How do you rate the role of the media in the Anna Hazare movement?

  • Deepshikha - 11 years ago

    Media and politics both share open and concealed' handshakes' and, by that i mean they share advantages and disadvantages in equal measure. They are no different from us, for they evolve from within the same social and economic framework that makes me and you- so to say the 'common man'- the good man, corrupt man....
    Media therefore should not be blamed alone; all other professions are suppose to work on the same principles as those laid for journalism. Since all have fallen prey to prejudices, economic and political both. It is unjust if only Media bears the limelight.
    Politicians have largely been unjust and rant often about objectivity- something to which they have rarely shown any affection post independence, so have the judiciary, and in line falls the elitist bureaucracy.
    We are rotting in system as a whole: Not only are we poor in executing fair-play but our sense of justice is corrupted too . Therefore though Media should be speculated, so should the aforementioned. For Media is the reflection of the society it caters to. But it can blindfold those who are untouched to politics of economy. Yet they should not be the only ones to be blamed.
    When a common man protests peacefully, they are said to endanger the democracy. When they call politicians corrupt and point at their inabilities, it is called breach of privilege. So since the debate has always been among the so called intellectuals of our country, blaming one would be always be considered unfair.

  • Nerus - 11 years ago

    What's the difference between options (b) and (c)?

    To me, they are identical. If you go overboard, you lack balance.

    If you add (b) and (c) together, you'll see that its the overwhelming leader in the poll.

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