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Posted 8 years.


  • Pete - 5 years ago

    OMG!!! Paula Deen is useless as are Sandra Lee, Rachael Fat@$$ and Giada deMoron !!! Who the F cares what they cook!??? They're arrogant losers. Wasting years on TV annoying the F out of most people is not a good thing! Rachael NEVER looks at the camera while cooking because she's on Xanax all the time, Sandra Lee is self-conscious about her DDD boobs and hides them under baggy shirts, while Giada is more concerned about memorizing the next Cheer Routine and practicing her over the top smile than actually making good food! Anyone who doesn't see this is a nut job and you can KMA!

  • Mae - 6 years ago

    I have cooked several of Paula's dishes and family and friends alike have enjoyed them. Keep your chin up paula you are a good person.

  • damned yankee - 7 years ago

    Kudos to Mr. Coffey; I am glad you posted. I guess the above poll and comments posted are evidence of why we have an obesity (as well as stupidity) epidemic in this country. I doubt Mr. Bourdain's smoking is any worse, and in fact is less of a health hazard than the food Paula Deen prepares and peddles ;)

  • Clara - 8 years ago

    When I see Anthony's show on tv I pass it by. He is so out of it. Paula is more in the real world and we all need MORE BUTTER.

  • Deb - 8 years ago

    Bourdain's career may be cooking, but his marketing method has always been his blowhard behavior. Just like Howard Stern, Rush Limbaugh, or so many rock stars, the foul-mouthed, juvenile, self-satisfied attitude justifies criticizing anyone and everyone else without a hint of humility. Paula Deen's cooking reflects a combination of my own grandmother's farm cooking style and low country cooking. Both traditions pre-dated our understanding of the health issues we know are associated with saturated fats in these foods. But I eat healthy food, and own a Paula Deen cookbook, not because I eat like that every day, but because she has a handle on hospitality and tradition, and how to make food delicious --- and those recipes are adaptable. I'm on a tight budget, as are more and more of Americans, and we can't begin to fix most of what the foodie chefs prepare. I'm so glad for Mark Bittman's crusade for better food policy --- he's smart and a gentleman. As for Anthony Bourdain? He can take his smarmy attitude and stuff it in his Cuisinart. A little indulgent cooking from time to time is no sin. And I'd love to take a trip to Savannah, just once, to enjoy her family's hospitality.

  • John Merrill - 8 years ago

    anthony is clearly still doing blow and sucking dick.......id be pissed too

  • Chris - 8 years ago

    Tony is at the peak of his craft, Paula is a chunk of a southern pie maker. Tony's comments are on point! America is fat, and whats not needed is someone in the public eye to shovel calorie laden junk down the gullets of an already obese nation. Paula should go back to hawking her twinkies at state fairs to people with 12 toes!



  • Vicky - 8 years ago

    I just don't understand why they can't just grow up and go on with life!!! There are SO MANY other things they can use their energy on, instead of spewing venom!!!

  • Belinda - 8 years ago

    It's probably all for ratings anyway. Alton Brown dissed the guy who does Food Nation, he responded and then it died. It's like Food Network vs. Travel Channel(both boring). Ratings have to come from somewhere why not have an occasional feud.

  • Jim Coffey - 8 years ago

    mea culpa - "It is both his reminiscence..." - embarrassing

  • Jim Coffey - 8 years ago

    CindyAnn - no, I'm not Tony Bourdain. I, also, know, appreciate and insist upon manners for myself, my children and, somewhat less successfully, my coworkers. However, one must understand the role of Anthony Bourdain - that is, what brought him to prominence (such as he has within the food/restaurant world). It is his both his reminiscence and brutal frankness, which is, as he will be the first to state, no more than his opinion. Many in the food world, including a very large percentage of actual current and former restaurant workers (myself included) appreciate his frankness and POV.
    Additionally, as he states in a couple of the various articles regarding this exchange, he was asked specifically his opinion of the cooks on FN, a position well known to anyone that follows the subject. So he should what? - lie, which would be obvious to anyone that knows him? Simply not answer? - an option, but one that goes against the grain of what he is known (and appreciated) for? Tell the truth? - which brings us to where we are now.

    As to the grammar police - yes, I have an expectation that people that write comments know how to actually write and spell. How elitist of me.

  • CindyAnn - 8 years ago

    Is Jim really Anthony? I don't watch his show, I don't watch Paula's show. I do however know what manners are and what is appropriate to say, apparently Anthony does not, there is NO excuse for being that rude to people you do not know, END OF STORY! Please cut that grammar police too Jim..sigh.

  • Jim Coffey - 8 years ago

    april - Funny, you join an earlier poster in writing "BOREdain" and then go on to say that, as a result of the "word vomit" you will no longer be watching the show. So, apparently on one hand you think him "BORE"ing and in the next breath admit that you and your friends watch the show. So either he's not that boring or you don't regularly watch the show. Additionally, if you know anything about Bourdain, you know that the criticisms of these cooking personalities are nothing new and you know why. So, apparently you don't know anything about him. Thus you comment about people you know nothing about.
    And, just out of curiosity, why do you believe him to be egotistical and pompas(sic)?(do you mean pompous?)

  • April - 8 years ago

    Maybe losing only 1 veiwer doesn't make that mush of a difference , but after this "word vomit" mr BOREdain spewed out of his egotistical mouth, I and most of my friends will no longer be watching his pompas ass!

  • Jim Coffey - 8 years ago

    @Janice - you do realize don't you that Bourdain hasn't been on the Food Network (FN) in almost a decade? Don't you? His criticism of Deen, Ray, et al is nothing new. It is in large part why he left FN - because of what he saw as the direction of the network under the new network president.

    @Steve - I imagine that the sponsors of No Reservations know exactly what they were getting into when they signed on to sponsor his show. His critiques of the "cooking personalities" of FN is nothing new, in fact he has actually chilled a little over the years.

    @Paula - Bourdain hasn't smoked in years - not since his child was born.

    After reading four different articles regarding this exchange a little more context comes in. Apparently he was specifically asked who he thought the worst cooks on FN were - he answered. Blunt? Certainly Rude? eh - to some. True? I think so. Surprising? Not for a second. Just my .02

  • Mark Youravich - 8 years ago

    I can really see where Anthony Bourdain is coming from. He has been on the front line of the restaurant industry for his entire career. Paula, and the other celebrities on food network are just that, a celebrity. Who entertains on tape while her staff cooks behind the scenes are actually cooking the food

  • James Ponder Jr. - 8 years ago

    I am from Atlanta,Ga. but I live in Pleasant Hill,Ca. I am a cook like Paula because that is the way we cook in the south and we eat our good food to, When I go home to Atlanta,Ga I always go to Savannah,Ga to eat at Paula Deen's The Lady and Sons Restaurant and let me tell you the food there is so very" very" good you will want to come back for more smile, So I will say to Anthony Bourdain's Please go to Paula Deen's Home or Restaurant and eat and if you don't like the good food there, All I can say is you are sick :)

  • Annyk - 8 years ago

    I don't know the reason, but for years Anthony has been so vicious against Sandra. He should be ashamed of himself. I haven't watched him for years. Without a doubt he's the most egotistical man on TV

  • Paula - 8 years ago

    I like Tony and Paula..why is he so worried about cholesterol when he smokes like a freight train?I say just stop blasting each other and be who you are and stop this trash talk.

  • Mike - 8 years ago

    Paula Dean is my least favorite cook on the food network. I find here so boring and her food completely lame. Tony's the man and I like his show. I am not sure why he has a problem with Guy though.

  • Gerda iannasi - 8 years ago

    I have been to Paula Deans Restaurant in Savannah, Ga and I can tell you that it was one of
    the worst meals I've ever had. Shoney's is much better, as it goes for southern type foood than Paula's. Sorry but it had to be said! Even the Bloody Mary was awfull! I love mashed potatoes and hers were uneatible, Sorry Paula I was greatly disappointed by your food.

  • Janice Greene - 8 years ago

    I love Paula and watch her show every chance I can. I have been to her restaurant 2 times when passing through Savannah, Georgia. And I also went to Uncle Bubba's restaurant. Food was great. I never watch Anthony Bourdain. You can just go ahead and take him off of the Food Network as far as I am concerned. You Go Paula. BUTTER RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cristi Farrell - 8 years ago

    The author of the article is spot on. [If that is all that she said,] Deen completely misses the mark and instead criticizes Bourdain's personality. I could be the nicest person in the world but how appropriate is it to fill my family full of fat and cholesterol (because apparently that's the most affordable option out there according to Deen)? Bourdain's show has nothing to do with his restaurants and everything to do with the world beyond McDonald's, pound cakes, and pigs in a blanket. I.heart.Bourdain for not being the run-of-the-mill commercial sellout on television that hocks cookbooks, products, and ear-to-ear smiles.

  • Steve Adams - 8 years ago

    Apparently Mr. BOREdain thinks he has too many viewers. I can take a hint. I am happy to help him "thin the herd"! I pity his unlucky sponsors. I doubt that they signed on for this negative publicity. I mean, who wants to pay good money to sponsor someone, who goes out of their way, to alienate a portion of the sponsor's clientele?

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