What do you think about shop aprons?


  • Max Shaver Jr. - 9 years ago

    I have a apron that my wife made for me. I mentioned that I should get, and use an apron, to my wife. She asked me what length, where I would like pockets, ect. She disappeared to her sewing room, and about an hr later she came out with a knee lenth apronn made from heavy weight denim, complete with ajustable neck strap, waist ties, and several pockets, just where I said I wanted them. She had even embroidered my name on the chest !

  • David Rannings - 9 years ago

    I always wear an apron while in the shop. I also have a wood whisper apron that I love...Thanks Guys

  • Frank Speyerer - 9 years ago

    I always wear an apron while in th shop. But like Dave, I don't carry tools in my apron. The apron keeps my clothes clean for when I leave the shop and come inside.

  • Todd A. - 9 years ago

    I actually use an old lab coat, from college in the 1970s. I put it on when doing something that's going to spew sawdust all over my clothes - otherwise, it's hanging on a hook in my shop.

  • Paul - 12 years ago

    Well, I might just invest in one. A thick loose leather one. I have just been discharged from hospital where I was an in-patient having a piece of steel removed from my thigh under general anaesthesia. The steel shot off a wedge I was driving it into a log to I wanted to split. I thought jeans would offer enough protection but the offending steel passed through the material of the jeans and both leaves of the pocket material before entering deeply into my thigh. Too deep to have the emergency room doctor pull it out under a local. I guess I was lucky - a few inches to the right and my surgeon would have been a urologist rather than an orthopaedic surgeon. Take care!

  • Dave Bruggeman - 12 years ago

    I wear one,but it doesnt hold any tools,its just to keep the glue off my pants and fine sawdust off of all my clothes.

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