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  • Sheila - 9 years ago

    Well....I thought I had this voting and comment thing down, but I guess I was wrong. You have to COMMENT first, and vote last!! Anyway, I already responded to the SPIDER thing! I really do read what you write! By the way, my name is for REAL....and my email address (noway@att.net) tells you how I feel about websites that make you leave an email address before you can USE their service! Just call me AUNTIE Mame!!! Incidentally, I like to write, too. If I had more time I would finish "My Life" journal that I got 4 years ago for Colin and Shaun; I would start the "My Life" journal that I got for Ashton over a year ago; I would start the myster novel I decided to write when I visited Russia over 4 years ago; I would finish Colin and Nat's wedding video (NOT writing, but the same idea); I would write a letter to my relatives in Romania....but that would have to be in ROMANIAN, which I suck at; I would write my arbitration brief (OH WAIT....I HAVE to do THAT!!!); I would write my Last Will and Testament and leave instructions for what to do in the event of my demise (Seriously, I HAVE to do this. U. Bill will NOT know what to do!!) That's it for now. How'd I do???

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