Do you use spiral bound assignment books or 3-ring binders?

  • Kylie - 9 years ago

    I have used big fat 2 ring binders for years, 3 ring binders and thin binders are pretty rare in australia. I wish i could get my hands on a slimmer binder at an affordable price! I still love using binders because i can clip in whatever i want to clip in and i can change my assignment sheet template whenever i like. I also like them because the assignment sheet for that week is always sitting right at the front. No flicking through an assignment book to find the current assignment. They are so chunky but i don't clip sheet music into them so they don't need to sit on the piano. If i give out the rare piece of sheet music i copy it onto thicker card so it stands up alone.

    I just had a thought maybe i could buy thinner binders online.

  • Priscilla - 9 years ago

    I've been using spirals for younger students using Lesson bks and stenos for students in literature for years, but I am so interested in changing to 3-ring to cut down on writing. But I am concerned about the size. Well they actually open it to put on the piano? Do you use binders with a cover that folds back?

  • Angie Mock - 9 years ago

    I have used the 3 ring binder for years. I tried the steno pad... the spiral bound... and the journal style- but it seems I get more attention from the student/parents with the 3 ring binder.

    I create so much of my students music and work sheets and I place it (with page protectors) all in the binder and it is all neat and ready for practice.

    We clean out every 6 weeks and have them leave at home passed portions and we move on to new material. I do everything I can to help them learn to keep the notebook nice and clean and organized. I have learned that usually if I present this concept to the parent- and stress how important the notebook is for success... the kids get it too.

    I teach at my home studio and at one of our private schools. (my kids attend there as well.)
    The elementary kids are SO excited to get "THE PIANO BINDER" and book bag when they start lessons. It is like this special golden ticket to them! It is priceless!

    Thanks Susan for all of your creative ideas and worksheets.
    ~angie mock

  • Tami - 9 years ago

    I actually have mixed feelings on this because the advantages to both are almost equal as are the negatives in my mind. I was just pondering, ( last night), if I could put the spiral notebook IN a binder and still not make the binder too big and awkward? So your poll is timely for me as I am still trying to decide which I like or if I should combine the two. :o)

  • Carol Dawn - 9 years ago

    Sorry, Susan, don't use 3-ring binders but 2-ring (in the middle of A4 paper).
    I can't come up with a better system, but wish there were some sort of spiral binding available that made it easy to add and subtract pages at will.

    Thanks for sharing your wonderfully creative ideas!!

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