Do you support your Sunnah Iranian brethren against the Rafidi-Safawi regime of Iran?

Posted 7 years.


  • Romana - 1 year ago

    My brothers & sisters Ahle Sunnat of Iran, we are proud of you.Shia Rafizi is a cancer for Muslims & Islam since last 1400 years.khumeni bulldoze 300 mosques in Tehran in 1979.I salute the Ahlesunnat of Iran for their courage to oppose shiazim.I pray for shuhada who killed by shia regime. We are the daughters of Ahlesunnat , with our ulama & our brothers to play role in this war against shiaizm.Allah subhanahu wa tala accept ur sacrifice's.Ameen

  • Ahmed - 3 years ago

    All the material on this site is fake and full of lies and based on manipulation of facts. The sole purpose of this site is propaganda and propagation of hate against shia muslims and Islamic Republic of Iran. This site is certainly estabilshed by anti muslim zionist and wahabis who recently killed thousands of pilgrims in Makkah in Crane Incident and Minna Stampede and even did not returned the dead bodies of shaheed pilgrims to their countries as yet. and behaved their dead bodies like animals.

  • A muslim - 4 years ago

    There is nothing called Wahabi! Muhammed ibn Abdulwahab was a sheikh that fixed the believes of the ummah. At his time, the ummah was full of innovators in religion and full of people who made shirk with tombs, and all he did was fix the believes to the original Islam; to total Tawheed for Allah only! And you rafidi tomb worshippers are worse than pagan arabs who used to call upon Allah at near death situations!
    Refer to the Quran and you'll find it full of ayat of tawheed for Allah ONLY! Not tawheed for imamah as your rabbis explain it!

  • Putro - 4 years ago

    Is this a sunni (ahlussunnah wal jama'ah - i.e. Hanafi, Maliki, Shafi'i or Hambali school)? or this is a group that have salary/wahaby orientation. If you are the latest please don't call yourself sunni - name yourself as salafy/wahabi (non sunni). As this sect in most of muslim countries is considered as a deviated sect from the core teaching of Rasulullah Muhammad ﷺ that follow ibn Abdul Wahab or ibn Taymiyyah and have left Imamul arbs'a. If you are sunni (non salary/wahabi) then I am in support of you otherwise may Allah ﷻ guides you to the straight path and also for those shia who oppress you.

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