Are Laetitia Guilbaud’s artworks in Portobello too risqué for public display?

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Posted 8 years.


  • Marcus Macleod - 8 years ago

    I am amused and bemused that the Evening News believe that this "non-story" is more important to its readers than other major news, both in Scotland and around the world. Front page news? Really?
    I feel that the statistics show support, not for Laetitia Guilbaud or Braewell Gallery, but a vote against a very obviously contrived piece of journalism. I was not contacted for comment, neither were the involved parties at the council. The newspaper simply wanted to report the feelings of 3 residents, one of whom is a director in a political PR company.
    What makes this article more than just shameful journalism is using an image from the artist's website that does not even appear on the shop windows....but it does show more cleavage and its inclusion in the article suggests its inclusion in the project. Shoddy.
    Censorship by public consent is one thing. Censorship through other motivations is abhorent. These statistics reflect this.

  • Pauline Cook - 8 years ago

    Laetitia Guilbaud is a fantastic Glasgow-based artist and Scotland's communities should be supporting their local artists not criticising. Her work is fun, quirky, colourful and creative and adds a splash of life to an otherwise dull retail frontage. People referring to this as pornographic and not suitable for children should consider other means of media in society such as television, computer games, music videos and even publications and newspapers. Children today are very aware of sexuality and it is frankly ridiculous that wonderful original artistic work is debated in this manner.

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