Should e-bikes be allowed on Toronto bike trails?

  • Cass - 8 years ago

    E-bikes are just fine on roads and trails, just stay off the sidewalks. As to "ALL" modes of transportation. and i Quote my dad when i was a child, "There is nothing wrong with the car, just the NUT holding the wheel!
    Enforce the rules for all bikes, speed, traffic rules and regulations.
    I own a e-bike and use it whenever i can, for work or pleasure. I am limited to walking due to health issues, i use my E-bike to enjoy the city sites. I am not confined to a wheelchair and i have a parking permit for my car to park in "handy cap" spots.
    The way it looks to me is " i can park at the parks but i am unable to use the park".

    Phil Cass
    E-bike owner

  • stig - 9 years ago

    E-bikes are fast and quiet, even safer than motor, E-bike is a trendy.

  • Curtis - 9 years ago

    I ride an ebike and use the bike lanes. Funny how it's usually the non-ebikers are the ones breaking every rule in the book. No lights, no bells, no helmets because hey- no law forcing you to. When you run a red light you won't be seen when you get hit. Yet I tolerate you slower bikers, I ring my bell when approaching and give you a wide berth. Its a pity you have to take on the rage of the 4-wheelers that hate us both.

  • Sean - 9 years ago

    Ebikes are fast and quiet.....and dangerous to cyclists and pedestrians. They should be considered motor vehicles.

  • David - 9 years ago

    e-bikes are allowed on sidewalks, as any bike with a wheel smaller than x (61cm?) is legally permitted. The intent was to allow children to ride on the sidewalk, but I have heard that vendors of e-bikes are advertising them as sidewalk compliant.

  • Jack - 9 years ago

    Bikes in general are not supposed to be on sidewalks. So it wold follow that ebikes should not be there as well. If you want to be safe while walking you should be going after all bicycles not just ebikes. A regular bike can be ridden at much faster speeds and generally do not have the braking power most ebikes have. Ebikes are required to have full lighting systems regular bikes do not require. Ebikes do have horns, though it is required for bikes to have them as well, I think you would be hard-pressed to find a bike with a bell or a horn.

    Oh yes silence is golden. Too bad there were not more silent modes of travel.

  • Jeff - 9 years ago

    I agree they should be kept off the bike trails. I run/roller-blade the paths frequently and there is already a fair amount of non-motorized traffic to deal with operating at various speeds which takes a fair amount of caution to navigate safely. Adding the element of e-motorized vehicles increases the risk and I certainly would not want to get hit by one of those suckers.
    My immediate thought when seeing these vehicles on the path was that most people are using the trails for excercise of some sort and that it was weird that people riding these things would even want to cruise the trails anyway. Seems to me that they are designed for short-distance roadway travel. I commend them for buying them and being eco-friendly, just think they should stick to using them on the road.

  • Ray - 9 years ago

    E-bikes have no place on recreational trails. Not only should they be kept off the trails, they also need to be kept off the sidewalks.

  • lily - 9 years ago

    I've almost been hit by one of these bikes while walking on the trails by the lake at the Humber Lakeshore campus. The driver also had the nerve to tell me that I wasn't following the rules of the road. Last I checked it wasn't a road and that area doesn't even have signs or lines dividing the lane for different uses. The fact remains that I was walking slowly and not a single person was around until suddenly this jerk with his silent bike suddenly comes up on me, nearly mowing me over and forces me to jump off the path.

  • Anthony - 9 years ago

    I've been almost hit 3 times by one of these bikes. Do they normally have bells? They sneak up on me since they are usually very quiet and cut right over without warning. It is very possible that those using the bikes are unaware of proper "trail riding etiquette" but the weight of on of these "monsters" would definitely hurt. I won't begin to comment on these bikes on the city streets.

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