Would Name would you prefer?


  • Alasan - 11 years ago

    The nane is Nioro Jattaba. it would be ungrateful to call it any other name, ask any of those who where present, how difficult it was before they can get the green light to settle in Kiang from Kabada. we are descendant of Kabada, for one reason or another we had to proceed and Jattaba was the only willing village to forgo land and accept neibouring with destroyers (cattle owners) of their farms.
    I say a big thankyou to Jattaba sanneh and touray kunda

  • Ballack Demba - 12 years ago

    There were different stories bout how Nioro was Found. One cannot be sure bout its origin. As youths, we have obligation to find the exact info. It is time we gather the pieces and form the pussle...Begin today, right Now!!!

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