What would you like to see happen with the Freebie Flashes?


  • Angela - 12 years ago

    I like the free book listings. I don't read many book descriptions, but I do pay attention to "tags" that is always an option...

  • jennifer cline - 12 years ago

    i feel you do so much work already for your blog and really appreciate it.if i am interested in a free book on your list i will go to shop in kinle store from my home button as it is easier with word size etc.i read the overview there.cant see why people just cant do it themselves.please keep up the good work and the freebie list! thanks

  • Alice Welch - 12 years ago

    I take several other blogs that talk about things Kindle. The free ebook info is included in all of them so I wouldn't miss this info if you dropped it.

  • Sheryl Painter - 12 years ago

    I really appreciate knowing TTS is not blocked since my kindle reads to me every car trip and while I'm working at home.

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