What is your preferred name for the Black IPA beer style?


  • dunn - 11 years ago

    Yeah, most of the CDA proponents I've seen are from the great republic of Cascadia.

    San Diego - BIPA

  • Black IPA (BIPA) because that is how it is how it smells, tastes and is brewed.

    Great poll by the way!!


  • h4ck54w - 11 years ago

    I'd be interested to see how the votes lay out geographically. I bet there aren't many Non-CDA votes in Washington and Oregon. Or Pro-CDA votes in, say Colorado.
    You know, regional pride and all that.
    Location: Olympia
    Vote: CDA

  • h4ck54w - 11 years ago

    I did, probably a bad example.
    Or a very good example, depending on how you look at it.

  • dunn - 11 years ago

    and H4ck54w, IPA's weren't made IN India, they were made FOR India.

    But I'm sure you knew that... ;-)

  • dunn - 11 years ago

    BIPA because THAT's what it is!

    It's an IPA, that looks Black! Doesn't matter that the word Pale is in there, that part of the description has been abandoned long ago. Most IPA's aren't pale either.

  • H4ck54w - 11 years ago

    Your logic also says IPAs should only be used for beers actually produced in India...
    and Pils/Pilsners from Pilsen, Scotch Ales from Scotland, Irish reds from Ireland, ect
    Which we all know isn't the case.

  • Dan Olson - 11 years ago

    Cascadian Dark Ale should only be used for beers actually produced in Cascadia.

    It would be like calling Sparkling wine from Australia Champagne.

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