Did the Right Person Win Season 8 of 'SYTYCD'?

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  • Celia - 8 years ago

    I saw Sasha holding hands and hugging plenty of times, especially as the dancers got to know each other better as the season progressed. But regardless, is holding hands and hugging really a requirement to be considered a great dancer ? Seems irrelevant to me. People simply have different boundaries when it comes to physical displays of affection. Sasha's DANCING was full of emotion, more so than any other dancer on the show IMO. Several times she moved me to tears with the powerful emotion displayed in her dancing. Melanie did not.

  • Melina - 8 years ago

    I don't know how Sasha had so many votes to be honest. Melanie gathered almost 50% which is justified but Sasha was in the bottom quite a few times and Marko never was. Marko was genuine and showed emotion and was humble about being there week after week. I dislike Sasha from the beginning because she seemed so cold with the other dancers, not to mention I thought it was strange that she was allowed to dance with her sister when they danced for their lives. When her and the others would dance, they would all be holding hands and hugging and she would just be over on the side. It wasn't until the last week that I finally saw some raw emotion and saw that side of her - the friendly "comradery" they always talked about. I think Marko should have gotten second.

  • Patti - 8 years ago

    Slezak's review of last night's finale results was spot on! The right dancer won, and I agree with most, that all four finalists are superb with a bright and successful future in dance ahead of them. My husband and I were shocked at the comment Nigel made the night before regarding a "female winner". What a terrible way to end a wonderful night of performances by those talented young men, who I am sure had already realized that they had a slim chance against Mel and Sasha! It was fitting that he publicly apologize, although he should have contained his outburst in front of millions of viewers. My heart sank for those boys. At least we know they have been recognized for their talent, and will certainly do well as a result of their hard work on this show. Bravo to all top twenty, and especially to the four finalists! My favorite show - I can watch these videos over and over again!

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