Please choose all the statements below about tattoos that you would agree with


  • frances - 12 years ago

    If I see a Greek with a lot of tattoes,I gain the knowledge that he has probably done some time. This is useful knowledge. If I see a non-Greek with loads of tattoes I just think "low-class moron."

  • Everett - 12 years ago

    My policy is to greet and receive all persons equally, no matter the outer appearance. Skin markings are an unreliable indicator of inner character, so I cannot form an accurate judgment about a person's suitability for friendship or employment based on them alone.
    My opinion is that a tattoo imprinted on the skin (usually) does not alter or harm someone's soul and inner worth, and tattoos serve to be harmless expressions or advertising.

    I may be skeptical or suspicious of an individual if I were to see a prominent flashy tattoo, but I should give everyone an equal opportunity to explain his/her true nature by patient conversation. However, if I see someone with a skull & crossbones or a 666 carved into the skin, I would suspect corruption and a tainted character, and I would be hesitant to approach that person. There is a blurred line between decency and immodesty. Before I came to salvation, I was contemplating getting a tattoo of flames running down my forearm, wrist and extending til my fingers. But now I realize the ludicrous pretentiousness of such a display.

    Unregenerate humans do not conform to divine propriety and perfection, and therefore their flawed understanding is prone to have erroneous and distorted conceptions about righteousness and appropriateness. So it's my duty to be mindful and courteous of that weakness, and only after interaction will I come to perceive and understand a person's 'true colors.' We ought to look beyond the exterior and make an attempt to weigh a soul's intentions. As Jesus said, "By your words you shall be justified, and by your words you shall be condemned."

  • Alan Brenville - 12 years ago

    Tattoos seem to suggest that the wearer is not happy with the body they were born with and that they feel this will enhance what they have in some obscure way.
    Also, as the marking is more or less with you for life it seems to suggest that the wearer feels they will never change their views about the actual tattoo chosen or the principle of tattooing in the future. Yet, we all change our views and (hopefully) grow mentally with the passage of time.
    Better to have a transfer and rub it off as and when your views change !!

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