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  • Steve - 8 years ago

    Maryland's new uniforms looks more like uniforms from a clown show than the colors of a highly respected school and sports team. Especially the helmet. The uniform itself if not too bad the helmet colors are a good bit out of the norm for a college team.

  • Harold Belt - 8 years ago

    To each, his own. I just hope that my BIG ORANGE VOLS don't get caught up in this "gawdy" fashion statement trend! So UGLY! The Vols look just fine the way they are...good ole Orange and White with the power "T". That's the only statement we need to make! GBO!

  • joey stone - 8 years ago

    the maryland idea is good but the execution is terrible. Maryland has a good motive behind this though. :-)

  • joey stone - 8 years ago

    oklahoma state looks half finished like it was rushed and due the next day.

  • joey stone - 8 years ago

    i hate the maryland uniforms cuz they are to mixed up. once u put that much colors into a uniform it turns out to look like its not matching. Georgia should add more white because it is starting to look like boise state. The name georgia should be on the front so people can see it. Usually, when someones on camera, u see their front not their back. Oregon's new uniform is just awesome with the neon green.

  • R. Gunn - 8 years ago

    People who do not like the new uniforms are not necessarily "haters" of the school wearing them! Actually many who deeply love the school just do not like the new uniforms. The survey question is about the uniforms - not which school you love or hate.

  • MJ - 8 years ago

    I would like to thank all the haters of the Maryland uniforms for taking the time to read about them, write about them in their comments and tweets, and just for generally keeping the buzz alive.

  • bdbasb - 8 years ago

    Not only do we have the best state flag, now we have have the best college football helmet as well. FEAR THE TURTLE!

  • Rossi46 - 8 years ago

    Maryland's uni were terrible, loved UGA helmets and hands down the Ducks looked awesome!

  • Mike - 8 years ago

    I voted for all of them. What a disgrace, especially for Georgia and Maryland. Someone should have stopped them from wearing those atrocities.

  • Thomas Desmond - 8 years ago

    Loved all the new uniforms. I am 70. Change is good

  • Infonomics - 8 years ago

    Trashy is the new vogue. Players talk trash, now they wear it.

  • R. Gunn - 8 years ago

    I am grateful for the opportunity to express how I feel about the new Nike uniforms being worn by some of the college football teams. To be perfectly honest, I've been terribly disappointed by them. Watching football for over 40 years I've seen many uniform, logo and mascot changes - some great, some fair, some not so good. However, so far all of the new Nike uniforms I think are horrible. I agree with the comments of Bill Boggers when he said they look "clownish". They look more like they belong in the Lingerie Football League...well maybe that isn't fair to the LFL.

  • Bill Boggess - 8 years ago

    Nike should be ashamed of what they are doing to college football. A team's traditional uniform (including helmet) is a part of their brand. Making a school's team where these clownish uniforms in high profile games is pathetic and indicates just how much the sport is now controlled by money. Will the schools have the guts to just say no in the future?

  • abcd - 8 years ago

    These uniforms were meant to do three things: (1) stir up conversation about maryland's program, (2) reinvigorate the Maryland citizens (and state gov't!) to get behind the state's flagship university and - most importantly - (3) appeal to high school football players who the Terps are recruiting. Whether you thought they looked good or bad, I dare anyone to argue anything other than the uni's being a rousing success on all three levels. On Twitter and Facebook, for instance, high school (and opposing college) football players are loving these uniforms. That kind of energy transformed Oregon. It can do the same to Maryland.

  • Steve - 8 years ago

    Loved them.....and I'm over 40....

  • matt - 8 years ago

    i am a sec fan. i thought oregon's uniform were cool. so cool i wanted them to win against lsu. so that says a lot. on the other hand marylands uniforms were just plain goofy. but if a uniform can have an effect on a game we should see it this year. when tennessee wore all black with orange numbers i believe they did pretty well...

  • W - 8 years ago

    I'd have selected GA uni's as the worst, but Monday night, Maryland out uglied them. Hiddeous. Even my kids (at 9, 7, & 3) thought they were crazy looking!

  • Paul - 8 years ago

    Great uniforms, I am not a fan of MD but these made for some excitement and State pride!

  • Markie - 8 years ago

    I didn't like the MD uniforms that much. I looks like they are playing a party gag and split two helmets and glued them back together. But the worst for me is the Georgia uniforms. They were okay with me until I noticed that they all have Georgia on the back, where their names used to be. So from behind the bench we just see Georgia Georgia Georgia...and many more. They really should remove the name. Might help the announcers though: "great kick by...Georgia. Another fumble by...Georgia. The punt was returned 45 yards by Georgia, after a pitch to Georgia from Georgia, and nearly fumbled by Georgia after a great leap over Georgia..." It's endless. Put their name on the jersey...or nothing.

  • Justin - 8 years ago

    I like the Maryland uniforms just not real sure with the helmets. I think the uniforms would look good with the turle shell designs and the stripe down the middle helmets.

  • matt - 8 years ago

    agreed, those maryland uniforms were great. cannot wait to see what they sport for their next game.

  • mark - 8 years ago

    This is exactly what Maryland & UA was looking for.....Young people will get it, not the geezers reading this site.

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