Do or would you work out at your university's gym?

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Posted 8 years.

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  • fuzzyatelin - 8 years ago

    I always use the university gym because of the cheap-if-not-free of it all, but I admit that the WORST is definitely being naked next to a student, especially in the shower (and most especially being recognizably gay and male and all that implies to straight undergrads). The first time it happened I freaked a bit, but I generally find that it's mainly awkward for them and that will pass after one or two averted-eyes moments in class (on the part of the student). Actually, by NOT freaking out over it and maintaining control of the situation, it probably lends you a little MORE authority in class (kindof like how the knife fight in Eastern Promises made Viggo Mortenson infinitely more bad-ass than had he been clothed - maintain that professorial demeanor in the buff and you're beyond golden).

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