Do you think the Bilderberg Group is real and influences who gets elected?

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  • Todd - 11 years ago

    I knew GW Bush was being used as a puppet for someone as well as Barrack Obama. When I found out Obama had ties (given first job) Kissinger (a known Elitist) I had to ask who Kissinger had ties to. It Came up Bilderberg Group. Next question was who was the Bilderberg Group? It is a group headed by the heads of the major banking industry with members in both the banking industry and politics (now that should surprise anyone). The first meeting I heard about was in 1974. The group was not identified by anything other than a group of bankers and influential politicians. The topic of discussion? How to gain financial over the world. Which led me to this question... How? The answer they came up with made perfect sense.
    First: There must be a disaster that with threaten the security of people world wide. For the US that was the 911 attack.
    Second: There must be a financial melt down of the economy world wide. Again for the US it was the housing market falling because if mortgages being backed by high risk loans. Bush out, Obama in.
    "I will tax the rich & corporate businesses so that all Americans will have the same chances of success" Speech. As soon as Obama was said to have one the nomination 13 major companies moved over seas. Over the first 6 months of Obama's presidency more than20 more major corporations mover overseas. But the taxes for them never came. The only thing it did was put more than 11% of American's at the mercy of the Federal Government. Obama is given a blank check to bailout who ever he deems worthy.
    There is more to this. You have to ask the questions to get the answers. Are you willing to risk it and ask the question? Do you even know what questions to ask? I hope in some small way I have put you on the path.

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