Should 'The GIMP' Be Renamed?


  • liana - 3 years ago

    nice one

  • Lis Zcgsedt - 4 years ago

    Uh, a small addendum: I read that it "might offend" or "might be offensive to" someone. Leaving aside poor nerve if such person for now (how can he or she even live?) ... is there anyone really harmed with how a piece of SW is commonly abbreviated? Has anyone with background in the humanities suddenly suffered PTSD after 20 years that GIMP has been around and is near death? Or is us just a "just in case, no one must feel bad about nothing" within the current PC culture?

  • Lis Zcgsedt - 4 years ago

    This is a headbanger, really. Who can ever be such a retard to judge free software based on its name instead of its reputation? How can a country (yes, the US) be so fucked up that a company is worried about being sued because of a piece of software? What will you say when they come for more (even time, hard work, responsibility and nuclear family can now be considered offensive white supremacists Nazi things)? Where is the point, if indeed any such point there is, where you erect a finger in response and stand your ground?

    He who seeks an offense, will always find some. You should grow a bloody pair.

  • Chris - 7 years ago

    Contrary to what Griatch thinks, it has always been called "THE Gimp" - I have been following it since its beginnings, so don't spread fog. See the book "Grokking THE Gimp". Get an early version and click on 'Help --> About' and you will see 'THE Gimp'. The 'The' is part of the name - unless they changed it somewhere between version 2.2 and 2.8.

    I have always found the THE GIMP the most idiotic of all names out there - not because of the GIMP, but because of the THE. It makes talking about it sound so idiotic, as if one is really brain-damaged: Take this hypothetic example: "The developers of the The Gimp software have released yet another version...". 'the The' idiotic is that?

    Or, for an example that has actually happened to me: you do something that causes and error dialog. The dialog's title is: "The Gimp message". If the software was called "Photoshop", the title would read "Photoshop message", which everybody understands. If it were called "X" it would be "X message" - but no, for the IDIOTS who named it, it MUST be 'THE Gimp', so for the past ten years or so I have been getting errors with title "The Gimp message" - how incredibly idiotic is that?

  • Ali - 9 years ago

    It frustrates me every time someone at work wants to buy PhotoShop. I know no typical business user is happy using software with such a stupid/offensive sounding name. It has connotataions of both sexual fetishes and disabilities.

    Firefox would never have taken off the way it did if it was still called "Mozilla". Names are important. Anyone who actually wants to see increased adoption of GIMP in English speaking countries should be hassling the developers non-stop to change the name.

    Like the first poster, I have no idea why this is still a "thing". I still recommend GIMP to people occasionally, but they get embarrassed about the name, despite the software itself being quite exceptional.

  • Steve Kelem - 9 years ago

    As John Oliver would say, "Why is this still a thing?" The term GIMP is offensive. It would have been fixed by now if it were a racial, ethnic, or religious epithet. GIMP is an epithet for a handicapped person. It's offensive. As someone who tries to promote open software, it's embarrassing when I try to promote GIMP. Technically, it's great, but the name is a big hurdle for most normal people, the same as if it were a racial, ethic, or religious epithet.

    The name should be changed to something non-offensive. Gnu IMP or Gnu Image would be good names for it. People would migrate easily. The new name would be refreshing. The software would get many users, and companies could use it without having to worry about being sued for harassment or insensitivity. If I were a manager, I wouldn't open up my company to the possibility of a lawsuit by suggesting that "gimp" be used instead of any other commercial software! Companies & universities have been sued for harassment for employees/students posting lewd pictures. I wouldn't want my company to be a test case for harassment suit by a handicapped person.

    (Similarly, from a cute but bad name for open source software point-of view,, the name "subversion", in part, led to the (baseless) conviction and 8-year prison sentence for Sergey Aleynikov.) Names matter and have an effect beyond the "ha ha, look at the not-to-subtle joke we played when we named this software".

    In conclusion, the name gimp should be fixed to something non-offensive.

  • Styles of 2013 - 11 years ago

    I say keep it GIMP; hate change for the sake of change. Besides, I don't want to change Wilber with an IMP

  • Web development - 11 years ago

    agree rename it to Gnu Super Photoshop-Owning Tool

  • News Urdu - 11 years ago

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  • Pieter Walkman - 11 years ago

    Yes. PhotoEditor is more simple, but everyone can understand what it is..

  • angel - 11 years ago

    It could be renamed, yet still remain GIMP.
    Let's rename it Gimpire or PhotoGimp :)

  • Ben - 11 years ago

    I voted "yes."
    Nobody who doesn't care about linux or opensource software knows what GIMP is, is just sounds like a stupid name. And if you know the acronym, GNU Image Manipulator Program (i think) it is long, ugly and needs to be fixed.
    Just call it ImageStudio or GnuImage or some name that makes sense and forget the acronym!

  • JaKi - 11 years ago

    I voted for NO. "GIMP" is a well known name for this application and in other languages than English there seems to be no problem with that name. For me, German, "GIMP" always sounds like "Gimpel" which is a cute colorful bird and I always thought it might has something to do with it. I use GIMP since version 1 and I have to admit I never associated it with something offending...

    "PIMP" would be much more offending IMHO - sounds much too sexual, in German "pimpern" is "fucking", very vulgar.
    IF a change would be necessary I'd accept "GIMPP" with an additional P for Pixel...
    BTW: "gimp" (or in German "gimpen") is also used as verb now, much like "to google" and "to photoshop" ...

  • still - 11 years ago

    Gnu Image Manipulation Program- GIMP, if you have issues with that acronym even if you are disabled in one way or another, seek help. It's not a derogatory reference.

    Mik posted -
    SPIC KIKE DAGO GOOK HEBE NAZI NIG CHOLO and my all time favorite, CRIPPLE (or CRIP for short)

    All terms, not acronyms, for names meant in invoke anger or pain. Thats got nothign to do with the GIMP program.

    Using advertising as an example was idiotic. Advertising is about lying and deception, linux is about freedom and open source. Music would be a better comparison, take KORN or Led Zeppelin or example, the names alone were terrible, but the music is what made the name.

    GIMP is fine with the name, its what it is that counts and if people dont use it because they like burning $500-2000 hey thats their stupidity.

  • Mike - 11 years ago

    As a person with a physical disability/mobility impairment/wheelchair user, I've got to say that I've found the name GIMP offensive for many years. In place of GIMP I have some suggestions:

    SPIC KIKE DAGO GOOK HEBE NAZI NIG CHOLO and my all time favorite, CRIPPLE (or CRIP for short)

    All nice short acronyms and all offensive in English speaking countries.

    You can say that "they're just letters of the alphabet", but don't string some of these letters into the words and go yelling them down the street.

  • CKHulk - 11 years ago

    Rename it to "Gnu Super Photoshop-Owning Tool".

  • MikeW - 11 years ago

    Gimp definitely needs a new name. The software is excellent, I've used it for four years or so and it's a great free alternative to Photoshop without a weighty price tag.... but I don't want to tell my Mum she should be using a GIMP to crop her holiday pics. GIMP won't get wider adoption without it. Existing GIMP fans will follow a rebadged product because its top notch software.

  • Supun - 11 years ago

    I voted 'Yes' because most people like to see a thing new. So that GIMPs name would be changed, but with a mean like present name GIMP..

  • Griatch - 12 years ago

    No. It was never called "The Gimp" anyway. It's GIMP - the Gnu Image Manipulation Program, a perfectly fine name. This poll is academical anyway - this is not a popularity contest. Unless you can convince all lead devs (you know the people actually spending their free time to do actual work?) to change a name that has been serving the project well for 16 years and counting, this is never going to happen.

    If you don't like it - well fork your own branch of the code and rename your distribution whatever snazzy name you want. Welcome to the world of open source.

  • FUN - 13 years ago

    I voted 'yes' because, as someone said, "GNU / Linux apps often have a strange name" and The Gimp is not an exception.
    French people (for example) never know how to say it ("jimp" or "guimp" or "geemp") and it's time to find a name which will "sell" the program to a wider range of users.
    My suggestion : a real, international, word like "Impala", which would link to the first name and would permit some ideas for logo, presentation, and so on. And the Gnu is not very far of the Impala! :-)

    FUN, from Paris

  • Courtney - 13 years ago

    I would love to see a new name. Even something as simple as Gnu IMP, which is sort of adorable. I really doubt that it would make a large difference in the long run. So a few people who credit the software will (possibly, should they choose to) end up rewriting a few lines of HTML. Bah humbug to all those who fear change!

  • Emrah Akın - 13 years ago

    I vote "YEEEESS"

  • cirovladimir - 13 years ago

    I didn't even know that the word gimp was related to sadomasochism until I read this article.

    Long live the GIMP!

    Cheers from Mexico!

  • Tom - 13 years ago

    I like "The GiMP" and I don't want a streamlined fancy name for such an amazing application that saved my days for so long. So I bring out the GiMP every day to do my work. Keep it!

  • Wayne Lloyd - 13 years ago

    I got laughed at today and very embarrassed, when I advised a girl colleague at work to download and install GIMP as a replacement for an Photoshop.

  • Lummie - 13 years ago

    I'd just shorten to imp. Silent g. Lots of cute potential for the logo. And they get to keep the image manipulation program.

  • kesken88 - 13 years ago

    Yes - it is a shame the acronym shares the reference, but if my name was Duane Ivan Charles Kingston, i wouldnt go by my initials....

    My vote is alter the name to "Gnu IMP"

  • Sam - 13 years ago

    Yes. Open Source standards should be higher

  • Bert - 13 years ago

    Gimp is a household name of a very powerful program, so changing its name would be bad PR. In addition, the name reflects the important fact that it is free software, and so its name should be maintained.

  • PabloRD - 13 years ago

    Claro que votei em não. O que há de errado com a palavra Gimp? Estranho é dar substantivos como nome aos programas.

  • eep - 13 years ago

    If you change the name, then you force everyone who ever created a website, video, article, or other promotion of the GIMP to to rework their website, etc. And there are hundreds. There would have to be a (formerly known as GIMP) aside for how long? Until people get used to the name change? How long will that be? BTW, if you look up the word gimp, it has many useful, technical uses as well as the offensive. Gimp- another good English word destroyed by slang usage.

  • Belle - 13 years ago

    I voted yes. Gimp is a derogatory term which people could find offensive.

    I should also find out that some might find casual use of the word "pimp" to be offensive, particularly sex workers who work for a house or organise their own clients who are often frustrated by misconceptions of the industry.

  • anu - 13 years ago

    I wvote PIMP.. lol well any name that doesn't also sound like an offense.
    GIMP just doesn't sound professional.

  • confickerworm - 13 years ago

    I think much better than before the name change would be a mistake ...

    Remember, do not visit my site (!)...

  • Nathan - 13 years ago

    I voted yes, but I don't care too much about it.
    A name is an easy thing to change! Just change it, and people will stop complaining. End of story.

  • mt - 13 years ago

    Try installing a package called GIMP in a high school full of adolescents - not good!

  • custard_py - 13 years ago


  • cm-t - 13 years ago

    Every time you use the word GiMP people make a facepalm because they see this interface in many windows, often bugged to get focus on it, hard to take in hand...
    I think there are more reasons to change the name than keeping
    But it is a need to determinate the way how to choose a new one.

  • Ajo Paul - 13 years ago

    No way! Gimp is one of the few desktop programs that has made the transition across platforms, and changing it would be a big fail! Don't fix which ain't broken,!

  • immysl - 13 years ago

    @shackra That photochimp name made me think of a slightly different, but more appropriate name. That would be 'Photochamp'.

  • evilwonders - 13 years ago

    I don't believe "GIMP" is a remotely interesting name for a piece of Software. It's just about brands, for instance, an iMac does not stands for "Intelligent Machine for Algorithms and Calculations", at least, not that I'm aware... it's just a brand. I supose that was a valid name when project started, but at this time, can (and probably must) be changed. I think the most of the people who defend the current name does it just because they got used to it...

  • Nikanth - 13 years ago

    May be a little..

  • Leonard - 13 years ago

    How about XIMP?

  • RC - 13 years ago

    Definitely "YES". The new name should contain the word "Pixel".

  • Dubreek - 13 years ago

    I voted NO, because for me, the name GIMP is fully assumed. "GNU Image Manipulation Program"... it's a fact. But, if i had to choose a new name for it, i'll call it "IGM" for "Industrial GNU & Magic" ! Why not?! Maybe Georges Lucas won't like this !!!? :-)

  • Anonymouse - 13 years ago

    The programme needs a different name. Not only the current one is offensive to some, which is enough for a change, but it's also unattractive. If more than an acronym can be done to make it better and cool, then let's do it.
    I just hope that the new name will be as good as the programme itself.

  • Akutaj - 13 years ago

    No! No! ... PIMP please !

    Pimp = someone who procures customers for whores (in England they call a pimp a ponce), arrange for sexual partners for others

    Most might want this ..Lols

  • Gilbert Dion - 13 years ago

    I speak French and until I checked in my dictionary a few minutes ago I had no idea what gimp meant. I figure many users around the world are not english speaking and just don't care about the meaning of gimp! In this poll, english speaking users will vote, so that is not fair for all the others (French, Italian, Spanish, Roumanian, whatever) who know the name and do not need it to be changed.

  • Brad - 13 years ago

    I vote PIMP!

  • Steve - 13 years ago

    @Matt, I think PIMP is a GREAT idea!
    "Gimped" is slang for limping or hobbling; hardly the mental picture you want for a professional application. And with the newer features, it's getting closer to a professional system (come on CMYK!).
    "Pimp" is slang for being the master of your domain and/or being decorated.
    You could change the logo to the Fedora's hat coloured purple (feather optional)

  • Lewis Cawte - 13 years ago

    @Bob - Div can be used like that, infact all words could, but you don't see HTML changing...

  • Matt - 13 years ago

    How about PIMP, Professional Image Manipulation Program?

  • Gump - 13 years ago

    The term "squaw" was in common use in this part of the US for a long time. It is a Native American word which translates to "cunt". As more people came to understand that the word is offensive to some, place names are being changed, "Squaw Bay" is now "Mawikwe Bay".

    To some people, the term "Gimp" is offensive, my guess is that whoever came up with the name was unaware of it's other meaning. Now we know. It sounds like the main reasons to keep it are "it doesn't offend me" or "it would be bad marketing" neither which strike me as good reasons to offend a vulnerable demographic.

  • FlamePad - 13 years ago

    Hmmm.... "Wilberforce"?

  • Dan - 13 years ago

    How about IMP?

  • Dave - 13 years ago

    Absolutely! Because Gimp is a synonym for cripple. And I knew that meaning for years, even though I am not a native english speaker. Of course all the geeks will say "but it's a recursive acronym!!!" But guess what... a normal user doesn't give a sh** about geek stuff and will associate the name with something negative.

  • Todd McCullough - 13 years ago

    I could mostly go either way on this. I voted no, although I think the name stinks.
    In the end - renaming the application would only set it back, and confuse people I think.

  • shackra - 13 years ago

    Mother of God!? Why it should change the name, I dont understand... what they want, call it "Photochimp"? come on :S

    I vote "NO"...

  • Shelby - 13 years ago

    It's a terrible name. But then again, most Linux apps are terribly named. :/

  • sverro - 13 years ago

    I voted "no", unless Gimp will become a qt app :D (Qimp)

  • Pipboy - 13 years ago

    No. It reflects its capabilities perfectly.

  • Bob - 13 years ago

    "Gimp" is a derogatory term in the. Check out Urban Dictionary and Pulp Fiction.

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