Do bans on young children constitute bigotry?


  • Conscientiously Concerned - 12 years ago

    First, I can't believe the first post, I wish we could ban ignorance from the world!

    To the next points, I do think you have some valid points; but I think you missed a few key points. The owner McDains can do whatever he wants, as long as he is not breaking any laws, is his prerogative. I think I would enjoy dining or seeing a movie without children present as long as it is appropriate to the situation; I personally don't think bringing a 3 year old to "The Help" is appropriate and it does disrupt my experience to a certain degree. But there is nothing I can do about it as I don't own the movie theatre or write the laws.

    Another point missed: what is right for the children? Banning them from places which can scar them, physically and emotionally, is appropriate. Clearly the world is full of ignorance, I am sure someone thinks my comments are ignorant, and sometimes people have to be taught what is appropriate or inappropriate. Occasionally people have to be reminded to protect their children.

  • Alaina Mabaso - 12 years ago

    Tiffany Welch, I feel compared to clarify that it's not being annoyed by children that I find inhumane, it's the suggestion that everyone "NOT WHITE" be kicked out of the country, among other racist gems in that comment.

  • marie-c - 12 years ago

    I found this post really interesting and insiteful. I honestly do think children should be allowed everywhere. Yet I do believe that a lot of parents these days absolutely have no control over their kids whatsoever, and when their kid is screaming in a public place and being a general nuisance more often than not, they do not correct them/tend to them. Generally all they will need is a little attention.

    My husband gets really annoyed at kids screaming during church and believes that church is not really a place for children. Children are a part of society, and i believe that a public place does not necesarily have to change the essence of what it is, but perhaps tweak their ideas and add facilities to cater for them...crying rooms, a children's area perhaps. I find banning children such an easy way out...there are many more creative ways to dealing with this!

  • Tiffany Welch - 12 years ago

    Actually Alaina, screaming children bring me grief. Ignorant, selfish parents who refuse to remove said brats bring me grief. Most of all, self-important know-it-alls bring me grief. If I'm paying $50 for a movie or dinner with a friend, I should either be able to get what I paid for... A relaxing evening. This is just one more case of SOME ruining a priviledge for ALL... If all parents ACTED like parents and showed some courtesy, then my fellow "inhumane citizens" and I would have nothing to complain about and no stories to tell. When they start rounding up children and putting them into camps to segregate them from the rest of the world, THEN you can call their treatment inhumane- until then, please enjoy your screeching brats with the rest of the breeders.

  • Alaina Mabaso - 12 years ago

    I wish I could scrub comments, and attitudes, like yours off the face of the world. There is so much deplorable hate here that I don't even know where to begin. This is the risk of putting your writing out into the world - people with horrible views are able to comment, as well as humane citizens. I think your hatefulness will ultimately bring you nothing but grief.

  • Farqare Loomay - 12 years ago

    I have spent hours in a train going from LA Calif 8 hours up the coast to SF and it was marred by one screaming boy under 10 and his two stupid parents. After asking the conductor for help, he did nothing so I was forced to act and told the parents to silence their kid. They gave me the finger. So I tried to get another seat but nothing happened. I was granted silence when I spied their open coke cans and dropped exlax into each of them - the kid was shitting for hours and the parents were sicker than shit. For the remainder of the 4 hours I nursed my ears and laughed my ass off at their misery. I alone knew I did this and I reveled in it for hours afterwards.

    I personally think that every child that is born should come complete with funds to further itself in life. The parents if poor should not be allowed to have the child. I believe that sterilization pills should be spilled into drinking waters in the poorest of neigborhoods and illegals should be separated from their American born children - the kids can stay - the parents must go.

    If this sounds harsh, I don't care. I also believe we should kick out all black people, spanish people and everyone who is NOT WHITE and then close our doors after eliminating Obama and his core jackasses from our government.

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