Do You Think Chuck D Smiled As A Child?

  • Rashanii - 9 years ago

    I can't believe that Chuck D EVER smiled. I truly believe they patterned Action Hank from Dexter's Laboratory after Chuck D. Chuck is rugged!

  • Max. G - 9 years ago

    whats a chuck d

  • Mudslinger - 9 years ago

    Rod. You dont have to read this, but Chuck D was the rapper who made me lose my respect for most hiphop artists being quote-end-quote "real". He folded and let Professor Griff get kicked out of P. E., and look at them now. They are as irrelevant now as they would have been if they would have maintained their integrity. I dont even like Griff, but that was cold. Less integrity = Less money in the long run. After I reasearched, I found out that most of it But most of it was just a entertainment with no real desire to uplift oppressed peoples. I can't hate on them for makin that Steve Harvey money. It is what it is... Or was?

  • Corbin Macklin - 9 years ago

    I been following Chuck D for a while... and what made your comments about him extra hilarious is you are right... I saw a tweet recently about black kids not living up to their righteous names... like really? I gave up on ppl living up to being named Christian, Heaven, Angel or anything like that... this dude is talking bout Jamil and Kwame. He really might have come out the womb tryna #FightThePower lol

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