When Do You Buy Concert Tickets? (Poll Closed)

  • Through a pre-sale (fan club or other promotion)
    1,904 votes

  • The day they go on sale
    2,104 votes

  • A few weeks after they go on sale
    1,481 votes

  • A week or so before the show
    637 votes

  • The day of the show
    201 votes


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  • CHESTER - 8 years ago


  • JackWayne - 9 years ago

    Buying tickets depends on 2 things for me. Is the band really popular so the tickets might sell out? And how far in advance do I need to buy? Both are related because I don't like saying a month in advance that I will definitely be at a show no matter what else pops up that night. Warped Tour is about the only thing that I know I will go to no matter what.

  • Tracie - 9 years ago

    Well, I do remember the days of camping out overnite to get concert tickets. I will say I DON'T miss that at all! I preferr getting presale tickets. As one person commented earlier, they only give the fans a couple of days to get money together. Being on a tight budget, it is difficult to get the money together to buy presale. So the brokers & scalpers end up getting the best seats which sucks! I refuse to pay a broker or scalper to see anybody!

  • hans van den hoek - 9 years ago

    to buy a concertticket is first of all do I want to see this band. ( is that band on my wishlist.) the second thing that's dependable for buying tickets is when do I have the money. third is that I need to be able to be free at that date. sometimes you already know that it is impossible to get free of work except by coincedence. so in fact all the possibilities you gave to vote for are true for me. so I wanted to but I'm not able to vote.

  • gerry - 9 years ago

    Though I generally buy tickets the day they go on sale, I like to take advantage of any opportunity to buy them pre-sale, before the general public. Thanks for asking! I do like these polls...

  • Linzee - 9 years ago

    Well, it really depends where the concert is and the pricing of it. I'm a college student at Great Basin College in Elko, NV (Yes, its in the middle of nowhere and I doubt you've heared of it). But my first ever concert was the Halloween Hootenanny with the Murderdolls, Alice Cooper, and Rob Zombie. Unfortuentlly, my roommate and I had to travel to Salt Lake City which is almost 6 hours of driving time. So, in all honesty it depends on the location, price, and ect. for me to want to go. Thanks for the poll.

  • Liz - 9 years ago

    Extra option: by them first pay day

  • Marsahll - 9 years ago

    They should a box for all the above...it all depends date of show and if i need to arrange for day off.....

  • Grimes - 9 years ago

    Well, I'm like most folks. I love music, I love concerts, however, the price that ends up being paid for a decent ticket is way out of reach. I want bands to make $, otherwise they can't provide for their families, and I know the venue makes $, and all of that. BUT, 175.00 for a Dream Theater ticket? Dude. I'll just catch the DVD.

  • Christina - 9 years ago

    Nickelback is my favorite band! I am a member of their fan club. I buy the pre-sale tickets. Other concerts I take my chances with Live Nation.

    I did recently take my son to his first concert for his birthday. I waited to late to buy tickets and I wanted awesome seats for his first concert so I purchased off Stub Hub and was pleasantly surprised with the whole process.

    I can't wait for Nickelback's 2012 tour.

  • Asrafel - 9 years ago

    My biggest dilemma answering this is that it varies entirely.
    Big shows like Mayhem'Fest or Avalanche Tour I try to pre-order; anything else, I generally have to wait a bit to ensure I can get time off of work, or make sure that it fits into my schedule, since I have to travel to get shows. Nothing comes closer than a 2-4 hour drive of my town, and for many tours (Like last years Alice Cooper/Rob Zombie/Murderdolls) no closer than a 9-12 hour drive.

  • Mark - 9 years ago

    If there is a local opener, buy from them! They offer tickets at a price you cannot get from ticketraper. They work hard to accomodate the fans (most will deliver).

  • Katie - 9 years ago

    It depends on the bands, venue and who is promoting it. I will buy the pre-sale tickets if it is a band I love and it is in an enclosed assigned seated venue. I like to be up front and center. If the show is all GA and promoted by the local radio stations, then I will wait till the last minute. I will try to win them first, or buy them off craigslist for cheap. I hate the service fees.

  • stephanie - 9 years ago

    Unless it's a massive event, I usually have to wait to ensure that I can get off work and arrange a petsitter if needed.

    And yeah, Ticketmaster rape usually means I don't bother getting tickets or going. I always have to drive an hour minimum now (usually 3-4), so yes, an additional $15-20 can be a breaking point... especially if I had to wait to get off work and now I don't have like three weeks to do the no-charge standard mail. I went to concerts a lot more when they were local enough (or I had connections) who could grab me a ticket at the venue.

    I do appreciate y'all polling us! Thanks!

  • nelson95 - 9 years ago

    1. If you went to both tool and bon jovi please go away loser

    2. Shows are the only way bands can make $$$ now due to illegal downloading so for this I support them

  • Marlon Kelsey - 9 years ago

    It was suggested to me that if you buy tickets the day of the show, that would be a great chance to score good seats because sometimes the promoter would release seating before the show based on the fact that someone cancelled on the guest list. If the show is General Admission, then it should not matter. I also prefer the box office of the venue the day of the show for the reason that some additional fees like ticketmasters bogus handling fee is waived.

  • Chris - 9 years ago

    Well what people fail to realize is that while the economy sucks, right now is the best time ever to wait till the day of the show and there are always tons of people and brokers trying to get rid of their tickets at the last moment for cost or below. It'll be this way till the economy can turn around. I saw Tool 2nd row pit for cost. Bon Jovi front row center for less than cost and many others that I purchased from desperate sellers on the day of show!!

  • Adam Stefanavage - 9 years ago

    Ticketmaster and Live Nation are nothing but a bunch of money grabbing bastards. Every customer should have a chance to purchase the ticket from the band themselves.We all have to pay some kind of fee everyday of our lives to some GREEDY AMERICAN CORPORATION . We all pay a fee as soon as our two feet hit the ground crawling out of bed everyday. Some suit & tie guy always running off with all the money. It's like legal drug dealing.

  • Frogger - 9 years ago

    I'm okay with a fan pre-sale if you don't have to pay yet more money to join the fan club. Otherwise, the price just keeps going up. Also, what's the idea with these bank presales like Citibank or Amex? So if I'm a fan and I want to have decent seats I have to have the right credit card? And then you get ticket brokers or scalpers going in early and getting most of the good seats which are then resold for two or three times the original price. It's too bad that Ticketmaster is the only option to buy tickets - even if you're purchasing directly from the venue, half the time the ticket allocation has already been done through Ticketmaster so you're stuck with whatever is left. And now people have the option to resell their tickets through Ticketmaster - they charge you a "convenience" fee to buy the tix and another "convenience" fee to sell them - what a scam! Sorry - had to vent there - my apologies but I feel much better now ;-)

  • PiercingMetal KP - 9 years ago

    I was happy to see the results showing a larger number of advance purchases because I hate finding the fans locked out by their not buying early. These days a lot of the Metal and Hard Rock shows are at smaller scale venues and hence less tickets open for sale. The interested audience members need to pay more attention to what is going on a little more.

  • Aaron E. - 9 years ago

    day of the show, because it's only $2-3 more and that's usually $10 less that getting the tickets early through one of the online retailers that have all their surcharges... getting their money-grubbing middle-man hands into everything. fuck them! the money for the tickets should be split between the band and the venue, not these vampire fucks like ticketbastard.
    1 ticket to a slayer show recently was $45, then there's all the fees that add up to about $12, so suddenly your $45 ticket is much closer to $60. if you see a fair few shows in a year, it makes sense to buy the tickets at the venue day of show.... unless it's going to sell out.

  • Muzikgod - 9 years ago

    The one thing that irks me the most is when concerts are announced and the tickets go on sale a few days later! Do the promoters think that we're rich? If a concert is announced and it's a few months away then imo the tickets don't need to go on sale right away. Let the fans save up some money so the rich people and scalpers don't buy up all the tickets, they aren't fans. It happens all the time here in Canada, ticket prices are sky high here as well. Cheap tickets can only be found in the US it seems.

  • Mike Oxlong - 9 years ago

    As a kid we used to camp out at the record store to get the best seats. Now they have wristbands or some other bs that doesn't make it worthwhile so I either buy online if it's at a big venue or if it's at the clubs where I prefer to see bands, I usually just buy at the door if I don't have a friend in one of the local opening acts who can get me in.

  • Rick - 9 years ago

    I usually don't go to most concerts (even for bands I really like) because I consider the prices to be ridiculous, and I'm not a lone. Something to think about if anyone who runs tours is reading this!

  • Kat - 9 years ago

    I only go to shows I REALLY HAVE to be at so I panic they'll sell out. I always seek out pre-sales or failing that I'm there at 8am on day of sale lol (unless it's festivals then it's whenever I can afford them and know who's playing!)

  • Mick - 9 years ago

    I always end up getting tickets a few weeks after they go on sale cus Im from ireland and when a band (REALLY FECKIN RARLEY) comes to ireland, it isn't advertised enough for me to find out haha!
    You should send more bands out to ireland, were all bat shit metal for our music!

  • kyle - 9 years ago

    The band has to be good if they blow then ill wait to see if someone gives me theres.

  • Steve - 9 years ago

    I'm usually day of the show ticket purchaser because I'm broke or trying to get off work or need a babysitter. So I usually don't know until day of if I'm going. I remember buying my tix at Sears. Back in the day

  • Dennis Hemmerechts - 9 years ago

    Might I add that I think it's a genious idea to ask these kinds of questions to your consumer's!!! I've been filling in these polls every week and I myself also find it very interesting to know what other people think/prefer/do/...

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