Who should win this food fight?


  • JL - 11 years ago

    I completely agree with Tony on this one - I've travelled the world, and have experienced a lot of other cultures & their cuisines... I have to say that yes, we are one of the only countries with fat poor people, and there's no excuse for it. I watched Paula's show ONCE, and turned it when I saw her pouring melted butter over fried chicken and laughing about it. That's pure crap, no doubt about it. It is a choice to eat like a pig or like a human - but as a taxpayer, I'm SICK of paying for these pigs' health problems. I'm extremely happy and proud to be an American, but am also embarrassed at how a lot of people eat. Oh and Paula - I cook almost every night, usually for less than $5 / plate, and all of my food is healthy & natural. So you can save the "I'm only a real person trying to help the poor" crap.

  • Justin Howard - 11 years ago

    Hilarious! Everything Bourdain says is to get a laugh. If you don't like his sense of humor don't pay attention to him. However, please notice that he doesn't poke fun at actual chefs on the Food network (Flay, Lagasse, and DeLaurentis, except for her exceptionally large forehead). I think it's great that people like Deen and Ray have become successful TV personalities based on their cooking, but they aren't chefs- they are people who cook.

  • Joe - 11 years ago

    Go Tony! she is irresponsible and a total phony. Its a fake accent and bad food. I am from the south, my family is from the south, and no one talks that way. she is full of fat, butter and crap and is not innocent at all. She promotes bad eating and bad health.No Reservations doesnt just showcase high end food. He mostly shows real poor people that are skinny and still happy. we are the only country with poor fat people and its Palu Dean and everyone like that is to blame. But Tony, come on man, they are just baiting you for publicity - so get back to your roots, man and bring some real food back to us. Also, have you noticed that all of Paula Deans fans cant spell? Fat fingers getting in the way or did your butter sweat make you lose traction on the keys?

  • becca - 11 years ago

    What about the massive quantities of alcoholic beverages Bourdain consumes per episode? Is this a healthy approach to travel and culinary adventure? And yes, he says he no longer smokes, at least on camera, but there were those may episodes when we couldn't help but wonder if he would set himself or the dwelling on fire! So, butter vs alcohol&tabacco? Pick your own poison.

  • lisa - 11 years ago

    I love Anthony Bourdain! My son and I so admire him, my son has embarked on a culinary career. Bourdain has lived a life and seen the world and shared it with travel and food fans for years. He's willing to try anything and is gracious and diplomatic when necessary. He doesn't feel the need to kiss up to anyone, otherwise. So maybe instead of getting up in arms maybe people should consider he's being perfectly honest and that's what it is that really bothers these people...Honesty.

  • Neil - 11 years ago

    Who in the hell is Anthony Bourdain? I have never even heard of this gentleman (and I use that term loosely) until now. I guess maybe that is the reason for his comments - to bring more
    attention to himself. He doesn't see very nice. I definitely won't be looking for his show even now that I've heard his name...oh wait...he's not on the Food Network anyway.

  • Jeanne - 11 years ago

    I'm somewhat disappointed in Mr. Bourdain's lack of manners. I honestly feel that if he doesn't like Paula's show then he should simply turn the channel. If he doesn't like her style of food then by all means he doesn't have to eat that food. I feel bad for Paula since this attack came out of nowhere and was so unprovoked. She actually makes lots of people happy just being her...that really shouldn't be a bad thing...it's better than trying to be something she's not. As far as the others he attacked...they all seem like nice people just making people happy being themselves and cooking in the styles that are familiar to them...they might not like "No Reservations" but are decent enough people not to try to bring attention to themselves by dissing others. Shame on Mr. Bourdain...you didn't need to stoop so low.

  • Susan - 11 years ago

    Anthony Bourdain shows his true lack of class by attacking Paula Deen & other food network chefs. Maybe the Food TV network knew what they were doing, by not having Bourdain in their line up.
    He comes across as an ANGRY, Bitter small man.

  • Cindy - 11 years ago

    I've never even heard of this Bourdain guy until this. I watch and love everyone he insulted. I'm a REAL person cooking in a REAL home and I don't care what pieces of paper you have hanging on your wall... I watch people who have good personalities and cook things I would cook at home. I HAVE been able to eat at fine restaurants and I do appreciate great food but I'm not going to cook that type food at my home for 4 kids! He thinks we care about who has what culinary education instead of who is entertaining and practical... bless his heart!

  • ulsterchef - 11 years ago

    Paula knows Chez Whiz and Crisco, enough said. She is the WWF of sports. The bumper cars of auto racing. Chef Bourdain is a Professional Chef.

  • Christine Adams - 11 years ago

    I've seen both shows. I enjoy Paula very much. She is a true southern lady from her cooking to her obvious southern accent. Considering I'm from the south, it's true we love our fried foods and gravy. Unhealty....sure, but our choice. I understand people are entitled to their own opinions, free speech and should be able to voice these things, However, maybe if Bourdain had used a little tact in his response he wouldn't be sounding like such an ass. Hang in there Paula. We Southern ladies appreciate you.

  • kapitan - 11 years ago

    I love this country. The world has gone to pot and we find issue with piggies. With great respect to the waffle swimming in butter and syrup-remember what makes this country truly great. The personal opinion. Tony is free to excrete his. Maybe he needs some tact lessons but damage done. Paula didn't seem that upset. After all there is no such thing as bad press. Cheers

  • transit - 11 years ago

    You all seem to forget how Bourdain worships the pigs (pork) in his episodes....Is that healthy? Lets get real here, Paula and Bourdain both have different cooking styles that appeal to a vast array of tastes and diets. Paula is outspoken and I would ask her to back off from my stove and Bourdain probably would not want to share the food off my stove because it would be too traditional for him. (But im sure he would raid my fridge of beer)

  • GPR - 11 years ago

    MY, MY PEOPLE! Looks like someone "peed" in a lot of cereal bowls this morning!

  • vic stevens - 11 years ago

    90% of the people on the "food network" cook crap. They are hired for their looks and fake smiles. The real chefs out there hate them. Sometimes certain things have to be said and if you can't take the comments then stay off television. I can't believe anyone would ever try the slop rachel retch cooks, or that idiot with the white spiked hair, what makes them cooks?
    they can boil water and the writers at food network give them receipes. their just empty headed robots.

  • Helen - 11 years ago

    Tony's right, he's telling the truth and that is not very popular. Obesity is a deadly disease and people like Paula are part of the problem. You can eat a healthy meal whether you have a lot of money or not, we should not be feeding our children the kind of food that she promotes. She's not "helping" anybody except herself.

  • Xtine - 11 years ago

    Paula Deen is one of the most dangerous people on television, period. She appears to have zero knowledge of health and nutrition; instead, she focuses on making food that, if eaten daily, would result in a significant increase in cholesterol, unstable glucose levels and massive weight gain. Her excuse regarding the price of steaks and wine on the part of Bourdain is incredibly misguided. She should focus on how to make appealing food that promotes health, not chronic diseases like obesity and diabetes for those who really can't afford to get sick. She and that other repulsive fatso - Ina Garten - should both have their television contracts terminated. When over half the US population is overweight or obese, do we really need butterpushers like Deen showing people how to poison themselves?

  • Anthony Bourdain - 11 years ago

    The grammar and spelling here is almost worse than Paula's cooking. Have you seen the size of the customers at Paula's restaurants? They are morbidly obese and greasier than the shitty food they are consuming.

    Paula obviously doesn't watch my show because much of the fare on it is extremely inexpensive. Expensive steaks and wine? That's Paula's way of diverting the attention away from where it belongs.

    Shame on you, Fatso!

    Baba Booey!

  • KJ - 11 years ago

    Who is Bourdain to be critical of anyones cooking as unhealthy? Every time I watch his show he's stuffing his face with Pork and other over the top creations... Add he smokes like a chimney so I'm at a loss as to why he'd worry about somebody else's cooking when he's clearly not worried about his habits

  • KJ - 11 years ago

    Who is Bourdain to be critical of anyones cooking as unhealthy? Every time I watch his show he's stuffing his face with Pork and other over the top creations... Add he smokes like a chimney so I'm at a loss as to why he'd worry about somebody else's cooking when he's clearly not worried about his habits

  • RABJ - 11 years ago

    As it's aid amongst PR professionals, any press is good press, even bad press. Now we are thinking about and talking about both of them...we might do some evaluating ourselves. That's what winning looks like for any t.v. personality, chefs or otherwise.

  • Marilynn - 11 years ago

    I have been thinking since this morning when I read the RUDE comments of Anthony Bourdain toward Paula Deen. I believe that I am older than both of them(have never met either one of them) and have learned respect from my parents, so it is just my opinion that Bourdain's obnoxious comments toward Paula Deen make me feel that he is rude, and he doesn't seem to have any respect for others. Obviously, again in my opinion,it seems to me that he wanted publicity - good or bad. So disappointed.

  • jojo - 11 years ago

    If you don't like someone, don't watch, if you don't like their food don't eat it. Either way this does not give another person the right to hurt and try to belittle someone else. It just makes them look small and hurtful.

  • DallasDeanFan - 11 years ago

    Ms. Dean, is a great heartwarming person who cooks great food. Mr. Bourdain's issue is with his former employer, aka The Food Channel, whom he apparently hates with a vengance, even though he got his professional tv debut there...

    To be sure he is a culinary expert... but he is a buffoon and a jacka$$... He is fake as fake can be even on his own show on the Travel Channel... if you listen to him speak in his narrative fashion over his own episodes, he displays a certain level of arrogance and willful ignorance of the countries he travels in to find new and interesting foods. He is the worst kind of chameleon...

  • Marlyce - 11 years ago

    I agree with Ralph, Paula Deen cook's for the everyday people and Bourdain all I have ever seen him do is Stuff his FACE with Food and expensive Wine.

  • CHERYL - 11 years ago

    well fokes its like this. who cares , it makes good tv. each part of the us has their own style of cooking. and every on has a right to like the food of their choice. the south has their own style of cooking and the north has every other style of cooking. i have traveled alot and i have found as many fat(oops-fluffy) people in the north as the south and in the west as in the east. as far as taste the south tends less to use all of the seasonings that the noethern or westeren areas use . and yes the south does use butter but not as much as the public is lead to believe. and you know what the flavor of the food comes through , you know what you are eating. so to each his or her own. let there be peace. eat and enjoy.

  • Ralph - 11 years ago

    I agree with Kat. Bourdain does nothing, but tell it how it is. I've seen both shows and you can't compare the two. Paula Deen's "economic-friendly" food and Anthony Bourdain's $65 prime rib. Look at Paula Deen's size vs Anthony Bourdain's. I'm sure if we all ate the way Paula Deen cooks, we'd increase the obesity problem in the United States, hundred-fold. Bourdain does his fair share of unhealthy cooking / eating, but it's not as bad. When you dive into Bourdain's life, you notice that his upbringing really taught him how to become a chef. It wasn't about "family traditions" or passed down recipes - not that passed down recipes are bad or anything - it's just her cooking really is atrocious. Easily settled with a blind taste test.

  • ann - 11 years ago

    I have eaten at Paula's resturants and thought it was really great food.....took me back to when I was a little girl and mama cooked all the fried chicken and biscuits and gravy....is Paula
    food considered healthy...NO but that doesn't make it "not good"! Eating healthy is a choice and while yes, we'd like to think everyone would eat healthy, sometimes you just have to have that really greasy peice of fried chicken or that bowl of homemade ice cream along with apple pie. I don't know Mr. Boudrain but I suspect he wasn't taught any manners......unflattering reflection on his up bringing.

  • PJ - 11 years ago

    At least when Paula cooks I can recognize the ingredients and it looks appetizing. I am a farm girl from Iowa and was raised on meat and tators not some fancy food that I wouldn't know where to buy much less how to cook.

  • el grooveo - 11 years ago

    I have eaten Ms. Deen's food at her restaurant.

    It is not good. Fried food under heat lamps is not what anyone would call healthy and
    there are ways to feed a family without serving them large amounts of toxic grease and butter.

    Kudos to Mr. Bourdain, whoever he is.

  • KatVan - 11 years ago

    Firstly, spell it right jerk. Secondly, Anthony Bourdain does nothing more than tell it like it is. Paula does make horrible food. It's greasy and disgusting and not fit for human consumption. No, I can't afford to have a 65.00 steak, nor a 350.00 dollar bottle of wine. I can't even afford to go out and eat fast food. So everything I make should be good for me. I love watching Anthony. Apparently even though a vast amount of people seem to get their little feelings hurt my him, he does try things that are low budget and bad for you (insert the instances where he has eaten Skyline Chili or fried chicken and waffles), he, just like I would hope any self respecting human would; prefers good food. So untwist yer knickers there Paula fans and have some green beans sans a pound of butter.

  • B Simons - 11 years ago

    I have to say, never hearing of the jurk bourdain. He has lost all respect from me in both the culinary field,and the gentleman field. I can only wonder if he is this imature while in his own kitchen.
    Keep up the good work Paula and friends. Dont look back cause he will most likley always
    be behind you in life.

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