Was David Starkey's language on <i>Newsnight</i> racist?


  • Simon - 13 years ago

    He was racist, but probably more in the "institutional" way than directly discriminating.

    I mixing up the terms "black culture" with "gang culture" and "white culture" with "middle class culture" he's his inbuilt prejudices.
    I have no doubt that he would be horrified to be thought of as racist, and would never directly discriminate against anyone. However, even if the the inbuilt prejudices of people of his age and background are common, that does not stop them being racist..

  • Jim - 13 years ago

    The police failed to Defend the streets. The media reporting now is just playing with the result.

  • Jay - 13 years ago

    Observation is NOT racist. Thats why there are so many issues, because nobody is ALLOWED to voice an opinion. Britain is intolerant of the truth!

    He actually makes a great point, many blacks haven't integrated with whites, whites have integrated with blacks. Black music (MOBO), fashion, language and drugs and gangs, the latter two aren't exclusive to blacks but ARE ore prominent.

    Britain just resembled New Orleans. Police and firemen getting attacked, fighting and looting.

  • Ben Smith - 13 years ago

    I chose not racist because there was a lack of options. The word "racism" is now like the word "fascism" - completely meaningless.

    If racism means seeing other races as different from your own, I and everyone else (despite the fact they would protest against this assertion) is racist. By that definition, and by the way they stick together, black people and Asians are the most racist people going.

    Putting all this talk of definitions to one side for the moment though, David Starkey was just telling the truth. This Jafaican underclass is disgusting and is crippling England.

  • son-of-sommevet - 13 years ago

    David Starkey was absolutely right and not in the least racist. He suffered the same fate as Nick Griffin on television. Speak your mind, speak the truth and be shouted down by the ultra left wing idiots who are making Gods of black people and their culture to the detriment of our own people, our own culture and our own country. And please, don't tell me it is not our country, I'm sick of hearing that claptrap.

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