Has President Obama done a good job on the economy?

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  • Lou - 8 years ago

    President Obama has created a great deal of uncertainty. His increasing regulations on business, business owners lack of clearly understanding the impact of Obamacare on business, his desire to raise taxes, his job killing moritorium on drilling in the gulf and lifting it in words but not in actions, his radical NLRB selections that prevent thousands of jobs in the S.C. Boeing plant from occurring and his leadership style of constantly using blame, fear and intimadation all contribute to this high level of unemployment that we seem to be stuck with. This president has created instability through his actions.

  • Doug - 8 years ago

    In my opinion.....The president Obama is doing just about everything he can do for the country as a whole....but taking lots of hits from a divided congress and nation....I voted "I DON'T KNOW"if he's doing a good job on the economy because of all the no compromizing between the house and senate.....But I will say...Those other candidates running against him in the next election scare me to death.

  • HMG Pepple - 8 years ago


    Its been touch going for Obama but I think he can perform another geronimo magic for the US people. America should not let the world down. Support your President, guys.
    This negative and destructive politics played by the Republicans will only further aggravate the situation.

    American politicians have shown the world how selfish and irresponsible they can get to win cheap political points. I thought the people gave the points - how come their general good( and yes the good of America and by extension the world) is not taken into serious consideration.

    This same attitude brings poverty to the 3rd world and no surprise, the poor in American is a testament to this. If America votes Republican in the future, they'll be signing their own "death" warrant. As it has become clear - Republicans don't care!

    Support Obama folks. God bless USA.

  • SmittyPA - 8 years ago

    I think the president has pursued the right course but has not used the full power of his bully pulpit to take his policies right (past the GOP and) to the American people.

  • Raffy karamanian - 8 years ago

    Final outcome is what counts - despite his on-going efforts and dedication, numbers are not working to his advantage. It would have been difficult for anyone to do a great job on the economy, but we have heard enough of promises, blames, obstacles, etc.. It's time for results. After all the frustration, Anyone who does not formulate a quick and direct implication on the economy (similar to Mongolia) would be looked down on and be considered not doing a great job..

  • Lee Wheaton - 8 years ago

    Seems to me that the Republicans know exactly what they are doing. Destroying the nation in hopes of defeating Obama in 2012. Win-win for them even if Obama is re-elected. They take all of the nation's wealth and turn the U.S.A. into a third world nation where 90% of the population becomes a poverty underclass with no civil liberties. Sad that at any given moment, half or more of the population is so selfish and greedy that they support meglomaniacs like Bush and Perry.

  • William Sywak - 8 years ago

    Sort of. He has not done enough by far. He is a good example of how half-measures and inoffensive actions don't really work in circumstances such as the present. I voted yes because can you imagine what would not happen if we had a Perry in the White House? It's really time for bold measures and timidness is just going to grind things down more. What ever happened to Keynesian measures, modified of course. The simplistic and ignorant occupants of the Republican House never learned their economics. Amazing, how ignorance still reigns.

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