Does Anna Hazare deserve the Bharat Ratna ahead of Sachin Tendulkar?


  • shashank phonde - 11 years ago

    Sachin Tendulkar and Anna Hazare ,both of us are not doing a hard work for the Bhart Ratna.And even Bhart Ratna is not a race who will be first .Both of us want to do something for the country and they are doing .so please stop to making a such type of foolish issue and start doing something like them and if you are not capable to do something for the country then stop this nonsense and keep quite.

  • Ghouse Mohammed - Chennai - 11 years ago

    Question itself is wrong. Implied meaning of this question is Sachin Tendulkar already deserves Bharat Ratna and so does Anna Hazare - who should be conferred first? Answer is simple - both do not deserve this. Sachin Tendulkar is the leading run scorer in the world in both test and ond-day matches, has so many world records against his name - ok. But all these do not make him eligible for the country's most honoured civilian award. Being a cricketer, he has got his benefits through his game by means of advertisement etc. Anna Hazare is not organizing this fast as an individual force. Without a political party or an organization behind him, such things are not possible. With his well-known association with the so-called Yoga Guru, it is more than clear which organization is behind Anna Hazare and what kind of a "product" he is. So, Hazare also does not deserve Bharat Ratna.

  • aam aadmi - 11 years ago

    He is behind RTI act and this act made many politicians and Ministers stand behind the bars.

    Because of him only six of the corrupt ministers were forced to resign and more than 400 corrupt officers from different government offices were sent back to home.

    He has got many awards which Includes

    Presented by R. Venkatraman ( president of India) on 6th April 1992 at Delhi for Anna Hazare's social work.

    Presented by R. Venkatraman ( President of India) on 24th march 1990 at Delhi for Anna Hazare's social work.

  • Nerus - 11 years ago

    This is a loaded question.

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