What do you think about incandescent light bulbs being phased out?

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  • tessa holland - 8 years ago

    Flourescent strip lights give me a migraine! Most low energy bulbs (the curly ones) are exactly the same technology.

    Why am I being forced to spend my life taking pills with uncomfortable side-effects for something so simple as light? Many people get headaches and sensitivity from these lights and it is obscene that their needs are being ignored for the sake of some questionable 'green-washing'.

  • John Peat - 8 years ago

    No, it's NOT "just a light bulb". It's a lot of light bulbs - over 50 in our small 3-bedroom house - plus a lot of light fittings which will now need to be expensively replaced because they have bulbs sticking out of them instead of being hidden in the shades (most smaller energy-savers are still bigger than what they replace).
    Added to that, they ARE more inconvenient to deal with when they break. Our local recycling centre is five miles away, and I rarely need to visit it, so making a special journey to dispose of a light bulb is ridiculous and wasteful.
    Also, banning frosted bulbs in favour of clear ones makes no scientific sense - they use the same amount of energy, but clear ones give a much harsher light and throw more shadows.
    Modern incandescent bulbs, incidentally, last much longer than 1000 hours - that's an old figure from many years ago.
    And by the way, colour temperature is measured in kelvins, not "degrees Kelvin".

  • Tony Innamorati - 8 years ago

    Energy saving bulbs! The biggest commercial con trick of all time, long lasting -absolute rubbish !
    I have bought various makes and they last no longer than tungsten bulbs & loose their brilliance very quickly and they are also hazardous waste which is another good reason to keep tungsten bulbs on the self. of course this EU directive would not have anything to do with the manufacturing plants been in the EU would it!

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