Should we cut Max's hair?

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  • Vannessa - 8 years ago

    We have the same issue! Mitchell is 2 and has these gorgeous blonde locks. I was going to cut them a few months ago but the hairdresser could not fit him in. Since then I keep jumping between 'Should I?'/'Shouldn't I?'. It just seems such a sin to cut such lovely hair but also somedays when he has the bedhead or when he won't let me wash his hair then I say this weekend it all comes off!! I was going to sign him up for one of these talent search places and I know they would not want me to cut his hair, but have not gotten around to that yet.

  • Sue Stuart - 8 years ago

    Oh but those curls are just too cute! I know they can be a pain, Katy gets frightful tangles in hers, but we just generally "wash and go" and I am putting off the first cut for as long as possible! I know it's different for a boy, but he does look *so* like a boy that I don't think it matters! And soon enough you'll HAVE to cut it anyway, why rush?

  • Gwen - 8 years ago

    It's for you to decide you are the mom. My son also had long hair and we also didnt want to cut it although a lot of people might have thought he look like a girl his personality show all boy. We started by cutting a little bit smaller everytime and know he likes his hair short although not to short.

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