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Microsoft will make Windows 8's file system look more like Office 2010. Which best describes your feelings about the software's Ribbon motif? (Poll Closed)

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  • Gustavo - 13 years ago

    If Microsoft People Ribbonize us, I'll feel like I'm doing my University's Work all the time :S What a shame.

  • Gustavo - 13 years ago

    If Microsoft People Ribbonize us, I'll feel like I'm doing my University's Work or my all the time :S What a shame.

  • Sugaku - 13 years ago

    I'm ok with Ribbon in Office. It really exposes functions in a way it makes sense - only because Office (Word, Excel, etc...) is so big and powerful. The same can't be said for other much smaller programs like Wordpad, Windows Live Photo Gallery, and now - Windows Explorer! The Ribbon might be good for office workers like me, but not some average home user...

    I remember how my mom was so lost in all the icons and labels in the Ribbon toolbar. She was only looking for "Reply" and it took her 5 minutes to locate the right tab within Windows Live Mail (the Message tab), then took her 2 minutes to locate the button. She was frustrated to no end while I kept on telling her the button is somewhere within the Ribbon bar.

  • AurĂ©lien - 13 years ago


    I think using the ribbon was quite an improvement for office, or paint, or windows live mail... For these software, you have now everything you would like to do under your hand whereas before you would not even know it was existing and if you knew it was quite paintful to find them.

    Nonetheless I would agree that in Windows Explorer, this is quite different. We don't need to have so many features available. I would rather keep the interface simple.

    But we will see! The best is anyway to try it and see if then we find it good. Maybe it will just be usefull for "dummy" users which do not use basic hotkeys for copy and paste for instance. And their are quite numerous, believe me! This would then be an improvement.

  • ryan - 13 years ago

    Seriously? You just get up from behind that rock? Yes, Microsoft started the ribbon. After *extensive* customer feedback and usability statistics. AUTODESK (ever hear of em ;) ) has followed suit and has instilled this into their products for the last FOUR cycles. I use ribbon-centered software every single day of my life for many, many applications.

    You're an idiot.

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