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  • Stevio - 12 years ago

    Man, the East Flatbush crew is hoooot to def! That Al Green loop is killing it. Have u heard the Loosie All-Stars version on their mixtape Champion Hoods? You can get it for $6 on www.digitalgravel.com if you wanna share love.

  • crondo - 12 years ago

    Shit, tough choice, but it basically came down to Tried by 12s or PRT. I chose to vote for Tried by 12s simply based on the joint's simple yet hypnotically head-noddable beat.

  • Nes - 12 years ago

    I like all these tracks but I think tried by 12" is prob going to win. the beat was such a classic.

  • Mr Mass™ - 12 years ago

    The Pure Raw Shaolin Nija Greedy Rap From East Flatbush
    Hypnotic loop
    A Masterpiece Fo Sure

    The Finsta Bundy
    Is Too Much Beatminerized
    and got released too late

    SuperNatural Can Destroy Any Mc On A Battle
    But When It Comes To Put It On wax
    He just keeps on Failin'

    The Prt Track Is hot
    But Damn
    Try The First Album
    They Didn't Make It That Strong After

    That Was A Mass™ Point Of View

    This Pool Thing Is One Great Idea... Again

    Then You Got The Pure Essence Of Prt

    way after black moon and smif n wessun madness

  • dlab - 12 years ago

    Tried by 12 - carried by 6. It's got it all. Infectious beat, great lyrics, and even better delivery.

  • reiser - 12 years ago

    Can't nobody fuck with the PRT's track, come on; even though its structure is slightly repetitive (if somehow lazy on the overall production tip), that Edwin Starr sample is too good to be true. Plus, Wise Intelligent's emceeing on here murders even Supernat, let alone Finsta Bundy (who I've never felt that much anyway) and the Flatbushers. Though Nine's presence on the otherwise corny hook is still appreciated, he should've kicked a guest verse.

    As far as the other tracks go, to me Supernat's one isn't even worth mentioning; Finsta Bundy's isn't wack per se but it just sounds anonymous to me; Tried By 12 may is lyrically on point but that japanese harp sample or whatever it is just ain't my cup of tea. And, oh yeah, the drums' sound plain sucks.

  • Overspliffed - 12 years ago

    Hello kidz:
    There is absolutelly no discussion over these 4 tracks. You gotta go with East Flatbush Project. Period.
    Cheers from France,
    Overspliffed "at work"

  • djmp45 - 12 years ago

    hey marty, have you heard the finsta track "payday is a bliss"?

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