Who won Thursday evening's Iowa GOP debate?

  • Jeff - 10 years ago

    Every second America spends $5,000 on the war in Iraq, and for what? What are we getting out of this? Peace? No, and as a matter of fact more Countries in the world hate us. Us going to war doesn't help. We are bullies and pick fights and tell other Countries how they should live when were not even taking care of our own selves. Just like Ron Paul said about Iran, "They can't even afford enough gasoline to get here. They could be a threat, but in reality, what can they really do to us? Not much if you ask me. Let's get back to the basics and take care of our own and if any one wants to get in the way, than you handle it. It is simple as that. Stop trying to promote this New Global Idea, because it will never work.

  • Thomas - 10 years ago

    You all need to reread "Mark's" post about Ron Paul. That was one of the best and most clear explanations and descriptions I've read in quite some time. Great post Mark. Ron Paul 2012.

  • Edie - 10 years ago

    Any one of these candidates will get get my vote before i hand my children over to com mies.

  • DEConservative - 10 years ago

    Paul trolls in full force *rolls eyes* What a bunch of lame ass people...guys...the dude doesn't even recognize the DANGER inherent in a Nuclear Iran...*rolls eyes* get a freaking grip you idiots. There are SOME PLACES that should NOT have these kinds of weapons.

  • mark - 10 years ago

    do you friggin people even know what "isolation" means? how the hell can you have "free trade" if you're an isolationist? you can't, hence, Ron Paul is not an isolationist. he's a non-interventionalist. there's a very distinct difference, and if you can't see it, than you're not looking.

    15 years ago, Ron Paul was crazy for questioning the fed. in 2001, he was crazy for asking why the middle east hates us. now, in 2011, it is generally accepted that muslims don't hate our freedom or even democracy. they hate us for sticking our noses in their business and supporting dictators (including Saddam) who were murdering people left and right. now, in 2011, everyone on the right is saying that the fed is effed up, and we should at least audit it. and now, in 2011, ron paul is still crazy, even though the majority of you here seem to agree with 99% of what he says.

    if we're going to be single issue voters, then let's get serious. absolutely no compromise. that means that Romney can't be in (because of romneycare), Pawlenty, Huntsman, and Newt are out (cap and tax), Cain is done (he may have walked back his "banning muslims" comment, but "shall not infringe" means "shall not infringe"), and Bachmann and Santorum are out (because despite what the far right wants to believe, gay marriage is entirely a states rights issue), Perry can't do it (that stupid highway he wanted to build), and Palin is out (bridge to nowhere).

    we might as well sew 8 more stars on the flag, give your asthmatic child a breathalyzer (or an inhalator), and ready the zombie navy (ya know, the Corpse Men) to attack Libya to get oil for France, because this is how obama is going to win. Paul has a chance to win the nomination, and if he does, it will be so much fun watching all of you defending him, exactly the way you all defended McCain until the day after the election. "no, he's great! he's not exactly like bush! he's tough on the border! really! if I yell louder, will you believe me?!"

    can you imagine a world where the republican presidential nominee is calling the democrat president a warmonger? how would the media handle it? hell, how would the anti-war left handle it? you want to turn this country around, dismantle the media, and restore order to this chaos? vote for Ron Paul. then watch the left scramble. they can't call him racist, they can't call him a warmonger, they won't be able to talk about illegal unfunded wars for oil, because THAT'S THEIR GUY NOW!

    the only thing they'll be able to say, is what you're all so willing to believe: he's crazy.

    crazy like a fox.

  • luigicorelli - 10 years ago

    Ron Paul will be perceived as an out of control radical. He is not presidential in stature but rather comes off as an angry old man. Some of his ideas are very good, but he is so outspoken on foreign policy - the wrong policy IMHO - that he cannot possibly win the endorsement of the American people. Newt really seemed the strongest in the debate. I expected way more from Bachmann. She is now very guarded in her opinions because she's being careful not to be branded a crazy. She's letting the opposition get to her. That is a sign of weakness I did not expect to see - but it's there. I really like her, but I don't think she has what it takes to beat Obama. Sadly, Palin probably does, but I do not think she will run. Cain lost me. He's too focused on his own image. For a "problem solver" as he calls himself, he couldn't articulate his agenda well enough to get my interest. Newt was the most outspoken and he always appears to be tough and in control. That's a leader! That's a President.

  • nick - 10 years ago

    superdave: i appreciate you looking at the logic of the matter.

    and also if any one would like to question the facts i stated in my post. you can google the subject your self, and if you want a more direct and official source here is a link to the documents them selves. http://www.gwu.edu/~nsarchiv/NSAEBB/NSAEBB28/. If i can say one thing in this comments section that will reach anybody it would be this. No matter what you believe or where you stand politically. Please just research and take a look back into history. You will see that what we are going through right now has been in the making for a very long time. There are documents, statements, and other pieces of evidence throughout history that tell the story. If we stay blind to the facts and except what we are told then it will be the victors who will write the history books, and the true americans. The ones that love peace, freedom, and truth will be erased from those books.

  • Jason - 10 years ago

    Newt is a jonny come lately, establishment neocon who wants perpetual wars to feed the military industrial complex's cauffers and maintain an establishment republican ideological core. He is intelligent, he can be articulate. But his brand of conservatism is exactly the type of conservatism that destroys liberty and creates tyranny by the expansion of executive powers and expansion/strengthening of patriot act provisions and by promoting more homeland security bureaucracy.

    He is an also ran. His statements regarding auditing the fed comes on the heels of 30 years of the same message Dr. Paul has been pursuing. Newt stops short of calling for the abolishment of our federal reserve/our fractional reserve banking masters. By not removing the federal reserve, a non federal and autonomous entity that has control of the worlds monetary policy via their fiat currency structure, you can never have sound money that is backed by real assets like Gold that has "real intrensic value". Especially when you have the likes of Greenspan removing policies surrounding the printing of money and Bernake injecting liquidity into the markets through a "quantitative easing methodology" that is causing inflationary pressures on all of us. Also by telegraphing he is keeping fed interest rates at near zero levels for two years means they do not intend to soak up that liquidity for atleast two years............which means more inflation to come, and potentially hyperinflation that will destroy us by debasing our currency.

    Anyways, again Newt is a coat tail rider, and is cloaking himself in sheep's skin to further the agenda of big government.

  • Katie - 10 years ago

    I can tell the majority of folks commenting were educated in public school. The FIRST thing you do is check to see WHO WROTE THE POST. It wasn't authored by Glenn Beck. Sheesh!

    I disagree that Romney won. He just came across as the slicked-up greasy waffler that he is.

    Here's a hint America: Next time you want to watch a debate, please 1.) Read the Constitution of the United States of America.

    Oh yeah, and you LDS members, here's your extra assignment: 2.) Please watch http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IlE4Fy-dLNM and then keep that context in mind as you listen to these men blather on. It will become apparent that most are talking out of both sides of their mouths and have NO IDEA what they are talking about. "If you have not chosen the Kingdom of God first, it will, in the end, not matter what you have chosen instead." - Neal A. Maxwell.

    Ron Paul is IT. The only one who cares about making sure that the power God gave man gets ripped out of the hands of the usurping State and placed back in the hands of the common man where it belongs.

  • SuperDave - 10 years ago

    Nick: I get what you (and RP) are saying. I didn't like us going into Iraq, Afghanistan either.
    We know America can put "pressure" on foreign dictators in a more indirect way instead of putting boots on the ground. I still find it strange, and telling, that B.O. has been using that technique with Libya but didn't even give the world a Barney left lift when he had a golden opportunity when the Iranian people were going to the streets.

  • nick - 10 years ago

    I've read a lot of peoples comments on here. A lot of people do not agree with Mr. Paul on his views on Iran. I understand that knowing what you know about Iran probably comes from info given by the msm. Lets really look at the facts that has led to rough relations with them. The u.s government has been interfering in their political system since the 1950's. In which under the TPAJAX project, the UK and the U.S over threw Iran's democratically elected monarch and put into power a dictator. Why you might ask? Well if we look back in the history books. Things got tense with Iran because their parliament decided to nationalize their oil. At the time they were working with the British-owned Anglo-Iranian Oil Company (AIOC), And the country started to feel they were being exploited. When they decided this the U.S and U.K pulled a coup and kept a dictator in power till the 1970's. It is because of this that that country was thrown into economic turmoil, and suffered many years. I am sure there are other factors that play a roll in Iran's dislike of America and Israel, But lets look at it in a simpler view. Say you own your own home, and you are sitting atop a valuable resource. You played nice and worked with others sharing this resource as a means of income. An then you start to notice that your getting the short end of the stick. So you decide that you want to make your resource available to who would ever would pay a fair price, And for that the feds kicked your door down arrested you and put someone else in your place to care for your family. Dont you think you would kinda hold a grudge. Now that Iran doesnt play ball our government tells the world to impose sanctions on Iran which make that country hurt even more. Its kinda like the kid that gets bullied by every one at school. So one day he snaps and bring a semi auto to school an starts blowing people away. Now this could be prevented if people would just reach out to that lil guy an say "Hey why dont you come eat with us. We're gettin together after school to play ball wanna come?" But no instead our government beats the drums of war and rallies the world against them which makes them even more defensive. Hmm could that be the reason they want nukes? Just a thought.

  • Jeff Daniel - 10 years ago

    For all of you that WANT to stay in a perpetual state of war..... Please email me your info and I will forward it to my Recruiter (Army) buddy.... We could use more cannon fodder down range.... I would bet after a few weeks of being shot at you will change that tune.....

    I cannot believe what I am hearing from American people..... now we think that people don't deserve a fair trial? so IF I accuse YOU of being a terrorist, you don't think you should get a trial? we should just put two in your chest and one in your head and dump you in the ocean? Is that what I fought to preserve? Is that why my friends are dieing?

    Now America attacks any country that doesn't like us? are you saying we should invade North Korea, China and the Soviets? Have you NEVER read ANYTHING ever written by our founding fathers? They were pretty clear..... trade with all and stay OUT of internal squabbles of foreign countries.... in fact they were pretty clear about a LOT of things.... DEBT, WELFARE, SIZE OF GOVERNMENT....

    Please tell me I didn't put on a uniform and my ass on the line for this......

    I am military and I support Ron Paul!

  • jskelly - 10 years ago

    Ron Paul won? yeah....that doesn't seem right. I think Newt came out shining brighter by far than ron paul.

  • victor - 10 years ago

    for those who think that ron paul is an isolationist, i would refer you to his ideas on the free market and how he would want to have trade with everyone. as for him being frail and old, that didnt seem to stop everbody to vote for mccain. as for his foriegn policy, he is right. they do not hate us because of our freedoms, as they would have you believe. they hate us because we stick our noses in everybodies business and wind up doing more harm than good. we have dedicated our foreign policy to spread democracy, when we are not a democracy. we are a republic! "democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on what's for dinner" ben franklin

  • ConservaTarian - 10 years ago

    Newt Gingrich was the most Presidential on the stage followed by Romney. Gingrich was direct and specific about the problems, his ideas and "sellable" solutions. I thought he made his point about "gotcha questions" and could have focused less on that as the debate moved along.

    I wish Newt would just go "all in" and take his argument to the American people directly. It's now or never.

    I'm picking the winner based on who I think could effectively challenge Mr. Obama along with who presents themselves in the most Presidential fashion.

    God Love Herman Cain; who has great ideas but should have run for Governor of GA in 2010 and should challenge Senator Saxby Chambliss in 2012.

    Ron Paul is well-spoken but his strict Libertarianism is just too insular for me. The US plays on a world stage and we can't just sit back and, to quote Mr. Paul, "mind our own business."

  • nancybee - 10 years ago

    The person with solutions was Newt Gingrich. He stayed focused on the real problems.

  • Chris - 10 years ago

    So how about Herman Cain? He seemed to make sense and comes across as someone that can communicate very well, minus the bad reporting as to his comments on Sharia Law and the Mormon issue. He's obviously smart but no one seems to give him any attention. He's got to be better than Romney, Paul, the Newt (anyone that can sit on a couch with Pelosi and not smack the crap out of her is obviously the wrong candidate), Huntsman (completely lost- but by golly he has a record!), Bachmann (good cheerleader but I'm not sold on her yet...), Perry is a recent turncoat and has BAD habits just like W- of course the media WON'T cover that as I think they are pushing him at this point (can you say McCain-light?), Santorum- good but no chance simply because there is no fire there..., then there's Pawlenty- hey let's fire up Bachmann and look like a stooge shall we? he's done....

  • SuperDave - 10 years ago

    THE smartest person on that stage was Newt Gingrich. Yes, he's made a few personal choices in his life that I personally wouldn't have done the same way, but that's neither here nor there. He has also made some professional mistakes that he has quickly corrected after seeing the light.
    We need a staunch fiscal conservative that can get our fed. monster under control. And until the day that we can be truly self reliant on energy I'm afraid we're going to be militarizing the area's that we get our energy (oil) from and the oil pipeline runs through.

  • Rob - 10 years ago

    Yes, Iran is a loose cannon, there leader is a quack and they are dangerous. That said, at this moment our gravest threat isn't in the middle east - it's in the USA. If we do not get control of our spending, the Fed, our idiot congress, and begin shrinking our obese, liberty-snatching government then we won't be around to worry about Iran anyway. So yes, I believe our biggest threat is our own goverment and Dr. Ron Paul knows how to fix that problem.

  • Jason - 10 years ago

    For all the RP haters that want to discredit the poll results. Face it. The man's ideas and activities promotes the cause of liberty for all, and that message is both popular and comendable. His ideas border on isolationsim but so what. Its about time we concentrate on the American people and not on everyone else. We have have too many people out of work, too many people starving in the streets, and too many resources here, in our country that lay untapped. We need our troops on our boarders protecting our soverignty and our citizenship from illegal crossings and mexican gang drug cartels beheading our kids and friends. And quit worrying about the rest of the world. How are we any different that the soviet union picking of asian and eastern block countries one by one spreading too thin, being mired down in an endless conflict in Afghanistan, and suffering economically to the point of collapse of our system? Can we never learn from the history of others. Sorry his message is spot on. Sound money, save America first, smaller government, and above all else Liberty, Peace, and Prosperity.

  • Rawbi - 10 years ago

    Aww, Mr Beck, look like The good Dr is at the top of your poll!

  • Tamborine - 10 years ago

    Your commentators are Disney characters. Chris Wallace should NEVER host any of these debates because ALL of his questions should be posed to Obama for the past 2-1/2 years. The problems that exist are not the Republican nominees way of doing things. All his questions are Obama's fault. He is an immature small peni*'d moron.

  • Ron Cheney - 10 years ago

    I thought they all had some good points. Ron Paul has a sharp mind but he looks physically frail. I don't think he would survive the intensity of being a president. I liked his points until he supported Iran having a bomb. I am surprised that more people didn't think Herman Cain did well. He looked and presented his plans and ideas well. He is a successful businessman and talk show host but I don't know of his government experience in making things happen. Mitt Romney has been successful in business, community and government experiences besides being very personable and sincere with everyone, even those people who give him a hard time. That is presidential, not name calling and attacking other republican candidates giving the democrates ammo to go against the republicans. Out of all those debating last night Mitt Romney and Herman Cain looked presidencial and able to get Obama out of the presidents seat. I could support a Romney and Cain or a Romney and West presidency to make the changes especially if we get a republican majority congress and senate.

  • Chris - 10 years ago

    If nothing else, this tells you who watches the blaze for news. So if this, is where your audience is... c'mon Glenn... we need you. :)

  • Hank - 10 years ago

    I selected Rep. Paul as the winner because he was almost the only one speaking of Amrican liberty and freedom. It's easy to disagree on nit-picky particulars, but he was consistent with his message. I liked Herman Cain too as he spoke as though he had knowledge of what the battle is about. As for the rest of the debaters, they all gave typical soundbites that career politicians have been saying for centuries; basically, more government services/lower taxes. and then they have no way to describe how they'll reach their goal other than violence. Santorum, Pawlenty, and the other career politicians acted as though they were frothing-at-the-bit to get control of the "guns" and force their beliefs on everyone else - and that's the problem with government! The majority that get power abuse it and try to force their beliefs onto everyone, with the threat of violence if one doesn't bow and lick the feet of the almighty Politician! Rep.Paul was correct in his assessment of the fear-mongering, panic/crisis political machine that ends up becoming violent and totalitarian; oh, the sky-is-falling, we-must-go-to war, how-dare-they-disagree attitude. I do find it amusing to listen to politicians craving for the U.S. to attack Libya and wanting to kill Gaddaffi while praising Lincoln, in the same sentence, when Lincoln caused the slaughter of many more that wanted to be free - hypocrits are so entertaining. Imagine. Lincoln was worse because he attacked those that wanted to walk away to be free (which was their legal right), while those rioters in Egypt, Syria, Libya, etc. are trying to over-throw the current regiem-- the Southern States were not trying to overt-throw the current regiem! Freedom and liberty --- we no longer have them in America. As Rep. Paul said, "we must have the rule of law" - the ends do not justify the means.

  • tpm - 10 years ago

    Ron Paul is a goofball. And so are his legions that show up wherever he is and become overly vocal. They prop him up by inflating polls and yelling louder at events. It's a scam and we know you all do it. Obama would eat Ron Paul for lunch in a debate.

  • Ron - 10 years ago

    I was with Dr. Paul until he made clear that the GITMO POWs should be afforded due process.
    Most of those guys weren't purse snatching in town, or even America. They were on a battlefield of a country that wasn't theirs.

  • William D. Marion - 10 years ago

    I was very disappointed with the panal. Newt's outburst was right on. The ask the candidates to be specific. Then they throw in questions about "being subordinant" come on! Newt losing his crew is old news. Also, Equal time for each candidate should be standard. Too much Pawlenty bashing Baucman distractions. Hreman has very clear answers, Santorum is passionate for the right reasons. The panal caters to the Most popular while ignoring the others. How is this fair and balanced? Give the others a chance to talk, thy may superize you.

  • Demonot - 10 years ago

    Romney, Gingrich, Santorium were the top 3 yesterday. Newt was correct to say the super committee is a waste of time and we all know it. Romney appeals to independents and Santorium just did more then expected

  • Chem Guy - 10 years ago

    With the speed technology is advancing how long exactly does America think it can prevent other countries from obtaining a nuclear weapon? Unfortunately it is inevitable this will happen. North Korea has tested a couple so I am pretty sure this is a completely proven argument. The only long term solution is to continue to maintain our own arsenal and a missile defense system. The notion we can fight endless wars to prevent the proliferation of nuclear weapons will only undermine our economic security and as a result weaken our ability to defend ourselves.

    The blind support for preemptive war that now seems to be a central tenet of being conservative is ultimately self destructive. There is nothing that promotes growth in government more than war. It is an excuse to limit freedoms (Japanese internment camps, the draft), damages the economy by removing capital, and provides a cover from dissent since that is not patriotic. Additionally, if the roles were reversed and another country was using economic pressures to prevent the US from getting a nuke what would you think? Personally I would be outraged to see our sovereignty threatened and want one just to assert our control over our own destiny as a nation.

    Perhaps the greater danger to America and the world is the rampant fear that constantly grips this county. What happened to home of the brave? We are so scared to even fly in a plane we will let the government touch our children's genitals to make sure "it is safe." What I truly fear is the slow but obvious loss of individual freedom taking place in America.

    I will be voting for the only electable candidate Ron Paul. He is the only candidate with a deep understanding of liberty, a long consistent record, and enough experience with our broken political system to fix it. Or maybe because the media the GOP constantly bemoans says he is crazy and unelectable that makes it true.

    RON PAUL 2012!!!

    P.S. I only voted once. Ron Paul raises millions on the internet regularly mostly donations under $100. So, I'm pretty sure it is possible a couple thousand people could vote for him without having to cheat.

  • Jason M - 10 years ago

    Pardon my superfluous tone......the fact of the matter is, allowing an enemy nation to develop nukes, knowing how they feel about this nation, would be suicidal. Ron Paul should NEVER be elected President. In that regard, there is something of an equivalency.

  • Jason M - 10 years ago

    In order for Ron Paul's answers to have come off sounding sensible and logical, you would have literally had to have spent at least 3 hours prior to the debate taking nonstop hits from your favorite bong. The ignorant, vocal minority of Paulbots which insists that the Iranian regime, which is run by a group of 12ers who would love nothing more than to pour a bucket of gasoline over themselves and the world, and then proceed to jump on a lit match in order to meet Mr. Imam, is nothing but a grouchy overrated threat, are just pathetic. It's this asinine, grossly warped view of reality which makes the Paulbot clan the laughingstock of the rest of the Republican party.

    The only thing more dangerous to an American foreign policy, and to America's national security, other than an Islamic Jihadi organization, would be a Ron Paul administration.

  • Thom - 10 years ago

    Maybe it's just the way I took it, but I had the feeling Fox News' choice, if they have one, isn't in yet. They're all terrific people for different reasons, but I'm not convinced any of them can provide the level of leadership our sagging Republic needs at this critical crossroad in our short history. Watch & pray.

  • Annalise - 10 years ago

    After watching tonight I have realized that Ron Paul is insane if he truly believes nothing is wrong with Iran having a nuclear weapon.

  • Dot - 10 years ago

    I heard that Ahmadinejad has endorsed Ron Paul

  • Ryan - 10 years ago

    If I hear one more person call Ron Paul an Isolationist I'll... lol

    Well, here.


  • John - 10 years ago

    Long time Ron Paul supporter... I've been a fan since before he declared he was running in '08. He alienated me a little at first with the Iran topic. It came off really awkward that he would let Iran have a nuclear weapon. That GOVERNMENT is clearly an enemy to the west (not necessarily its people -- I believe they want to enjoy their own style of freedom and want good relations with western nations) .

    I think his answer to that question was a philosophical one rather than literal. I see the point he's making about international relations: One nation shouldn't intervene in the private affairs of another nation until it becomes an EXTERNAL problem to that nation or its allies. If they want weapons, that is their right as a sovereign nation. They aren't part of the United States -- they don't have to do what we or any other nation say. Until they decide to use those weapons against us or our allies, then we would go to war.

    Now, I wrestle with this. I agree with that non-interventionist philosophy to an extent. But, when it comes to outright enemies that strategy will get you killed. It's like when you're playing the video game Command & Conquer... If you let your opponent develop their tech tree all the way to the top without taking them out before that, they're going to nuke you and you lose.

    The real question here is: is Iran our enemy? If so, we should formally declare war if we see an imminent threat and go after them with everything we have. They didn't ask him if he would support a preemptive strike policy. If our intelligence agencies saw that Iran had reasonable cause to take out Israel, I'd have to believe we'd strike first. On the other hand, I agree with him in that these little half measures and manipulative policies is a messy business and can result in serious blow back.

    Other than that issue, we need people like him to stand up and bring the type of financial and freedom promoting change that he talks about. Until I see a strong candidate that supports those principles he has my vote.

  • Duda - 10 years ago

    Funny how all this articles claim the puppets like Romney and Bachmann won the debates, when the people themselves clearly put them down in each and every actual poll. Don't vote for the politicians people. they are here to lie to you, they are here to steal from you, they are here to suck the life out of America. they will tell you all the goodies are for you, they will tell you we need to protect our security by destroying the world and they will spend spend spend into oblivion when the money comes from you. The only man who doesn't lie, and is not a politician, is the one clearly in the lead. if you don't stand for liberty & freedom across the board from the oppressive federal government, then you're one of the few who actually wants this country to collapse and split up into many smaller countries. Don't wait until it's too late. we've been seeing the signs since the 70's. the point of no return is near. Let's turn it around. Don't doubt that Ron Paul is the answer. the majority see it! Everyone should see it!

  • Vunks - 10 years ago

    Ron Paul dominated tonight and is the only one who will stop the wars America is sick of. Ron Paul is winning all the Poll's and before Fox pulled down the first won he was dominating the map. Ron Paul 2012.

    No more agressive wars and no more bailouts!

  • Ephraim - 10 years ago

    RP's foreign policy stance sounded...not particularly well thought out. Like North Korea, RP needs to wake up and smell the coffee. Iranian leaders looking forward to meeting The Twelfth
    Imam would love nothing more than escalation w/ Israel in the hope that he might show his face.

  • SarahC - 10 years ago

    I watched this debate with an open mind as a long-time conservative Republican. I thought there was one clear candidate that stood out from the rest, both in terms of keeping true conservative principles and answering questions with actual sensible answers ... Ron Paul. I used to think he wasn't electable, but I'm so fed up with Republicans choosing some guy (like faux-con McCain) based on that notion, because it clearly doesn't work. Besides, I heard Paul is polling top-three nationally now, and the best against Obama.

    It's time Republicans voted based on our principles. And I'm sorry, but Santorum came across as a total nut job, grinning inappropriately and showing a complete lack of knowledge about the Middle East. I thought Ron Paul's point about how we managed to avoid a war with a real declared enemy w/ 30000 nuclear weapons (Soviets) really put the Iran thing in perspective. I used to be in favor of the wars, but with all that's been going on I think most of these idiots in Washington DC are the real threat to America.

    Anyway, Ron Paul won over my vote tonight.

  • Ken McKinley - 10 years ago

    First of all, Glenn picks Romney because he's Mormon... not on any issues. Romney created Obama Care in Mass. before Obama Care had even been created. Romney is Bush III.
    Seconly; Ron Paul has the right idea on foreign policy.
    Let me use an analogy if I may.
    If you have a child who is climbing the neighbors fence and tormenting the neighbors doberman do you encourage your child to climb your other neighbors fence and torment his pitt bull? Or do you tell your child to stop climbing the neighbor's fences and stay out of their yards? It's not that Ron Paul wants Iran to have nukes, he's saying that China has nukes and China is a real threat to us. If Iran gains nukes and tries to use them, then we will simply turn Iran into a glass factory. But if we leave them alone, and they leave us alone, it works for good. If we leave them alone and they instigate an attack on us, then we are by all means justified by going after them, unlike Iraq, Lybia, Egypt, Syria, or any of the other countless wars Bush and Obama have gotten us into .
    Thirdly; if we are going to be the worlds poice force, then by golly the world should start paying for it. Because quite simply; we're broke and can't afford it anymore.
    Fourthly; Ron Paul is the only strict Constitutionalist candidate on the GOP ticket. And he has a track record that dates back to 1971 that can be examined, and verified by anyone. Unlike Herman Cain (FED insider and pizza man), or Bachman (voted for the Patriot Act before she was against it). Those who do have voting records that we can examine are just saying what they think voters want to hear, but when you examine those records you'll find that they are no different than Obama, or Bush - they are all controlled by special interests, and the socialist political machine. Yes, a GOP candidate will slow the tide, but American's don't want the tide slowed, we want it turned.
    Ron Paul is the only candidate that will do that.
    He is electable, and he is our last, best "earthly" hope. It's either Ron Paul or the establishment puppets that we call the GOP.

  • Fed up - 10 years ago

    Let them wipe Israel off the map.Maybe then we can have our country back.Israel is nothing but bad news.

  • tater salad - 10 years ago

    It's just mind boggling how you guys love perpetual war mongering. Why is it so hard to understand simple international relations. Iran WILL NOT make a decision that would assure their own destruction (attacking the US). Like Ron Paul said, they barely even have an air force. Iran is like that senile racist Uncle in the family that you just deal with but he really isnt serious trouble....and another thing, damn it I want to vacation in Cuba and it's complete bs we treat the country the same as we did in the 50's. Ron Paul is the only guy that would lift the embargo on Cuba immediately and no way can you say the embargo is justified today.

  • Joyce Booth - 10 years ago

    I don't see how anyone can support Ron Paul after tonight. He said Iran should be allowed to have a nuclear weapon even though Ahmadinejad has said that he wants to wipe Israel off the map and he is obviously the most insane dictator in the region. The world would not be safe for a day if Iran had nuclear weapons and it cannot be allowed. Ron Pauls' foreign policy is nuts !

  • Captain Crunch - 10 years ago

    No way Ron Paul did that well. You Paul people need to stop stacking this poll by voting multiple times. He is the one who is willing to letran get the bomb. Paul has lost his mind!

  • specs - 10 years ago


    I don't recall any RP people using the age argument against McCain. But regardless, the dude is in tiptop shape and does cardio daily. I'll take a guy with a steadfast belief in individual liberty and limited government over a younger establishment hack any day of the week. Even with just 1 term the guy is likely to do more to roll back the size of government than any of the other fake limited government candidates on the stage would do with 10 terms.

  • NoStar - 10 years ago

    Ron Paul's foreign policy is what use to be conservative Republican foreign policy before Nixon made Lyndon Johnson's policy his own. There is no difference between the way Bush waged illegal wars and the way Obama wages them now. Only one candidate understands this and his name is Dr. Ron Paul.

    If the Republicans serve up RomneyCare to combat ObamaCare, it will not matter who wins in 2012.

  • savingtherepublic.com - 10 years ago

    Ron Paul!! Cmon! They all had hits and misses, but noway Paul won heck he could answer Baiers question about working with a divided Congress. He went to his typical talking points on spending, wars and the fed.

    Oh and they all seem to be for once and for all handling the Fed so dont try that old run around.

    If it was Santorum vs Paul, Santorum won! He put Paul in his place on moral and the Iranian issues. And NO I didnt vote for Rick... but go ahead push for your guy he cant beat the Obama ELECTION machine! Read what I am saying before you go nuts.. RP cannot beat the Obama ELECTION MACHINE

    BTW 1) how come 3+ years ago RINO McCaine was deemed too old by those that support the RP yet RP is a year older than John The RINO but isnt too old now 3+yrs later!? 2) you guys need to be made aware that you get as vicious as obamabots when anyone disagrees with your guy and just like obamabots you attack and name call. Please stop dont be like them!

  • Joel - 10 years ago

    Ron Paul number 1??? I'm sorry, but Ron Paul is just flat out wrong with foreign policy! You don't just pull out of the Middle East without leaving a framework in place to counter terrorism and protect Israel. And you can't just leave Iran alone to do whatever it wishes!!!

    YES, pull out of Iraq, we've been there too long. Finish training the Iraqi security forces, and LEAVE. YES, pull the freakn hell outa Libya, that was just a STUPID move by Obama. But refocus on Afghanistan, that's where the war is.

    Just what the hell is he thinking?? Ahmadinejad is an opponent to the U.S. and western nations, he's a dictator oppressing his people, and he has vowed to wipe Israel off the face of the earth! Does Ron Paul not take him seriously??? That is a serious lack of judgement on his part.

    YES, pull out of Iraq, we've been there too long. Finish training the Iraqi security forces, and LEAVE. YES, pull the freakn hell outa Libya, that was just a STUPID move by Obama. But refocus on Afghanistan, that's where the war is. But you don't leave Iran to do what it wants!!! ''Minding our own business'' like he says in this case is just completely irresponsible.

    And GUESS WHAT? Hezbollah just announced as soon as the U.S. forces are gone, they are going to focus their full efforts along with Syria, Iran, AND Iraq to destroy Israel.


    I love Ron Paul's Economic plan, but I will not be voting for him as President because of this issue.

  • specs - 10 years ago

    @jcroobug if you think Dr. Paul is an isolationist, thpen you don't know the definition of the term. He wants trade and relations with all, that is not isolationism. His philosophy is more along the lines of the neighbor that doesn't report you for building a deck in your own backyard without a permit; vs. the other republicans that would. It is non-interventionism, not isolationism. It is mind your own damn business-ism, not stick your nose in where it doesn't belong-ism.

  • michael micelli - 10 years ago

    This election will go all the way to the convention before we know the winner. If you have a canidate you support I reccomend you join one of the six families in The Mootsa Gootsa Society.

  • jcroobug - 10 years ago

    Cmon people..no way did Ron Paul win that debate. His isolationism is a noble idea but it is completely wrongheaded in regard to the jihad being waged against us.

  • Eric Krume - 10 years ago

    You say Mitt Romney won by coming out unscathed, but the way I see it is he didn't really say anything, like most politicians before him. Do we really need another politician ??? Get out on the limb and state what you believe passionately and truthfully and let the chips fall where they may, THAT IS WHAT LEADERS DO!!!

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