What do you think of Sav and Ms. Oh as a couple on "Degrassi?"

  • Lilly - 9 years ago

    PLEASE DON'T LEAVE SAV!!!! Keep him on as Mrs.Oh's Boe!! (boe being boyfriend. Catchy, huh?)
    I love their relationship, they seem right! Please don't kick him off Degrassi have him come on every once and a while!!!! I love Sav. SO MUCH. Hes my favorite character! I would be torn if he didn't pop in and out of random episodes involving Mrs.Oh! Kind-of like how Spinner stayed around for Jane!
    Or how they brought Johnny back a little while Alli ran away. (Should've been in more episodes, if you ask me!) UGH I AM SO NOT READY FOR HIM TO GRADUATE!!!! :c!

  • Delise - 9 years ago

    I can't see how one can say they have nothing in common. I personally find them to be a breath of fresh air. And I adore them. Aside from the unconventional circumstances they work for me, and truly have a honest and pure chemistry. I'm sure it won't even in the favor of these two being together, but I hope Degrassi breaks the conventional norms here and gives us a happy ending for Sav and Winnie.

  • Kat - 9 years ago

    i dont really like it because usually when a couple kisses on degrassi such as Sean and Emma or Clare and Eli you usually say "aww!" or something like that but when they kissed it was kind of nothing to me. it wasnt wierd but it was kinda dumb just because they hav nothing in common and i cant see them datng eachother

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