How did Perry handle of the Gardasil issue? (Poll Closed)

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  • Lisa M - 11 years ago

    Perry's record on women's issues are no secret. He never would have mandated it for boys. He says he wants less government in people's business, yet his attempt to get in the way of Roe v Wade by "mandating" women view an ultrasound before they have a legal abortion is another example. President Carter denounced the Southern Baptist because of their treatment of women.

  • zuo hayate - 11 years ago

    Haha! I can comment on hotair via a strange proxy! Open reg please. I voted "it was never a big deal in the first place". As many commenters have correctly pointed out, kids/people are commonly required to get hepatitus B (sexually transmitted) and meningitis (the "kissing disease"), and none of these hypocrits have any problem with those vaccines.

    In fact, Perry's proposed opt-out was very easy, and it would have made it LESS uncomfortable for so-con parents - just one of a number of shots that the kid needs to get. Kids don't really pay attention to or care what the shots are for, when everybody is supposed to get them. On the other hand, they will ask questions if they are getting some shot that their peers aren't all getting as well. And then they will know the shot is for SEX, omg! Or you can just keep them from ever getting the shot and giving them the risk of a totally preventable cancer. Great parenting, that.

    And within 20 years, probably much sooner, Texans will regret not pursuing the TTC. It was one of the most forward-thinking infrastructure projects ever proposed in the US. And I bet the people opposed would have cried about Eisenhower's Interstates as well. Get a grip. The states must build for the future.

  • Kay - 11 years ago

    The problem was that his former chief of staff became a lobbyist for Merck, and this executive order mandate was done to curry favor with Merck. Follow the money.

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