What should Kate do now?
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  • Linda - 9 years ago

    I have watched Jon and Kate plus 8, and every time Kate was always fussing with Jon about every thing. He is only Human and makes mistakes.. yes he did wrong by cheating, but If I did My husband the way Kate did Jon, well I would be single too. In the end it was all about Kate. But I thought she enjoyed being in the spotlight but than would get up set if someone saw them out to take photos. What a Hypocrite. That is the price you pay for stardom. If you want privacy than stay off camera. Otherwise, Photographers will be everywhere taking photos. Good Luck to Jon. I hope he finds a good woman who does not nag him and good luck to the Kids. having a mother like that has to be hard. I really hope that Kate will get control of herself and stop being a Whiner. Nobody likes a 36 year old whiner. It is not about you!!!!The world does not revolve around you.

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