What is the most iconic symbol of Duquesne, Pa?

  • Paula Niedoba - 10 years ago

    The one icon that seems to be unique is the High School. I agree that the steel mills built the city but they did so for many cities in Western PA. All hail Duquesne High....it's still there, but it's days are probably numbered. Visited Duquesne a few weeks ago and wish I hadn't.

  • Barry Long - 10 years ago

    The Steel Mills were the tax base for the city,the benefactor of the library,the main employer,& when they left,the town slowly died. What we visit is the corpse. When I last left I made the Sign of the Cross as one does when leaving Malloy's Funeral Home after paying respects to an old friend.

  • Fran Z - 10 years ago

    Like Vicky said, this was hard. Although I did not live in Duquesne, my mother's family was from there and my uncles had businesses there. When we went to Kennywood, I was always fascinated by the Carnegie Library; what a beautiful building. But I voted for the steel mills as my great grandfather, grandfather and uncles worked in them and I can never forget how the sky lit up at night from the blast furnaces. I thought it was awesome.

  • Vicky - 10 years ago

    This was difficult to answer - all evoke memories of Duquesne, except for the post office. Another would be Gallagher's Drug Store - who didn't hang out there! And Butler's was another great hang out place. So sad to see our beautiful Duquesne now. How did we ever let it get to this?

  • Jack Schalk - 10 years ago

    It was a tough decision as they all speak "Duquesne" but I have an affinty for the War Memorial.
    The brick streets, especially Center St, have always came back in my reminiscenses,

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