Self. Then a great feeling develops, compassion, to help others and be there for them, not to think of own advantages (neither in power nor in money) . This all when trained daily and put into practise can change our whole life according to what Ghandi said: "Be the change we want to see in the world." Of course it is not easy at all at it requires all our attention. And we fall sometimes, not to give up, but to restart again and again until we have this "muscle" to come in harmony with ourselves and others.... to go into the colour of unconditional love...
    All good wishes to everyone on this journey that is an individual journey with the destination of positivity.
    Thanks also to you my dear Dany for starting this dialogue.
    A big hug from my heart
    Silent Heart

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