New rules at Bare Cove Park require dogs to be leashed from the car to the park gates, and for signs urging owners to pick up after their pets. Are these rules?

Posted 7 years.


  • Carolyn Kelliher - 7 years ago

    I have read the accounts of the Bare Cove Park Committee and its regulations in the Hingham Journal, Patriot Ledger and Globe South. Rather than thinking the committee is falling short, based on the numbers quoted, I think that they should feel they have done a very good job. The latest article stated 500-600 dogs use the park each day and yet in four years there have only been 23 reports of dogs being out of control. That seems quite impressive. I think it reflects very well on the committee, the dog walkers, and the other people including dog owners who have been using the park.

  • Steve Jones - 7 years ago

    I walk at Bare Cove frequently and have done so for over 30 years; from my experience, over this period, the number of out of control dogs have increased considerably. As a walker I often feel the need to be on guard which takes away from the relaxing nature of taking a hike. And too often, that vigilance is required since a dog will come running up to me with no owner in sight. Dog owners always think their dogs are friendly, but as a stranger I don't know that and would prefer that dogs be leashed at all times when walking in the park.

  • Jessica Foley - 7 years ago

    I think it's smart to have the leash rule - I really get annoyed when I'm trying to get my dog out of the car (or worse driving in our out) and there is a loose dog running.
    The rule re: picking up dog poop should not be 'urged', it should be mandatory. If the park isn't kept clean - eventually no dogs will be allowed!
    Also, if your dog is at inclined to attack or intimidate another dog - leash it!

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