What are Kate Gosselin's chances of finding a new job?


  • clickingtoe - 10 years ago

    Have EIGHT kids and then expect the world to throw you a pity party? Give me a break you foolish, selfish human being (same applies to Nadya Denise Doud-Suleman, Octomom). Because this is America, people have access to family planning and birth control - some other countries do not. The global population is too high...WTF? EIGHT KIDS!? I don't feel sorry for you one bit, your piss-poor decisions were completely unfair to your children and to the rest of us who have to deal with a rapidly growing population which is stressing food, water and natural resources on this planet.

  • Kevin - 11 years ago

    She will expect any employer to accommodate her demands. The kids will always be an excuse for her to think she deserves better treatment or more leniency when it comes to schedules and time off. She should have considered this earlier but being the selfish egomaniac she is...

  • Rob - 11 years ago

    That being said.. How did she intent on providing for 8 children before the reality show, back when she was using fertility drugs? She was a nurse then and her husband at the time only had a regular job. She is only getting what she wanted in the beginning. I really hope her "talk show" circuit ends soon and this spoiled, gripping woman fades away into having what she deserves. The kids will survive being in an average income family and not a priviled one.

  • DebiDeb - 11 years ago

    I bet 1 million dollars that she will end up on the Celebrity Apprentice! Only because people love to hate her! Like Omarosa! I would love to see her and Omarosa go at it on the apprentice! haha

  • Alf - 11 years ago

    well at least she's looking for work...jon is the "father" that doesn't contribute financially or otherwise, he didn't even contribute when they were married emotionally...Who goes into a toy store with 8 children and goes and plays with toys by themselves leaving the wife to look after all 8?????

  • K - 11 years ago

    Damn Dawn you sure one long winded bitch, hope your fingers don't hurt from all that typing.

    Love ya,

  • dawn - 11 years ago

    are loved. I also know she needs 2 work outside of the home 4 their sake.
    Kate’s a nurse(at least said so). If so, there’s such great needs 4 nurses-she can get any type of job/hours she needs-Yes ideal 3 days on-3 or 4 days off. Many moms work & rear their children w/out a dad around. John is & will be. Although I was blessed by a dear hubby during my children’s young lives, I still lived a ‘single mom’ life often(at times, it’s worse 2 many reasons). I was a Military Spouse, worked full time (until I had an unfortunate accident that disabled me-but didn’t stop me from being a mom & now a grandmom active in rearing one grandchild w/dad that has sole custody 4 13yrs-my son has treated me w/love, kindness, respect, & appreciation, etc-4 this no one despised being around him, so he has a great support team who wants 2 be there(2 no $)2 assist if needed. Makes a difference! Hum,…John may even get primary custody w/such a change! Many stated she shouldn’t be allowed in the nursing field-I seriously agree-maybe they can place her behind the curtains not working w/patients...research or something. I don't wish such on the community that’d have 2 have her as a working nurse. Someone stated she ran her home like military-sorry the military isn’t that nasty & bad people! I’ve seen such selfishness & nastiness before. They grow old & are very lonely 'old' people. The children will gladly use their college funds 2 get away from her quickly.
    One thing about it, she’ll definitely have many things she can trim down in expenses (unlike many of us that live from day 2 day w/nothing & pray we meet all our needs), so it’ll be easier 2 her 2 change her budget & still live. Maybe she should think about caring 2 the children w/her getting lots less. Don't think there is a stupid enough man that will want her & it is not because of her beautiful 8 children...it is because of her only.
    Many made some great comments & obviously there is not enough room 2 comment more about them.
    It does amaze me that one mom that choose 2 have a total of 8 children can be glorified 2 so long when another (neither had enough money from the start 2 rear so many when they attempted 2 conceive) has continually been condemned. Neither are perfect, but Kate dear...you have made much more 2 live off, if you invested wisely. I do know at least at the end the children were finally protected including their earnings. Praise God 2 that!
    They will also all be paid certain specific royalties if they show reruns, which they do often (at least if they were smart w/their contracts).
    She needs 2 take a close look at the way she is & fix herself. I have always said when a relationship breaks, both need 2 fix themselves & continue 2 work on them only. No one can fix another person. Obviously TLC may be regretting they did KATE plus 8 & only did probably because of those beautiful children's needs, not either adults'. They might have done better using a different angle esp. knowing Kate's personality. Unfortunately John was a lost soul wandering & needed help so TLC was fearful of touching that side but should have been of both. Thankfully that did help the children 2 the future & prayerfully the trustees of their money earned are not their parents!
    I pray that they all continue 2 grow in the Lord's ways & not away from them.
    I pray 2 all involved.
    God's Blessings wished 2 all.
    Kate...welcome 2 the real world honey! We have done it w/a lot less. Of course, most of us have a better attitude about life itself & 2 me I believe a lot less selfish.
    Go 1st & quickly 2 get extensive counseling, should’ve a long time ago. Be sure your children get it, so their future will not be so affected!
    Giving more than receiving will always get you more, no matter how much you give. Learn this dear.
    Prayers lifted up

  • dawn - 11 years ago

    Do like John did-GO TO WORK! No one is perfect, but I’m female & feel bad for the way John was treated on camera. She had no respect for him, esp. his heritage & hasn't ever thought it necessary to teach their children the Asian side of the family heritage. Only one time John was Allowed by her to cook Asian food for the children. Get real! I don’t care what Kate thinks, John needed to share all this w/their children. Also, Asian diets are some of the most healthy diets & most, very natural & organic too…Much better than her favorite to throw at them, macaroni & cheese (nothing wrong w/it either-seemed to be favorite for her-then she brags about healthy she eats & feeds them(uh...cupcakes & sugar icing...), or yells about having pizza. There is nothing wrong in feeding these foods to the family, but she is a fake w/all her DRAMA! She’s self centered & selfish! She’s "my way or the highway! Poor little Kate thru all this-her Attitude!
    She ran John off(where are the Christian values? Didn’t even try-proves more to me she’s fake & didn’t want him, just children)She’s ran her side of the family off. Obviously John's too or never really welcomed them-if it hadn’t been for the show, the children may have never met many of John‘s family or known a little of their culture-Kate sure didn‘t care about it! Now some of the most loyal persons to her children that loved them & put up w/her thru it all(remember it was edited)the worse we did! Thank God the children did live around others & some of their caretakers let them be children.(show helped them)
    She is suppose to be a nurse for God's sake & should know too clean will cause more illness & disease because the children have no immunities built up. If they had depended on her, they would’ve been terribly sick.
    She used John in my opinion to have the children she wanted when she demanded “right now,” not being married very long which was a bad move! They’d already had help from another organization before the show came around. I’m not saying those beautiful Gifts from God should never have come into this world. I’m saying they had 2 daughters & then she demanded to lets hurry up & get pregnant again, rather than wait. Really! Why was that?
    From the get go....make a list everyone...2 sides-Kate-John. Who got the most out of it all(esp when it should’ve been all about the children anyway)? She did(always)! A person can only take so much abuse-emotionally, physically, etc & then they go over the edge...not just John, many others that were a part of their lives. I see it already happening to the children too....I do pray they’re all placed in individual counseling. They have many issues they need to work out, esp now that the crew that was their lives & others also will not be there for them. She’s not going to be able to care for them like they need to be. She’s ran off any friends that would’ve gladly even helped when they could 'free' if there was no money just 'for the children.'
    I’ve always said she’s the type that should work out of the home & not be a stay at home mom because of her actions around those children. (some have already began to pick up some of her bad habits-although they all have such great hearts & seriously have been around many great persons of true character so I believe/pray they’ll all be better than she)!
    John had to go back to work (remember most of the showings he worked anyway-1st outside of the home & then began working from the home). They’re blessed w/such a beautiful home, land & location. John had neat dreams for the whole family. He just wasn’t allowed to go w/them. He couldn’t ever do anything right! It was always Only what KATE WANTED! She always expected/expects her desires to be 1st. She’s also ‘always right’ on every subject.
    No he’s not perfect!...but she’s worse & I admire him for staying w/her as long as he did. I’m sorry those children were made thru selfish desires of hers rather than true love as they should’ve been. I know they

  • TLEWY - 11 years ago

    Kate would pose in Playboy with her kids just to earn a buck...it's sad that we've created a monster...one addicted to money, image, plastic surgery, and herself... I would be thrilled to see her broke. Her kids won't go hungry (as if that's what she's worried about), she might just have to quit the 3k haircuts and earn her money the old fashioned way (the same way I do-as a single mom making 300k) go to school and work your butt off.

  • barbee - 11 years ago

    what the heck is anyone basing their comment on that she stands a better chance than most at getting a job? She has NO MARKETABLE SKILLS (nursing skills from 6 yrs ago are out of date, she has no compassion, no people skills and they are NOT doing a remake of Nurse Ratchet's role in One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest). Give it a rest and forget about her. The six-pack is her responsibility, so don't worry about them. They have a good father who will see to their well being as soon as some stupid judge acknowledges that she is a poor excuse for a mother figure!

  • Nanato1 - 11 years ago

    Yes, she says she can go back to nursing. No thanks, but I wouldn't want her as MY nurse. A nurse is supposed to be warm and caring which she possesses neither quality. She is a narcissist and I beg all the tv networks not to cater to this woman anymore. I feel so bad for these kids--they're all going to require therapy in order to readjust to the real world!

  • JenKen - 11 years ago

    Well we all know her demanding and controlling personality. She would be best working in a prison maybe as a guard because she really knows how to make a man loose his balls and do everything she wants just to shut her up. She beats people until they run and cry. She is a born Bitch and runs her family like the military. Lets hope she gets childsupport other wise she can downsize. Maybe loose the surgeries, extentions, manicures, and all of the vacations that most families can't ever afford.. Bye Bye Kate. I always knew your personality will drive your husband away. Soon as the kids get older they will run away from you..

  • Charles - 11 years ago

    Most of the comments above are soooo true. Kate your an ugly person and a tool. I wonder how many people would help her out if she was genuinlly a good person that wasnt a narsasistic dumb @$$ that wants everyone to sympothise for. When she had the show before the world new she was a demon she acted like she her ish didnt stink , now she wants sympothy. Someone should make her watch all the footage of her show from start(when she was a frumpy troll) to finish (where she thinks shes some sort of diva but is really a B---H) and she how much the cameras effected her. I do believe she has always been a B---H though...just sayin!!

  • Truth - 11 years ago

    This just hit Yahoo!:

    Kate Gosselin recently purchased herself an Audi TT sports car. Think it's an odd choice for a single mom of eight?

    "People think we made gazillions of dollars, and we didn't," she said in a recent cover interview with People. "After the show was canceled, I said, 'I'll go back to my old nursing job.' If nothing comes up I'll do it. But the scary reality is, 12-hour nursing shifts every day wouldn't let me continue to provide well for eight kids essentially on my own. When you think about it that way, it gets really scary."

    Scary enough to go out and buy a small-but-gorgeous ride that averages in the $50,000 range? Our sympathy's waning, Kate ...

  • Teresa - 11 years ago

    In all fairness to Kate, I do believe a certain percentage of the money earned on the show was set aside for the kids. She has talked about it and I think legally she probably had to; the kids did not work for free. I doubt if she is in the poorhouse but she is probably freaking because she has to scale down her luxury lifestyle. But her 8 kids have college educations paid for if they want to use their trust accounts for it. She may not be likable but I give her credit for that. She's a tough broad; she will find a way.

  • Lyn - 11 years ago

    Who would want to hire a woman who was a complete you know what on national television. I certainly wouldn't want her associated with my organization regardless of the publicity it may or may not bring.

  • Asmith - 11 years ago

    She wont' find a job because she feels entitled due to TLC's throwing money and vacations no one else can afford her way all these years. And with her people skills, what job could she do where she didn't tempt someone to go postal on her? She needs a huge does of reality, real reality that is, and maybe that might teach her to be nice to people. I'm afraid the damage is already done with her kids. She's pissed away an awful lot of money and apparently has nothing to show for it. Oh, and as for her comment that she always had another job lined up before she quit a job. Newsflash Kate, YOU WERE FIRED! Deservedly so too!

  • kountrymom - 11 years ago

    Kate needs a good dose of "reality"- she has used her children for her livelyhood for entirely too long . It will do her good to get into the real world and help her children grow and mature into young people without thinking live is just a TV show, Serious counseling may help them but I think Kate is beyond help. What I see is one very self centered, selfish, self serving person who thinks she is above having a real job to support her children. These children need to know life is real and not a reality show where all issues are solved within the hour. How will they every learn to be productive citizens and that their lively hood comes from a honest days work. I really love these children but I feel so sorry for them and the way they are being raised. Kate- get a "real job" and quit depending on the tv world to support you.

  • Harry - 11 years ago

    Maybe she could do a layout for Hustler Mag, Larry Flint would pay her big bucks for it.

  • YoNOma - 11 years ago

    What a spoiled evil bitch she is........reality sucks doesn't it Kate?!?!?!?!?

  • Eileen - 11 years ago

    After the tummy tuck, boob job & new teeth (awful) maybe she should consider doing what the other single mothers in America do: fight hubby for child support & go to the job you're skilled in & most of all don't promise the kids a "rose garden" cuz that's not what real life, not reality TV is all about. She's doing them a serious injustice in this REALworld!!

  • G Boop - 11 years ago

    It's about time TLC wised up and got rid of her. I sure wouldn't want her as a member of my family. She has no friends, rude, inconsiderate of her kids and others, too big an ego, and just plain doesn't have a clue how to act.

  • no way - 11 years ago

    I've met this family several times, they live near here, and I can't imagine any places around here hiring her to be a NURSE of all things. I've never seen her be warm or nice or nurturing, even way before the TV shows. I don't know what kind of job she could get, but nursing is no longer her calling, if it ever was. Who is paying for healthcare for all of these kids? Does Jon's job have health insurance for all of them or is the state paying for them?

  • Mel - 11 years ago

    I am sure she had to have been paid pretty well for her show. She should have been banking more of that money than spending and perhaps live a little more humble like majority of the population. Can't keep using her kids to make the money and this is something that she should have thought of before she decided to have kids to begin with. Not many people are financially prepared to have kids but she had alot more than most. Something that she should have thought of pre-pregnancy perhaps? Cut back on her spending, start cutting out coupons. That is what I have to do!

  • MB - 11 years ago

    I would like to also say "here here" to "Kate W"'s comment. (see above) who the hell are the Kardashian's anyway and what did they ever do beside being the children of a well know Lawyer. In my book that makes you nothing more than a average family!!! Get over it..Thay are not celebrities either...

  • MB - 11 years ago

    I can't imagine how this woman remained on television as long as she did. I pity those precious children! She is hateful and clearly focused on herself in spite of the front she puts up. There's "H--- in those eyes! She can go back to nursing. she certainly NOT A STAR!!! I just hope she has more compassion for the sick than she does for her children..I seriously doubt it..
    San Antonio, Texas

  • wendy - 11 years ago

    me and my boys like and will miss the shows we all know she can be a nice lady and shes just sceard right now she could used some pills to help her with what she has been thour it will help her both other wise we will miss you kate plus 8 and your kids my 2 boys really like watching your kids they are cute and funny good luck in what ever you do we watch you from the 1st show it will break our heart to see it end GOOD LUCK KATE AND KIDS we will miss you

  • Mary Ann - 11 years ago

    Unless she learns to shut her big mouth and control her temper,no one will hire her. She needs to take a good look at herself and see that she dresses like a tramp,clothes too short and too tight and low neckline to show off the new boob job(that she denies having),and the butt lift.Go back and look at her when she and Jon were together and you will see what I mean.Also do something with that bleached and stringy mess of hair.She ain't no spring chicken and she needs to act her age.The way she treated Jon,he should be glad to be rid of her

  • mike - 11 years ago

    14 minutes 59 seconds Kate you have wasted your time and money.

  • JB - 11 years ago

    She'll be in playboy......she might last 2 years before she does that.
    After that.......C & D horror movies. She'll be selling her boobs to make a living

  • Hugh G Rection - 11 years ago

    Finally an end to another crappy 'reality' show. Who cares about watching this psycho-skank & her fd-up litter.

  • j flo - 11 years ago

    I too am a registered nurse in Labor & Delivery and mother of multiples. In 1980 I had quadruplets, one died do to breathing problems. Todays medical advancements would have allowed him to live. Kate has NEVER experienced what it is like to work 12 hr shifts & come home to a house full of sick kids. She is out of touch w/reality. I do not get the facination with this family. She is nuevo riche & I hope her money dwindles away & she has to work 3 jobs like I have for 30 yrs. Its no wonder her kids have behavior problems, They are neglected & abused. NO ONE SHOULD GIVE HER A JOB.

  • jon - 11 years ago

    shes a mean bitch

  • Cindy of Washington - 11 years ago

    I really don't think she should go back into nursing. As a nurse myself, I do not think she is a very good role model.
    Maybe she could work in a fertility clinic as a marketer... there is proof in the pudding that it works, but I think maybe going into a line of affordable kids clothing and accessories. SHe should get with Target or Macys . Just a thought.

  • KiKi - 11 years ago

    Did she think that 'Kate plus 8' would run until the kids are grown ??? The show was the flavor of the month, too many realities coming along all the time. Did she really not see the writing on the wall ??? Get real, lady. Move to an affordable house, have the kids attend public school, get rid of body guards and all the other entrapments of being 'rich and famous' (which you are, sorry to say, not so much), get your ex to pitch in. Sit down, make a plan and stop whining. This 'woe is me ' didn't work for Octomom, it won't work for you...

  • John Irish - 11 years ago

    She is worthless,sad thing is her kids know it.Perhaps Ms. Lohan can help her out.I just hope there is a responsible mind looking after those kids.

  • tammy valencia - 11 years ago

    I think she would make a great talk show host ("like, I dont know," JERRY SPRINGER talk show) And I think JON G. should Co-host, That would be a show I would watch. RATING would be out of this world. She would never go back to being a Nurse, She cant go back to what is "normal" Hiring her wouldnt happen, unless they wanting the fame of hiring her. She no matter what has to be the star, She said on a interveiw (before Kate + 8), she'll never back to the work as a Nurse, She loved being on TV, and will always search for a job on TV. Plus I think her and JON should get back together, and do the Talk Show.. She would never be able to work in a normal setting without loosing her temper, and loosing her normal job. She doesnt know how to shut up and see that she isnt always right. Good Luck Kate and the 8! When I read ME's (comment 2+hrs before my comment) I thought she was seeing my life everyday.. haha good comment, at least I havent been bankrupt yet. ahhaha.

  • John - 11 years ago

    I think this woman has much to learn about life. Very sad and selfish person. She should watch the little movie called "Bella".

  • ace - 11 years ago

    Hey why dont we give her a show on the who gives a crap network!

  • Vickey - 11 years ago

    For those 'unknown individuals' who use their 'life circumstances in order to gain wealth, well I just do not feel sorry for any of the 'reality TV stars' and their outcome. To have private lives of children, families and others exploited by the media circus for financial gain. Well, it's just wrong to begin with. And we wonder why in this country that our youth have problems. My parents, grandparents, and other ancestors would have NEVER put our family business out their for their own selfish gain.
    As far as freaking out- perhaps she needs to go live with 'Octimom' and together they can create a large daycare business. Then take that to the media for a 'reality TV show', to show all the other young mothers in this country to not have more kids than you can afford. It's not the publics responsibility to take care of their responsibilities. Perhaps, a TV mogul would eat that idea up.

  • jeannie - 11 years ago

    I am talking to all tv networks DO NOT put this women back on tv. If they do no one what to hear or see her again. Just let her write her silly little books.

  • Josh - 11 years ago

    I got a job for her tell her to bring some knee pads and I'll put er right to working. Must be prepared for long shafts I mean shifts.

  • kerri - 11 years ago

    tell kate to get a real job she has no idea what its like to have live like a real single mom my kids dont get to travel the world and there just fine and atleast mine dont act like spoiled brats. if working 12 hours a day as a nurse is the only way to support your kids u do it and dont ask questions. true of it i dont care and hope she loses it all because shes thinks and feels she better then the rest of the world and so do her kids thats why they were in trouble at school.

  • Joe - 11 years ago

    Who cares. We have more important issues than to worry about than if kate will find work or not. Maybe she should have saved some money. Instead of taking all the vacations and spending money.

  • bak - 11 years ago

    one big fat who cares!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • billy - 11 years ago

    who really cares. the chick is crazy. i havnt watched in yrs til monday i had to shut it off because she is such a bi*ch. glad to see its over, let the kids grow up normally now good bye for ever ...........hopefully

  • Bev - 11 years ago

    Yes, I think Kate might find a job - IF there is a surgical remedy for her personality and controlling nature - to everything in her life. Otherwise, I hope the public will be forwarned and stay out of her way. I'm sorry for the kids but she is NOT a good mother, since nurturing and encouragement of her children to become the people the good Lord inteneded them to be - not "mini" Kates and do everything her way. A good first step would be to realize that for a measley $1.25 she could buy a sense of humor. That might take her a long way...........

  • Roy - 11 years ago

    Welfare like Octo mom

  • Robin Watson - 11 years ago

    I think that by the house she lives is and the lifestyle she leads, there should and could be a less high end way of living. Look at the property they live in and have outside? She isnt a star just because she has eight kids. My sister has ten and she isnt on tv. She needs to come back down to earth and live the way most of us do. Dancing with the stars was a joke and she made a fool out of herselves. She is just a mom and maybe a bookwriter, but she lets her kids think she is something above what she really is, just a regular person with a bunch of kids.

  • Elizabeth Fountain - 11 years ago

    Never dobt a mother. Sixty percent of parents end up in divorce and the children, most of the time are left with the mother to raise. Kate will go into survival mode and make it wotk. She is a very strong pperson. The only thing I'm worried about is the promise to the children about, their lifestyles not changing. Odds are if she doesn't land a job in the "real world" they are gonna be very disappointed. She might have to down size and that is called, Surviving....on a note doesn't she get child support too

  • Diane - 11 years ago

    She would have the same chance as everyone ese if she wanted to really work or just dress up try to look pretty and let her kids do the work. Ithink she would be very hard to get along with, since she acts like she is a primadonna, The work force has enough of them. What we need is honest hard working people who really want to work. She needs a reality check and face the real world. Just giving birth to multiple children at one time does not entitle you to any more prividledges. She was extremely lucky to have what she had. The rug was pulled out (finally) and she now needs to learn to sweep!

  • kay phillimeano - 11 years ago

    She could always take up with Sara P... perfect match. Just saying...

  • George - 11 years ago

    Well, It's about time "reality" arrives at the door step, for her and to others like her this country is getting into their own reality. Not really interested in seeing her on TV as we would be paying by purchasing the adv. products for her show. Get a real job.

  • anvil - 11 years ago

    Honestly, who really cares? She's been a leech off cable TV for how long?

    Here's a show idea, follow her around while she's looking for work, but don't pay her to do the show, because that would defeat the purpose otherwise.

    Or she can team up with other single mothers who have 8 kids and don't work, that would be interesting.

    Better yet, her and Octo-Mom can do adult films and let fans vote as to whose baby-canal is uglier.

  • Buck Naked - 11 years ago

    I see her in the Porn Industry........

  • Kate W. - 11 years ago

    I understand nurses often work three days on, with four days off and are paid handsomely. Her children are all in school. Kate should be grateful, that unlike the Kardashians, she actually has a needed skill beyond being a faux lebrity. I'm sure she'll miss the nice vacations, bodyguard and the camera crew. Kate, it's time to develop your people skills and make new friends based in the real world, not reality television. Hope she doesn't become a mom-a-ger and start pimping out her kids like Kris Jenner (Kardashian).

  • pique - 11 years ago

    Depends on many things among which are has the potential employer ever seen her on TV and if there's a "position" for which she feels is good enough for her. I do feel sorry for the kids, but where did all that money go that they had received over the years? The kids were part of the show and their earnings should have gone in trust for them. I just hope and pray that she doesn't return to nursing. I would hate to be a patient under her care, or have even my worse enemy as one!

  • sue - 11 years ago

    What a waste of skin! Why should she be any more famous than any other family with 8 children? Hopefully she's a better nurse than a dancer or actress, and she can use those skills to actually have a real job to support her family. Probably not in the style that she is accustomed to, but hey, this is the real world and not a reality show. Actually, that might make a beter show--watching her try to make it as a normal household! Maybe Kate should hook up with Octo mom and start a day care center or something!

  • Red - 11 years ago

    I would not want my dog under her command. She is one real mean bitch if I have ever seen one. Treats people like dirt. Glad Jon got out and away from her. Glad TLC got rid of her, People actually find her very dull but the kids so cute. What a shame to be under her roof.

  • Pam - 11 years ago

    After watching the next-to-last show, who really cares? If her closest friends/employees walk out on her, why should we even bother to think about her?

  • RGB - 11 years ago

    Hmmm just a minute...Im trying to give a flip. Nah just another TV diva.

  • Lena - 11 years ago

    Kate Gosselin has just as good a chance at finding a job as my friend Donna does. Kate just has to believe in herself to find the job she is going to love and adore going to every morning while her kids depend up her to feed and cloth them as well as keep a roof over their heads. Kate is love and she will do well. I wish her and her children the best.

  • PeggyPest - 11 years ago

    Good-bye Kate - Good riddance. Did anyone note that she now says she should make peace with some of her family - especially the ones who helped her the most - Kevin and Jody. She claims they "did her dirty" by speaking out!!!! I could read thru that - she needs them now to help take care of her brood so that she can keep hop-skip &jumping around the country - posing, selling books, etc. I have never met the family but I have been in the grocery store at the same time and you could hear her - directing.

  • LawnJockey - 11 years ago

    What a piece of fecal material. I think Larry Flint might give her a job, you know one of those novelty type things. I hope she isn't allergic to equines.

  • me - 11 years ago

    She needs to abandon the fantasy that she can retain the house. She needs to move immediately into something she can afford with her current income. She needs to ditch fancy cars and other stuff she has borrowed to pay for to get rid of as many payments as possible. And she will need to figure out child care and get her butt back into her career to earn what she can. She needs to get daddy dearest into the child support cycle and get him to pull on the rope. They are his kids after all and he has a legal obligation to support them.

    Clothes need to come from goodwill. Entertainment needs to be from the park. Vacations are a thing of the past.

    Good luck. I predict she won't do any of these things (except maybet he child support thing - and good luck collecting) and will be bankrupt within a year.

  • Kelly - 11 years ago

    Really.......who cares? Get a life people!

  • Phillip - 11 years ago

    I'd rather spend an hour stuck in an elevator with my (psychotic) ex-wife than 2 seconds having to deal with Kate Gosselin. Need I say more?

  • LEE - 11 years ago

    Kate really needs to stop making excuses. You do what you have to do to take care of your kids. You can get a job working eight hours as a nurse. I am a nurse so I know what nursing schedules are like. You could get a job working 7pm to 7 am, that way your home just before your kids go to bed and home to get them off to school in the morning, and you can sleep during the day while they are at school.....besides working 12 hour shifts would require that you only work 3 days a week. Being an RN you can also open your open your own business in homecare. That should bring in big revenue for you, and you most likely will be able to care for your kids without any financial worries. You have many options, KATE...besides TV

  • Brian - 11 years ago

    Evil Cunt.....all there is to it....

  • Duranda - 11 years ago

    Oh, waaaa!! Kate has to earn a living and support her kids like the rest of us.

    Why didn't she save her children's earnings, anticipating that the show would run it's course and end?

    And why can't she work as a nurse? First of all; if she has to work 12 hours it won't be 'every day' -- she'll work 3 or 4 of those shifts per week and her ex husband should be participating in providing for the kids too.
    I do not feel one bit sorry for this nut case.

  • Georgia - 11 years ago

    I have no doubt that she could provide for her children if she returned to work as a nurse, but that probably isn't an option for her, because the salary, although more than adequate, would probably not allow her to continue to live the opulent lifestyle to which she has become accustomed....it's a matter of greed on her part and a desire for prominence....

  • Sarai - 11 years ago

    Isn't she a graduate Nurse?...she surely has experience with kids, so I guess she should not have a problem finding a job.

  • Ralph - 11 years ago

    Who really cares? Yes the welfare of her children is paramount but can she really hold down a "normal" job? She's used to a certain lifestyle & working as a nurse would not meet her needs.

  • Darryl - 11 years ago

    Goodbye 15 minutes.... How will she will deal with real reality?

  • Debbie - 11 years ago

    Take it to the streets, Kate. Take it to the streets. Pray, pray, pray. You need prayer.

  • WxR - 11 years ago

    Hey she can go on welfare and the rest of us working people can support her and her kids like a lot of other who abuse the system. I don't feel sorry for her a bit! Unreal!

  • deedeeb - 11 years ago

    Wow people are you guys brutal or what! Yes she is a little high strung but with that many little ones you NEED structure and schedules. I think all the tantrums aside she has done a really good job. The kids seem happy and well taken care of. Try watching teresa gudices' kids on housewives and you would give Kate mother of the year award. That crazy B has a couple rotten kids. I think she won't have trouble finding a job because someone will take her on to promote or sell something for them. She will not have to worry.

  • Bruce - 11 years ago

    Welcome to Reality; KATE! Burned through all your dough on your haircuts, clothes and other bull! I am glad you are going down! Let me help you just a little: Buy the store brands, kids love Mac-n-Cheese and hot dogs, the aches and pains you feel from having to do anything near MANUAL labor, no they don't go away like everyone says. But you do learn to tolerate it better. Smile and be nice to your damn kids! They didn't ask to be born and certainly did not ask to be a part of a litter! You owe them, its not the other way around! Oh and if all else fails, do what close to half of us regulars have had to do; file chapter 7, dust yourself off and get on with living you snot! Treat the next moron who thinks your okay a bit nicer too. Or like a quarter of us regulars, he might hit you when you open your foul mouth and give attitude. No one condones it, I never will nor have, but in your case, I would allow just one smack before I stopped your boyfriend.

  • cj - 11 years ago

    Don't let her fool you, This is a ploy to get herself in the media and then the ball rolls from there. I think she gets up everyday and checks to see if she made it on t.v. or threads like this one. This stuff makes her day. Come on she says she wants to date again, Can you see any sane guy having any real interest in her. Other then the grey haired guy that calls himself a body guard when in reality he is the whipping post. Just like the last episode when they were on the R>V. honestly i would of thrown her over the grand canyon wall and let the kids start to have a normal life. This woman is more then a freak, more like a freak of bad nature .

  • Sam - 11 years ago

    I've got a job for her......

    Blood Donor. She's walking around wasting 6 pints of perfectly good blood. Makes me sad to think of the good that could be doing society if in almost anyone else.

    Sad...in a decade yahoo will do a "where are they now" story and we're gonna find her in a slum apartment, chain smoking Kools and bitching that the mail is late and she needs her Govt Check!

  • R. Borofsky - 11 years ago

    Some important qualities employers are seeking are: Working well in a team, flexibility, tact, consideration for the feelings of others, and conformity to policies. Sadly, Kate is lacking in all of these qualities.

  • Mike - 11 years ago

    AWWWWW... She is like the rest of America who has to work to support their families. Poor, poor, whoever. We would all like to have someone else take care of us so that we can do what we want, however, we have to work. SOOOO... GET A JOB STUPID AND QUIT COMPLAINING ABOUT IT. Consider yourself lucky that you got paid a rediculous amount of money for having sex.

  • Jon - 11 years ago

    if she stops yelling at everyone and freaking out over everything, she might be alright. I think that's why they cancelled Kate Plus 8. nobody wants to see her yell at those kids and all her supposed friends. they don't deserve to hear that all the time. they all should learn how to meditate or do relaxation techniques, especially Kate!! I'd be willing to show them how.

  • michele - 11 years ago

    This woman should be jailed for child abuse and her kids put in normal homes. She has a lot of #$@#%&% nerve to think now that the world should assume her responsibilities. Perhaps 8 kids was not such a good idea IF YOU CAN'T FEED THEM!!!

  • Karen - 11 years ago

    Does she honestly think people are going to sympathize with her situation? Its about time that she has to support her kids on her own like other single moms. Where's all the money she has made on reality show & her books that she wrote gone? Sounds like poor financial planning on her part and now she wants people to feel sorry for her. If she has to downsize her home and her kids have to attend public schools, oh well. Welcome to the REAL Reality Show!!! No more free trips, clothes, body guards or anything. About time the kids get to have a normal life.

  • Big John - 11 years ago

    I would hope that Obama care would kick in and give her "end of life counseling". She has been more than useless for too long.

  • chris - 11 years ago

    She has a worse chance because most americans (including the ones hiring) already know she's mean, petty, spiteful, not too bright, high maintenance and pretty much an idiot. Most people I've hired don't let you know that until they've already been on the job 90 days.

  • Deb - 11 years ago

    Explaining my comment 'other', Who the hell cares?

  • BayMill - 11 years ago

    Nobody will hire her because she's impatient, treats her help like dirt, a germophobe, a diva, mean mother, selfish, .... just watch the show and you'll know what I mean.

  • Jofobalie - 11 years ago

    She doesn't know how to earn money without using her kids. Why would anyone hire her?

  • Sandra - 11 years ago

    If she tries to get a job from anyone that has watched the show, then if they are smart they will not hire her. She is a raving lunatic.

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